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Congratulations to All Graduates of Patterns of Excellence Whoosh 19!

We just finished another spectacular 8-day Patterns of Excellence (POE) Training program this morning at 3.30am!


It was spectacular simply because all the coaches and participants were spectacular. My goal was always to ensure that every POE training is even more excellent than the one before. And I believe that this was certainly achieved for Whoosh 19.

The personal breakthroughs and energy level of every single participant was mind blowing! I thank all of you for giving your 150%! In just 8 days, you have learnt what it takes some people all their lives to learn. You mastered…
a. How to get yourself into any peak state instantly
b. The ultimate success formula
c. breaking through every last personal limitation that held you back
d. Re-desiscovered your driving force
e. The power to influence and persuade with power
b. How to cure 20-year phobias in just 20 minutes




(thought I would add in the picture of Stuart doing the fast phobia cure on the fear of snakes)

….and most important of all you discovered about the power of your IDENTITY!

I wish you all the very best as you take your newly acquired NLP skills to go back into your life and make a huge impact in your wealth, career and relationships. You now have ALL the strategies you need to achieve any goal that you set your mind to. Make a big difference and strive for excellence. I look foward to hearing your personal sharings on this BLOG.

The friendships forged and experiences we went through will be forever burned in my memory.


I will truly miss all of you!

Adam Khoo


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  1. Lenz on October 3rd, 2006

    A tad sad that i couldnt join in because of my blaw test (procrastination on my part), but wait till next year!

  2. Margaret on October 3rd, 2006

    Never felt so good before….all THANKS to ADAM & STUART & ALL COACHES…HOORAYYYYYY….

    Adam, could u put up…Mod 1 group photo please…Thanks πŸ™‚

    eerrrmm….hv a new prob here….

    FOCUS-BALANCE-KEEP MOVING….keeps ringing in my head….ahhhhhh

    BUT SHIOK…. πŸ™‚ hahahhahahahhahah

    ALL THE BEST to everybody…Take Care!

  3. Ann on October 3rd, 2006

    This program is AWESOME!!!!

    I have found the essence of life, my IDENTITY.

    To: Adam, Stuart, Coaches & Friends

    You have make a difference in my life. πŸ™‚

    With heartfelt appreciation and love to you……

  4. Phoebe on October 3rd, 2006

    Hey Adam, Stuart, Coaches & fellow participants of Whoosh 19 & 20,

    Thanks SOOOOOoooooooo much !

    I want to share 2 successes I have experienced since the end of POE!

    Even though POE ended late, I was in the office at 8:30am the next day to resolve a very critical issue from the request of my boss. I could have cursed as I had applied for leave that day, but I took it positively and enjoyed the task- changing my state of mind to enjoy it while resolving the issue at hand immediately instead of complaining and cursing away.

    My success was getting an sms from my boss to say “Thanks for your help today Fibs! I owe you one! Really appreciated! You are a star!” and other emails from collegues to say Thank you.

    In addition to that success, I have another success to share in the afternoon – had my final 4th interview with Citigroup. I got the job in a high profile position, but rejected it politely as I did not feel that was in line with my personal goals even though the pay was fantastic etc.

    POE has helped me realise money is important, but not the most important thing in my life to sacriface everything for. My family still comes first above all. πŸ™‚

    The success in the interview (I used NLP techniques-modelled her psysiology to match her, used mind read, C&E, Nominalisation language patterns) was in the end I made a really good friend and now I can say confidently that should I be interested in Citigroup in future, the door is always open for me. πŸ™‚

    I am really looking foward to what greater things I can accomplish from now as I have no more limiting beliefs!

    Thanks again Adam, Stuart and everyone. You have ALL made a difference in my life and I want to make a difference in others too!

    Phoebe πŸ™‚ , the shining star

  5. Jiayu on October 3rd, 2006

    Hi Adam

    Thank You very much for this Awesome Experience!

    I would also like to thank Stuart =)
    My coaches, Rachit and Tim.
    My Fantastic Team: Phoebe, Viknesh, Wei Ping,
    Jacklyn & Roger!
    And also the team of coaches and fellow participants (“,)

    Module 2 has been amazing.

    I have got so many breakthroughs!

    Oh yes..The chant..Focus — Balance — Keep Moving !!
    Let’s all apply that in our lives (“,)

    I have got some photos on my blog too, do check it out =)

    Keep in touch!

  6. Jacklyn on October 5th, 2006

    Hi Adam,

    It’s an Awesome Experience! I had a new Jacklyn 7 years ago and now, a ‘NEW’ new Jackly is borned!!! You have been a inspirator to me, and I want to go on inspiring many others!

    Trillions THANKS to you, Adam! And of course not forgetting Stuart, couches, all participants and my closely united team-mates from Module 1 (Henry AY, Henry, Joyce, Ken, Steven, Raymond & Velika) and Module 2 (Phebe, Roger, Wei Ping, Viknesh & JiaYu)!

    You guys have definietly made a difference in my life! And its my turn to start making a difference in other peoples’ life…..

    With Love, Jacklyn

  7. Wei Ping on October 5th, 2006

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the guidance throughout the past 10 days!! Gosh, it’s a tough journey yet fulfilling. Learn so much from you and the other participants.

    Special thanks to my beloved and supportive coaches and team mates, Rachit and Tim, Jacklyn, Jia Yu, Phoebe, Roger and Viknesh. It is you who push me towards excellence that makes a difference in me.

    Thank you all!

    Wei Ping

  8. Benjamin Aw on October 6th, 2006

    adam… ur alma mater… muzz watch. PING YI

  9. Felicia K. on October 6th, 2006

    Hi Adam & Stuart!!!

    Ever since POE have ended, i’m feeling fully charged with more energy than before and feeling positive about things around me and me having the power inside me to turn things around! It’s a wonderful feeling of really being alive and breathing!
    Breathe in and feel the life force filling up every blood cell of my magnificient body and feel it flow through my skin into my deepest inner soul, making me feel more balanced within myself!
    There’s also another whole new intense feeling surrounding me… it’s the longing lovesick feeling! I miss the pOe days so much so badly, i even thot of changing firm ernst & young to deloitte which is at keppel towers so as to be nearer to AKLTG!!! I’m so addicted to the energy inside that room, that warmth and joy of everyone!!!

    Heyhey! Also I really would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you all, new lovely awesome friends I have made during these few days, which felt like a long time because we went through so much together, the most importantly, seen one another grow stronger and wiser..
    Thanks for putting so much love and so much of yourselves into these few days and making the best of every moment as we learn how valuable living in the present is to our life! It’s the love we gave form our hearts that inspire me, push me to push my limits and stretch to give the best of me!
    For the 1st time in my life, I felt so loved and that floaty feeling you have when you are in love? It fills up your head as if it is all you’ve been looking for?
    I felt the true value of giving and receiving. If you want something, you gotta give 1st.
    If you want to be supported, be supportive.
    If you want to be loved, be loving.
    If you want to receive money, give away some money!
    Really giving away what you want will bring back the rewards millionfold!
    It’s strange…but it is the law. The law of cause and effect! How wonderful isnt it?

    We want to continue spreading the positive energy to those who need them and as a result they become positive people too…and then they also go on to transform other people’s lives. The circle will keep growing bigger if we continue in our pursuit to a better world.

    What we envision in our minds, we can achieve in reality when we believe and take action.

    Remember the swinging log, the light beam, the mirror, the car wash, the hugs and flying! Love will keep us alive!
    Let’s dance!

    All the best and keep in touch, we will.

    Love & hugs,
    Felicia K.

    This is our community, our big family.

  10. Ho Viet Hai on October 6th, 2006

    Dear Adam,
    Travel around the world in 80 days, it’s a story. Relive oneself in 8 days, it’s a proven-fact. You,Stuart and us make it true.

    I,Yusheng have set the Adam and Stuart’s fan club here. I would like to invite you to the forum : .
    You can register it now or send me an email, I will help you (

  11. Jenny on October 9th, 2006

    Dearest Adam & Stuart,

    What I feel like to say is a ” BIG THANKS” to both of you for giving me a New JENNY. This is the fantastic course I had never ever attended before.

    My special thanks to my beloved coach and team mates, Hui Yian and Chui Hua, Daniel, Freddy, Hazel, and John. I truely treasure the friendship we have built during this learning journey. Hope friendship forever.

    As the awesome inspire spirit that now strongly in me, I must go on to inspiring others!!

    Let’s us all stay hunger OK!!

    All the best to everybody, stay in touch !!

    Warmest regards

  12. Denise on October 9th, 2006

    Dearest Adam,

    I want to thank you so much for the best 9 days of my life! It was truly an AWESOME experience and i’ve learnt so much that no textbook in this world can teach.

    The most important thing I’ve learnt is to believe in the power within ourselves, that we have the power to change things. To change things within ourselves firstly, to start loving ourselves, believing in ourselves and breaking through all the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, knowing there is a hero in each and every one of us. Only when we start believing in ourselves, then can we start changing the world. To go out there and achieve the dreams that we all have.

    Really miss the warm, supportive, encourage and AWESOME environment back at AKLTG so much! I’m sure like many of the other participants, I am totally hooked on this postive energy! That is the whoosh spirit that is so special, so wonderful about AKLTG. Absolutely love every single one of you from whoosh 19! Everyone of us there has shared unconditionally, gave unconditionally and supported each other unconditionally and because of that, we know that we have forged a strong bond amongst us that will only grow stronger as we move on in life, isn’t it?

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank some special people. Firstly, Adam and Stuart! Who can ever forget them? Thank you so much for making a difference in my life. Next, my group in module 1! Wonderful coaches Robert and Chiat Min and my group members, Joe, Jean, Shun Qiang, Gopal, Velika and Vincent. Love you guys to bits! Not to forget, my new group in module two! Wonderful coaches Sze Yong and Kloudiia and my group members Felicia, Velika, Peter, Shirley and Joseph. Thank you for all your unconditional love and support that you have given me, encouraging me, believing in me and pushing me to achieve more than I thought possible. It has truly touched my heart and motivated me to achieve more.

    Let us keep the fire burning in us and go out there to achieve our dreams! I know we will stay in touch and remain friends for life.

    Wishing every single one of you from Whoosh 19 happiness in life. πŸ™‚

    Thank you again Adam and Stuart, and not to forget all the wonderful coaches. Thank you for giving your all to help every single one of us, unconditionally. My deepest gratitude to all of you, truly.



  13. ethan koh on October 13th, 2006

    Congratulations Adam!
    I was a graduate of the POE and I must say that it was an experience that I will never forget! Keep on inspiring others!

  14. Bernard on October 27th, 2006

    Hi Adam,
    How are you? I seen you a year ago 2005 at one of your “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny” seminar at Malaysia. After the preview, i bought the book and start practice the strategy given in the book. I begin to take control of myself and fully responsible of what i am doing.

    Now year 2006, i had created d 3 sources of income. Recently i bought another Book Ò€œSecrets of Self Made Millionaires” and so excited to share with you that i took 3 days to read the book.

    The book full of content rich information, especially on creating multi source of income online. By the way, do you plan to publish another book?

    I took my action and created my first blog for my wife

    Appreciated you can give some comments. Thank You.

    Best wishes

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