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    “Got into Top 0.5% of over 40,000 Students at University of Manchester”

    From: Minh Hien
    Date: 8 August 2014 08:28:22
    Subject: Thank you letter for changing my life

    Hi Adam,

    My name is Hien, currently studying in the UK and like your thousands, even millions of fans, I see you as an inspiring figure to learn from and follow. 6 years ago, when I read your book “I Am Gifted, So Are You!”, I didn’t know it would change my life and my approach in studying. Not only was it an inspiring and motivating book, it also taught me that “if others can do, we can do it”, and equipped me with many essential study skills.

    Within 3 months, I came in 2nd in the High School Final Examination in Vietnam, then I passed the University Entrance Examination (which was very tough) by very high grades. I wasn’t a bad student in school, but the book brought me a new way of thinking and I had a stronger belief in myself and my potentials, thereby generating unbelievable results. From that point, I won a full scholarship of my city to pursue a Bachelor degree in the UK. Yes, in the UK, the dream that I never dared to have before, but now it came true!

    With the new way of thinking and right study skills, I continuously succeeded in my studies in the UK – I was in the top 0.5% of over 40,000 students at the University of Manchester, UK, and I have just graduated with a Masters degree from the London School of Economics!

    What’s more wonderful is that I’ve been bringing the new mindset and skills to inspire and motivate others, particularly my tutees here (I’m doing private tutoring as my part-time job). And you know what, I’ve always received 5-star feedback from my tutees with a comment: “You’re by far the best tutor I’ve learnt with!”. I’m sure you know how it feels when you’ve put in effort and enthusiasm to understand your tutees, provide what they need, and all the hard work pays off.

    It seems like at every cornerstone in my life, you have a bedside book for me. When I approached important phases in my studies, you had “I Am Gifted, So Are You!”. Now, when I graduate and go to work, you have “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”. Your books really enlightened my mind and led me to the mindset of successful people.

    I hope that with the mindset and skills equipped from your books, I will be able to find the way and create opportunities for myself. Because I really want to be like you, I will follow my mission to the end, whatever happens and whatever obstacles impede. However, I observe that not everyone has sufficient willingness to learn and really apply the strategies in the books. It’s such a pity, and therefore we are here to bring real-life examples and motivate them to change.

    You and your life story have an important part to play in my success; your story changed my life, inspired me, led me to the right mindset and I’ve been helping others just like how you helped me. Indeed I want to be like you, do what you do, and also consider training/helping others to change their lives as a mission in my life.

    I hope one day I can see you in real life, talk to you, and perhaps cooperate with you to bring your knowledge and experiences to more people in Vietnam and England.

    Thanks again Adam, for all you have done to change my life as well as others.

    Best regards,

    “Topped My Class with 5/7 Subjects above 90% and Achieved School’s Eagle Award”

    2013_IAG_Michelle Teh

    “Recovered Losses of More than $50,000 and Holding on to Good Gains”

    From: Ian Song
    Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 12:57:58 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Success Story/It’s been a while.


    I’m not sure if you remember me. I’m Ian Song, and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I went to your Super Kids camp, 3rd Generation I believe. 2007? I think? I also went to your Teenage Leadership Camp. Since then, I have Coached 5 times in different camps in Bandung. I saw your facebook status, and decided to answer your call for stories. I actually have wanted to e-mail you a while ago, I decided – however – to wait until I at least know where I’m going for college.

    Your camp opened my eyes to many things. What strikes me most is actually how lucky I am to be able to still survive, and I learnt from your camp, how to put things into perspective. That – I believed – was the most important thing I learnt, right next to “Focus on my outcome!”. It is these principles that I learnt in both your camps that made me the person that I am. I learnt to never give up, to always stand back up. it is that conviction that brought me to where I am. It was the self-worth that you taught me multiple times in both camps. It was the leadership skills I learnt in TLC, and the focus that you helped drill into us.

    After your camp, I continued my endeavor in Sekolah Pelita Harapan in Banten. When I got to 10th Grade, two of my friends moved to High Schools in the United States. They emailed me, and told me that it is a wonderful opportunity, and that I would love it. Thus, I decided to move on, and apply to High Schools in the United States. I was rejected from 3 schools and waitlisted in 2 when applying as an 11th grader. One school called me and asked me if I wanted to come in as a 10th grader. Knowing how good of an opportunity this will be, and not willing to let it go, I decided to do it. I confess, the rejections made me wonder whether or not I was good enough. But, I stood tall and continued on. I finished Kumon that year, after only two years, hoping to bolster my skills before jumping into one of the most prestigious high schools in the world. I decided to move to Phillips Academy Andover, in Massachusetts.

    This is my senior year. Repeating that 10th grade year was one of the best decision I have ever made. I took the opportunity given to me, and I learnt so much more than I would have elsewhere. I learnt academics, leadership skills as well as life skills. I met friends and teachers who supported me, and brought out the best of me. Here, where competition was tough, I keep reminding myself time and again to never give up, to stay the course. To remind myself to go the distance. To go the extra mile. Again, it paid off. I was constantly a member of the Honor Roll here in Phillips, and I recently heard back from an Early Decision school that I have gotten into Harvey Mudd College, the number one STEM Liberal Arts college in America. It is true, that I did not end up quite where I hoped I would (I hoped to go to MIT). However, being here, I find many other wonderful schools, and I chose the one that would give me the most opportunities and that would fit me best. I could not have been happier. And even if I could do it all over again, I would not change anything.

    Adam, thank you so much for your tutelage, and for everything you’ve done for me. Please also convey my sincere and heart-felt thank you to my Coach, Rossana Chen, who came in for the coach that was supposed to coach my group. Who was stern but kind, strict but fair. Thank you to my TLC Coach, Chuan Lay, who taught me that nothing is impossible. Thank you to Amin, who taught me that there’s always something positive, something to laugh about. Thank you to Gary and Gerald, who brought the best of me throughout TLC, taking what I am and molding me, showing me that I could be someone better. Thank you to Leroy, for what he taught me about leadership. Thank you to Andrea, who taught me to live life a little simpler and a little happier. Thank you Bong, for teaching me how to be a supermodel, and how to accept jokes. Thank you Dan and Thank you Freddy, for the strictness and laughs. Thank you for the coaches I have worked with – Aaron Hoe and Tim Charastrakul, for teaching me what it is to be a good coach. Thank you to Ricky, Igor and Aldi, for always being there for me during camps. Thank you for everyone else who have been a part of the wonderful AKLTG Experience, and helped mold who I am.

    I don’t know where I’d be without all that you and your colleagues (and mine as well) have taught me.

    Thank you very much Adam. And I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming endeavors.

    Warmest Regards and Forever Yours,

    Ian Song
    Phillips Academy ’13

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    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Jason Teo
    Date: Sat, Feb 9, 2008 at 7:38 PM
    Subject: A big thank you and regarding being a coach.
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Hi Adam,

    I am Jason and i took part in your “I am gifted, so are you!” 5 days camp back in 2004, I felt i benefited tremendously from that life changing 5 days and after camp i set off in life applying everything I have learnt back in camp, and with that i fulfilled my dreams and aspirations, I proceeded onto studying in Hwa Chong Junior College, and saying goodbye to the days I was an unmotivated individual with low self-esteem. In a short 1 year I picked up computer programming language, and represented the school in an NTU organised X-games competition where they tested up programming skills of JAVA. Something that took people many years to learn, took me a mere 8 months to learn with the help of NLP and speed reading and memory techniques I picked up from that camp.

    In terms of social circles, everyone was amazed at how much more self-confident I have become. I widened my social circle tremendously as I had absolutely no fear of meeting new people and getting to know them better due to my new high self-esteem. From a student that could potentially be retained in secondary 3, i ended up as 5th in class while studying in The Chinese High.

    I would like to say a big thank you to your dedication in coaching every single seminar, I could still vividly remember you yelling at a kid named Kenneth from my camp 4 years ago, I knew that was a form of tough love that you had to do, in order to get Kenneth to change. It definitely takes one of great dedication to continue to coach the camp even though you were supposedly sick during that duration. After the camp I thought about it and I was really very inspired by your dedication to coaching, that I actually have a burning desire to take up coaching and impact the lives of other people who were previously like me in a positive manner.

    Even though life got more hectic as i enter Junior College, i continued reading up on NLP related books, of the self-help and motivational genre. I thought of joining the AKLTG coaching team in JC, but i felt i should prioritize my A levels first. Now that i have graduated from JC, and is currently serving my 2 years of National Service in a unit that allows me to book out daily under a 5 day work week scheme. Now that I have more spare time, I am keen to go back to the aspiration of being a coach for AKLTG once again.

    My reasons for wanting to be a coach under AKLTG are two-fold. The first reason being I believe being a coach can help me further improve myself as an individual, there’s only so much books can teach oneself. I firmly believe in the concept that teaching others enable one to be an expert and the area of expertise he is teaching, and in the case of an AKLTG coach that area will be self-improvement.

    Secondly, I find it a great pleasure to be able to guide others in their life, i speak from first-hand experience, as i have friends turned to me over the years when they are having troubles with life, and I would try my utmost best to guide them, and most of them have reflected that talking to me is kind of therapeutic. This is also align with one of my purpose in life, and that is to help others.

    I have 2 concerns though, the first being since I am only free on weekday nights, and on weekends, does that hinder my chances of being trained to be a coach, because unless i apply for leave from my army unit, i will not be able to attend 5 day camps during the school holidays. I will try my utmost best to apply for leaves but there are no guarantees, however if I am required my the AKLTG coaching team on weekends, I am more than happy to turn up. Secondly, how do I go about applying to be an AKLTG coach?

    Once again, big thanks to AKLTG for making me a more empowered individual in life, and sharing the methodology to success.

    I would like to apologise if I seem rude by emailing you directly, instead of emailing the email address given on the AKLTG website. I did email the mailing address given on the AKLTG website exactly a week ago but so far I haven’t got a reply yet. I will always remember the phrase that you mentioned in camp and has ever since been stuck in my head. “do ANYTHING it takes to succeed” , and I am emailing you because i am willing to do anything to fuffill my dreams.

    Eagerly waiting for a reply and thanks again,

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    From: Yong Chang Chin
    Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 11:39 AM
    To: i-did-it@akltg.com
    Subject: I did it! (Yong Chang of Singapore IAG 16-19 Nov 2007)

    Dear Adam,

    It has been a good long 6 months since your camp. I have finally began to see results. Thank you.

    I can understand how busy your schedule is, so I will make this as brief as possible.

    Before the camp, I was an average, under-performing secondary student in St. Joseph’s Institution. Before, I never really took my studies seriously, which was a miracle I came in second in my class in sec 1. Even though I topped my class, I was still very lousy as compared to the other students in the level. What’s more, I was happy with my results. What irony.

    Anyway, now, in my latest exam, the Mid Years, I am very proud to say that I have done well. The results are as follows.

    English Language 74 A2
    Literature in English 78 A1 (highest in class)
    History 78 A1
    Mathematics 96 A1 (highest in class)
    General Science 90 A1 (highest in class, highest in cohort)
    Chinese Language 57 C5

    Overall percentage: 78.83% (highest in class)

    My teacher even said – “Yong Chang is a very bright boy who is mature and responsible. He is a gem to his classmates.”

    The only big obstacle i have left is my chinese. I am actively looking for solutions to solve this obstacle. Before, I can honestly say that I have given up on Chinese. Now, even though I have not improved, I am not discouraged at all. Instead I am even more motivated to do well because everyone does not believe I can. =)

    Another piece of good news is that I have applied for National Junior College Integrated Programme. I have passed the first stage in their selection, which is a General Ability Test (GAT). My NJC english and math test will be held on this coming Monday. I sincerely hope that I will do exceptionally well. However, I want your opinion on a matter. Is a normal secondary school education or an IP education better?

    I hope you can reply soon. Thank you – for everything.

    Yours sincerely,
    Yong Chang

    From: “Marcus Lee C.H”
    Subject: Greetings Fellow WA 11 Graduands

    Hey Friends!

    It’s been four days since we’ve Graduated from Wealth Academy and boy it was Great to feel empowered!

    I’ve never been one who socialise and network with my own friends from school days or NS, thus knowing you all and chatting up was really a very big breakthrough for me and my wife, Yelly as well.
    …Networth = Network.
    And Past does not equal Future.
    What I’ve not done in the past does not equate to what I will not do in the future.
    I believe you people are still being empowered and are setting Goals, Strategies and Actions to achieve what you have always wanted.

    Just to share with you all, my wife and I went back to work and we had similar positive feedbacks from colleagues that somehow we were behaving and communicating very confidently and firm with our decisions at work.
    My wife’s a nurse @ NUH and I’m a Software Consultant with an IT Startup. Both our jobs require us to interact with clients/customers/patients daily frequently.
    So I believe it was a very positive impact on ourselves and would help us greatly.

    Now that was just like 4 days of WA. Can you imagine what would we be if we attended POE??? Amazing…
    This prompted us to save up and register for POE by end of this year (With our bonuses. :D).
    And NO, I’m not selling or promoting AKLTG. 😀 It’s just what we wanted to share.

    Lets have a clear path ahead and work towards our Goals!
    See you at the next booster session!

    >>Conrad: Where’s my photo?

    Marcus Lee / Yelly

    From: Sallee Lee
    Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 22:03:39 -0700 (PDT)
    To: Adam Khoo, Stuart Tan, Webster
    Subject: Something to Share

    Hello, Adam, Stuart, Webster and the coaches,

    My daughter, Michelle Tan is now coming to 18 years old. She had attending the Adam Khoo Workshop when she was 13+ . Before the preview, she have this kind of bad attititude towards life and anything I asked her, her favourite reply would be “I Don’t know”. I have never give up onher and constantly talked to her and I guess that time, I didnt know how to talk to her. I was worried and very concerned about her.

    Then I found the article about Adam Khoo preview and decided to register. But of course, Michelle refused to come along. So I have to force her to listern to the preview. Adam was the speaker at that time. The minute Michelle stepped out of the preview room, she did not say I dont know anymore and I’m really amazed. And that is the begining of her new life.

    So, I’m writing to say a Million Thanks to Adam, Stuart and everyone in AKLTG. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Sally Tan

    Success Story

    Success Story

    From: Janet Chye
    Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 14:43:51 +0800 (SGT)
    To: adam
    Subject: Thank you

    Dear Adam, Coaches and all in the Superkids Camp 2-6 Jun ’08

    We would like to thank you all for the teachings, students training, coaching and care given to our children whom had enjoyed during the Superkids Camp 2 to 6 Jun 08. We are certain that our children (Dilys & Lucas) had benefitted from this fun learning camp. They begin to understand certain aspects in life that we as parent are not able to teach. Many times, children always take parent’s love for granted. Sometimes, it is through the 3rd parties than they understand the true feeling of the parent’s love and support.

    No doubt they had participated and benefitted in this camp, we as parent also learned alot from it.

    We would guide them and always remind them positively about their choices and consequences.

    Thank you,

    Your sincerely,
    Janet & Ken

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    Success Story

    From: Nat Kang
    Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 8:49 PM
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: O Level Results

    Hi Adam,

    This is Nat. I attended an IAG camp at the end of 2004, and returned to coach twice (IAG August 2005, SK March 2006). Your techniques have really helped me to break through in my studies, and I wish to thank you.

    I was a mostly B’s and C’s student, and my grandmother read one of your ads in a paper, and told mum. The rest is history 😉

    I apologize for my lateness in sending you my thanks, but life has been hectic of late. I went for 10 days at Outward Bound School, helped as an advisor and observer for a Scout camp, started my Form Six schooling, worked part-time as an examination invigilator/assistant, and became proficient at a collectible strategy game (I like to think even while having fun, and this game has allowed me to lock horns with some of Malaysia’s best thinkers in terms of tactical ability. I can fight them mostly on equal terms, despite their 4-year-lead with regards to experience).

    Thanks for the techniques of time management, studying, and memory which you thought me. Without all those, I would probably be still the straight B’s and C’s student that I used to be, and unable to have fun without worrying so much about my next test! 😛

    Anyways, out of 10 subjects which I took for my O Levels at the end of 2007, these are my results:

    English – A1
    Mathematics A1
    Bahasa Malaysia – A2
    Moral Studies – A2
    English for Science & Technology – A2
    Physics – A2
    Additional Mathematics – A2
    Chemistry – B3
    Biology – B3
    History – B4

    Extra Paper: English 1119 – A1*

    *This paper is actually a re-marking of the O Levels English paper, that was sent overseas for grading, and most Malaysian students found that while they scored A’s under the Malaysian English grading system, they averaged in the B’s and C’s under the higher standards of the foreign grading system. I am proud to be able to say that I am probably one of less than twenty students in my school that scored an A1 both under local and foreign standards 🙂

    Total Tally: 7 A’s / 10 subjects, Highest grade for extra paper

    So my sincere thanks to you, and all the trainers that made a difference in my life. You all have helped me in one way or another, and I will always remember that.

    My heartfelt gratitude,

    From: School Of Engineering , Design And Technology
    Date: Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 11:16 AM
    Subject: Re: Lai, For Things To Change You Must Change First…
    To: Adam Khoo

    Dear Adam,

    Thanks for your offer. I think among all your books you wrote, I still prefer “The secrects of Self-Made Millionaires” compared to other books. I like this book very very much as it helps me success in my career. I did implement on what you had mentioned in your book. After 1 year, my boss give me a raise in my salary. It is true… no joke. See the attached JPEG as an evident.

    I should say thanks again very much… And I will recommend more and more people buying your “Self-Made Millionaires” textbook!

    From: Darrell
    Date: Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 3:11 PM
    Subject: Re: Darrell, Action is the Driving Force that Produces Results
    To: Adam Khoo

    Hello Adam;

    There is no lack of appreciation on my part for the encouragement I receive from you, Michael and my brother Ray. I have learned to shift the focus of negativity,financial losses and victimization into learning experiences on which I can build my future and fortune.

    I tell you not about my challenges for any hint of sympathy or charity, but so that you will understand that I am a fighter, and if there is a bottom, I have hit it hard.

    Due a spinal injury, loss of a career job as a result of the injury and astronomical medical bills my wife and I can barely scrape up enough to eat and survive. BUT, I continue to claw, climb, crawl and inch my way forward with the focus of getting back on my feet. It’s not such an easy task when these descriptors are sometimes very literal.

    Again, don’t feel sorry for me, and I am not asking for and hand-outs, I will succeed once again, and soon. But yes, I do literally have to sleep on the floor each night,crawl and pull myself to the bathroom until I am able to stand. Then I lean on the walls, counters, etc. But I see the successes coming my way.

    Yes, I have a very literal and very painful handicap, but this doesn’t; stop me my friend. I am currently writing a book entitled The Abilities Factor©” , which focuses on the utilization of the abilities of individual and not their disabilities.

    For every moment of pain I suffer, and every moment of paralysis I experience, God has a blessing in store for me. And yes, I can see how an investment of 30 to 100.00 per month can seem insignificant as well as produce monetary gain,and even wealth. But when I spend over half of my salary on medical expenses, and I am being sued by many because of this, 30.00 per month is very difficult to come by.

    Now, the goals:

    I continue investing in my health such as physical therapy, etc with impressionable but slow results.

    I continue to read your emails and work even harder to pay off some of the medical bills so that I can become part of this club.

    I am a minister, a child advocate, and I want nothing more than to have the financial freedom to devote my life to this cause. IF you find Petra Luna on myspace, you will see that I, Rev Darrell am on her top friends list of 50,000 members.

    The url for the foundation is: http://plunafoundation.org

    My URL is: http://achildsvoiceconnection.org

    I realize the importance of being successful and setting my goals high. It just so happens that it will take me a little longer than anticipated. It wont be long.

    I’m sure you have seen the case of Caylee Anthony, the missing 3 year old girl in FL. I have counseled and prayed with the grandmother, Cindy Anthony.

    My PC at home is broken. I have made numerous calls and I was provided a free power-supply, and I am looking for someone to install this because it is a little different from mine.

    The point is, I am assertive, I am goal driven, and you shall soon see my successes.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Darrell Matthews

    Success Story

    Success Story

    From: Angel Doll
    Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 11:31 PM
    To: info@akltg.com
    Subject: Thank You Adam, My Guru and Mentor

    Dearest Adam,

    I would like to thank you for writing perhaps the Best Book in History :
    Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny. I have only just begun a few pages
    and I cannot even begin to tell you the Effect it has had so far within a
    few minutes.

    Tears began streaming down my cheeks when I read the story of your life and
    how mentally lethargic and physically weak you were. This is Exactly Who I

    My name is Mira. I am also a college dropout like Bill Gates and Michael
    Dell. I have been inventing ever since I was 8 years old. I grew up rejected
    by both parents and the lived alone with my mom who constantly abused me.

    I was called retard, loser and betrayed by friends in high school and fell
    into deep depression. I managed to get into college by miracle of Saibaba as
    I had poor grades. I recently found out that my mother had been poisoning me
    throughout my life which explained the constant food poisoning attacks I
    suffered from and frequent trips to hospital.

    I was beaten so badly that my nerves began to give way and I frequently
    urinated myself. I was constantly shaking and trembling because I feared I
    would die one day or eventually get a heart attack.

    This I assume could have been the reason for my inability to achieve my

    I wish to start back pursuing my goals now and I am learning from you how to
    do so.

    From Just a few pages reading your book, I am getting back to myself …the
    little girl who had a vision in life.

    Adam, you are now my Guru and Mentor from today and I wish to thank you for
    taking the time to help others in life.

    Your Reward from God will be Immense and I pray that he Grants you all your
    Wishes and Happiness Forever.

    You are Definitely an Angel Reincarnated on Earth.

    God Bless You Dear Adam. Thanks for Coming on Earth and Thank you for
    Enlightening Others. Don’t Ever Stop your Good Deeds. The World would become
    a better Place because of You.

    Love Always,

    From: Lai Tian Fat
    Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 3:48 PM
    Subject: Thanks for your textbooks
    To: aknews@adam-khoo.com

    Hi, Adam,

    It is very interesting to read your two books entitled “Secrete of Self made millionaire” & “Secrete of Multi million businesses”. I was inspired by two of your book published. In fact, I felt that it was very useful to read your book and I SHOULD SAID THANK YOU to you because when I applying whatever you mentioned in your books, my salary was as increased and hence the profit of the company also increased. I am now in the position of head of Telecommunication. Thanks for your fantastic ideas….

    Anyway, I had read your book – Secrete of multi million businesses and I found that you have mentioned how to improve the student’s result. You keep on mentioning again and again and it is really inspire me to know more how you coach the students.

    My company would like to look into your coaching and training. Please, if you have any branch in Malaysia, do let me know. I will contact them and may be I need to arrange a time for your staffs to come over to our company – INTI International University College to give a briefing or seminar to see how you can motivate or train our staffs or students. We will do the business with you in future.

    Head of Telecommunication,
    RF & Microwave research head.

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Success Story

    Dari: calvin han
    Kepada: Adam Khoo
    Terkirim: Kamis, 1 Januari, 2009 21:04:54
    Topik: say thank you

    Happy new year Adam…….

    How are you today?

    I was very happy to join your program at singgasana hotel Surabaya 27-30-december 2008.Now I am having a goal.I feel I am more motivated to study after joining your June Study Program.I can memorise better and faster then before.

    I was happy to meet you and many friend from other parts of Indonesia.I was also able to practice my english. I hope I can improve my english faster because I want to study in senior high school in Singapore.

    Thank you very much for your crew.

    Can you give me information about schools (senior high school) in Singapore?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    your sincerely
    Calvin Han

    From: Beth
    Date: Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 2:24 PM
    Subject: Re: Beth, How Much Would You Sell 10 Years of Your Life For?
    To: Adam Khoo


    This is the most insightful email you have ever sent. I would not sell 10 years of my life for anything.
    At age 51 I have had serious health issues for the past several years. Until I had them I did not appreciate how important good health is, or the fact that you need to do things while you still are physically able because you have no idea how long you have on this earth or even the ability to do them.

    My mother died at age 68 and my father at one day short of 70. Although I am hoping to outlive them, there is no guarantee. I am grateful for every single day now. Time is a precious gift to me, and I am trying to spend it much more wisely than I did when I was younger. The past two years of my life I have learned so many life lessons, as well as about myself. It has been a truly important stage in my life.

    Right now I feel like I am morphing into a new, improved me! Dramatic positive changes have happened to me inside. This has occurred in a period of many difficulties and challenges- maybe because of them. You have had very astute observations from a very early age on. Thank you for sharing them with the world.


    From: Shedrack okeke
    Date: 2009/1/18
    Subject: Regards
    To: Adam Khoo

    Mr Adam Khoo,

    Humbly speaking, you are my titan and i can lovely assure you that am a great fan of success, and because of the things i witnessed while i was growing up that made me to have faith in God and in myself. And i can assure you that i “MUST” make it in life with the help of God and hard work.

    I always call myself a “goalgetter” because in the words of John Mason, he said that: “the road to success is always under construction” and i always find that quote pretty good. I just want to say thank you in a million times for being on the council for me. Atleast, if earth were to have thousands like you the world would have been a better place for us.

    My humble regards to you and your organisation. And may luck continue to smile on you.

    From: Dolphin 0655
    Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:51 AM
    Subject: Re: Dolphin, What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming Actually?
    To: Adam Khoo


    Yes, you are very right dear !! Previously, I used to be very ‘sian’ in waking up, going to work and prepare anytime to get retrenched or quit cos the working environment & colleagues just simply dont suit me, but after I graduate from your POE Program, I change my working attitude by being more committed and energized to add values to my organisation, I start to feel that the working environment and the people around me also started to change !! That’s is really amazing !! For things to change for the better, I must change positively first……

    I also change my girls using POE, who are used to very ‘sian’ to wake up and go to certain boring class, into more ‘willing’ state whenever they wake up to go for that class….

    BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ADAM AND STUART, I will promote your program to anyone who want to improve their lives and their children who want to study well !!

    Kindest Regdss

    From: Clara Ang
    Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 20:24:16 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Appreciation. (yes adam, the testimonial i owe you)

    HI Adam!

    I know i owe you a testimonial, my apologies for sending you this extremely late. =( I’m Clara, the teaching intern whom you met when you did IAG in punggol sec few weeks back…if you can recall.. haha. Here’s my A levels results by subjects :

    H1 GP: B
    H1 PW: B
    H1 Chinese: A
    H1 Mathematics: A
    H2 Economics: A
    H2 Geography: A
    H2 Literature: A

    It is really unbelievable to see myself getting these results. From a PSLE aggregate of just 196 , to a raw score of 14 (L1R4) in O levels to getting 5As in A-levels. . .

    When i participated in your IAG three years back, in 2006, i could never have imagined being able to be one of the top students in my jc. In fact, before IAG, i didnt even thought of going to a jc! i didnt know what i wanted, or where i wanted to go. Or perhaps subconsciously i knew, but i was just too shy or afraid to come into terms with them…

    The issue is not about how much fun people can have or how much they can enjoy the camp… it is not so much about how the camp can bond the whole class/school together either. But rather, how we can use the knowledge that we were taught to apply in our studies and lives so that we can reach our goals. IAG has opened up a new platform for me to find out more about brain-based learning and ways to motivate myself even AFTER the camp, enabling me to maintain the momentum and drive to study and do well in school.

    I also want to thank you for inspiring me in doing what i like. I remember you saying: ” do what you like, and when you do what you like, you be the best in what you do…” Previously a pure science student in secondary school, i followed my heart amd switched to the arts stream in jc. No regrets for doing that! I enjoyed doing the subjects tremendously.. and perhaps that contributed to my nice results as well…

    Lastly, i would like to show my appreciation to YY and danny.. for keeping in-touch with me even after the camp, willing to lend me a listening ear and give me advice whenever i needed.. Especially yy, whom i constantly PESTERED AND IRRITATED during my O levels and JC years… THANK YOU! =)

    I know i will be meeting people from all walks of life in university… people who are smarter, more intelligent, more ”lucky”.. etc. I’ll have work extra hard and be even more motivated to do well!

    p.s This is a little piece of interview (ignore the picture, you will faint)

    Meanwhile, take care and have fun!


    From: Nicole Lim
    Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 10:46:08 -0800 (PST)
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Letter of appreciation

    Hi Adam,

    I can into the camp with low self-esteem, though I have made it to NUS, I had the mentality that I am always just an average kid with nothing to be proud of and having no strengths. From the camp, I did manage to discover who I am, especially after the activity of listing down the things which I have achieved from my childhood till this point of my life. That activity made me realise that I do have things I should be proud of and my life so ar had not been a total waste, it is a matter of perspective. Previously, I have only focused on what I have gone wrong and allowed myself to bury in self-pity, yet now I have realised that there are no failures, these are just stepping stones for one to grow stronger in life, the will move on from there and learn from mistakes.

    On day 3 of the camp, when I looked into the mirror that morning, I have no longer seen myself as the living dead, living life with the expectations of the socitey and with no focus in life. I see that I have made it so far in the education gifted system in Singapore and I can see the potential I had.

    Though till day 4, I have pretty much changed the way I think about myself, I am still someone who was very reserved and didn’t want to move out of my comfort zone to take initiative in things. When you were up on stage, asking what do we want, everyone just sat there, not doing anything, I still fear the judgement of people. Even when you did the 2nd time, using the “36hr plan” as a stake, I took action only after people had gone off. When you gave all of us the last chance to be paired and ask us how much do we value success, that is when I realise that I really wanted to succeed in life. Not only in studies, but in other aspects as well. I realised that i didn’t do stuff in life for my mum, I did it for myself. Thank you for that activity, which became my turning point and will always be remembered. It had such an impact, I still remembered those strong emotions I had when I claimed for that “piece of paper”.

    I would like to thank all the people who has made this camp a success. The coaches, every single one of them has been really commited. Trainers have been doing their best to enable us to achieve the goal of self-discovery and some really important principles in life. Standing on stage to thank them yesterday was only a very small gesture as by doing so, I have achieved my first goal of wanting to stand up for myself and speak before an audience.

    I appreciate all efforts that was made by everyone contributing to this camp experience.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Nicole Lim

    From: jessie nga
    Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 10:00:58 +0800 (CST)
    Subject: A note of appreciation

    Dear Adam,

    My son, Jerome, attended your kids camp 16-20 June 2004 and I was there for his graduation. Before I
    enrolled him for this camp, I was skeptical as to how it could possibly help my son. He is a sensitive and
    nice boy but lacks the motivation and focus to carry him through both in his studies as well as in other
    areas. I was also concern about the long hours he had to be away from me. My opinion changed when I fetched him home on the first night.

    He was not only still energetic but very keen to return the next day! I thought it was only for the first night but all through the five days, I could feel him slowly changing into a very mature and sensible boy. He appreciates his family more and now tries very hard to keep to his timetable. He no longer tells me that ‘I
    am so bored’ and ‘I find life very meaningless’.

    I thought I should know him better than anyone else and that my teaching and preaching methods about life are the best suited for him. How wrong I was! Although I often told him before that he has to love himself
    first before he even tries to love anyone, it did not seem to work as well as when you told him. To cut the
    long story shorter, I just want to tell you that I am very happy with the way you handled the kids’ programs, together
    with your trainers, of course. One of Jerome’s coaches, Desmond, called the other night to check on Jerome’s progress. I told him that I noticed his enthusiasm waning. Any suggestions from you how to stop it from waning further?

    Jerome has a brother who is in J1 and after having done well for his ‘O’s (he was last in class in sec 3)
    he is starting to get very complacent. I wanted him to go for your ‘I am Gifted So Are You’ camp this september, but he was very adamant about going. He said you had given a talk in his school (ACSI) once
    and that was good enough for him. No amount of convincing could change his mind. Any suggestions?

    Lastly, my daughter is on summer break till end August and so impressed was I with you guys that I have
    enrolled her for your ‘Patterns of Excellence’ seminar this thursday 22 July. She is also very curious to see
    and listen to the people who managed to put that sparkle into Jerome’s life!

    May I take this chance to thank all at AKLTG, especially you. Hope you can bring more meaning and
    sparkle to all who are willing to let you help them discover their own strengths!

    Best wishes and warmest regards,
    Jessie Lee

    From: cassandra tan
    Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 7:20 PM
    To: i-did-it@akltg.com

    Dear Adam

    This is Cassandra here. I was a participant from the september IAG camp 2008. I have received my results for the final term exams and I am very glad to say that I had improved alot. In fact, I improved 9% from the previous exams. I acheived 9 As and 3 Bs and am ranked fifth in class overall. Thank you so much for building my confidence in myself!


    From: Qiuling Low
    Date: Wed, May 6, 2009 at 5:18 PM
    Subject: Thank you, Adam and Stuart
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com, stuart@stuarttan.com

    Dear Mr Adam Khoo and Mr Stuart Tan,

    First of all, I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the courage to achieve anything I want in life. Your life stories have always been an inspiration to me, reminding me that if you guys can do it, so can I.

    Whenever I’m feeling down, or I’m not doing what I expected, you become the voices to ‘kick my ass’. Both of you have pasts that are so similar to mine— being underachievers, inept speakers and were unable to form rapport with people. I can’t say I am an effective communicator yet, but I’m working hard and I will never give up until I reach my goal.

    Speaking of this, I actually couldn’t believe that I can be here today, writing this. I told myself I will only write to you until I achieve this target—attending one of your programs.

    YES! I’ll be attending the ‘Patterns of Excellance’(Mod 1 Empowerment) from 16th July 2009 to 19th July 2009.

    This dream has been living on for three years. I first heard about this course by reading the book, ‘Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny’ back in 2005.(The cover I got doesn’t have Mr Adam Khoo’s handsome face on it though. Haha.) Actually, I had been to your workshop once as a student in 2004.

    My school, Bendemeer Secondary, has organised ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You.’ for us, three days just for S$300+. POE may costs ten times that amount, but at that time, most students still considered it very expensive, and that includes me. Like most people, I wasn’t looking forward to it as firstly, I find it very intensive. I already couldn’t stand the school’s long hours, and heck, this workshop takes freaking 9am to 9pm for three consecutive days?! Oh dear.

    But the most important factor is I doubt that it can change my life. In fact, I actually thought you guys are so overrated and it‘s the media who makes overstatements. Why, it sounds like a bloody fairy tale.

    I’m so pleased that you have proved me wrong, so wrong.

    Those three days have opened a whole new world for me, the power of NLP. Of course, I get to meet you guys.

    Well, only one of you.

    I heard a lot about Mr Adam Khoo and was rather excited to meet him in person. (and I’m also elated as I could skip the dreadfully boring classes to attend this!) But it ended up Mr Stuart Tan was the one who came to my school, and I’m satisfied nonetheless.

    Mr Stuart Tan is so ravishing and encouraging on stage, and it’s still entirely imprinted in my mind even now. I couldn’t believe that you’re such an excellent speaker that you made me cry on the second day of the workshop, ‘scolding’ us to have the gratitude for everything in life. It felt kinda like a hypnosis. But I never feel so happy being lectured, ever.

    Thank you, Mr Stuart Tan and the trainers, and definitely, to my school eternally for giving us such a great gift. We’re too spoiled.

    I said that ‘neither self-help books nor seminars can change my life’.
    Yes, that’s true. It’s because right after the workshop, I just sit down and wait for external circumstances to make things work. I did feel motivated, but this feeling is like drinking coffee, taking drugs or smoking for energy boost. It gives you the goody-goody feeling, but only temporary. Then when it’s gone, you’ll only be there cursing, “Damn! Not another peak talk again!!!”

    Sorry but of course it won’t work, unless you make it work yourself, that you have the right beliefs and values to change!

    However at that time, I didn’t learn my lessons. So I keep doing what I’m doing while the universe is always nudging me with signals. Life goes like this. Sometimes, it throws you into a wall, hands you a lemon or keeps you going in circles. We get hit by little pebbles, first as a warning. When we ignore the pebbles, here comes a brick in your face. Ignore that too and sooner or later, we get wiped out by a boulder with a sledgehammer as a bonus. If we’re honest and have the gut to face our fears, we can see what we went wrong and improve upon them.

    Easier said than done, I was scared out of my wits for many years.


    I’d been doing it as a kid, but it was until I was fifteen which I acknowledge this talent of mine. It was then I decided to pursue a dream as an artist, or more specifically, a mangaka. (Japanese comic artist) I set a target to enter NYP(Nanyang Polytechnic)‘s DMD(Diploma in Digital Media Design), one of the most recognised program in Singapore’s creative industry. Sadly. I didn’t do well for O’level, but I managed to get into a course related to my passion.

    I studied in NAFA(Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) for Fine Arts but I dropped out within a year. I was working part-time at the time and my schedule is so hectic to a point, I couldn’t handle juggle both of them well at the same time. As a student, it should be my utmost responsibility to put studies as the and the highest priority. But I did a very silly act. Nonetheless, within a few months or two, I bounced back by doing something phenomenal.

    Hearing the news that my dream course, DMD is conducting an art interview, I went forth for it. I make it a MUST as I don’t have the result to enroll, so this has become my only ticket. Within a week or two, I built an impressive portfolio that allowed me to enter the course. I did it. I really did it!

    This sounds like a happy ending, until I made the same old stupid move again.

    I had to work as I came from an underprivileged family. And so, all my siblings have started working since secondary school. I stopped taking pocket money from my parents since sixteen, and all these years, I am able to afford to pay my own bills and get the things I want by my own. So I still work while studying in NYP. But this time, the stress I felt was tripled by my previous experiences, due to a even more packed time-table that I didn’t expected and my failures, reprimanding me that failure is not a option.
    I was burned and broke down completely, without even letting my closest loved-ones to know. Overwhelmed by fear and despair, I started skipping school and I hid the fact that I had stopped school for almost half a year before I revealed this to my family. They were devastated, not just by my actions, but I chose to bear the burdens all by myself.

    Those were one of the darkest days of my life.

    I was so depressed that I tried to commit suicide, twice.

    For the first time, I tried killing myself with drug overdose. I prefer to die a peaceful and rather, a pretty death. Silly, I know. It’s instructed that you shouldn’t excess 8 caplets in a day, so I took 9 at once. Heck, It didn’t work, even though I was in a coma for a hour.

    So I proceeded to Plan B, the most common way of suicide in Singapore, jumping from buildings. It’s ugly, but it’s the fastest and easiest way to die. Before I took my life, I ate a banana and realized I had forgotten to write suicide letters to my loved-ones, and so I went to do them. After that, I was about to step on the chair and fly out of the window, you know what happened?

    I stepped on that very banana peel which I ate and littered on the floor, ran into walls and was unconscious for the second time of the day.

    I can laugh it off like a joke now, because it sounds ridiculously comical. But when I was there at that moment, I cried.

    I was so close to death, so close to it. Just one more step and I will throw myself to death. How can I be so selfish to my loved-ones? How can I be so selfish to myself?

    It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless I live so cowardly that I might as well not have lived at all. In a word, I have already failed in the first place by not trying.
    In order to succeed, you dare to fail.

    I’ve always been living in the mindset of a victim, ridden with guilt and fear. I used to think that I was here to be punished. But in the pain that accompanies adversity are lessons worth searching.
    We’re here to be educated. Everyone who walks into our lives and everything that happens to us is our teachers, and they’re here for a reason. So once you figure out the problems and conquer them, opportunity comes knocking on your door.

    I failed to get a diploma, I failed not to make the same mistakes twice, I failed to realise my dreams. But what I was given, are true gifts that are painfully won— wisdom, strength and perseverance that are more worthwhile than any qualification acquired in schools.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I will stick with my O’level forever, even though I believe that success in school has very little to do with someone’s abilities and skills in the real world. Rest assured, as I will continue my studies to expand my options, both in counseling and in art.
    Dreams never die , but they just become a smaller part of your life. But whenever you’re ready, they will come back nonetheless. Drawing will always be something very special to me. It’s a gift bestowed to me and I will make sure I use what I was given to give back to others.

    I attached the very goals I set when I attended “I Am Gifted, So Are You” many years ago. Even though I revised many versions, this remains as the most genuine of them all. Most of my goals today, are still very similar to this one. This plan is not specific, especially the part about being the young millionaire which is …very silly and too vague. But let’s see if I can become one before 26…Teehee.
    I’d achieved some of it, like scoring A1 for my Mathematics. I got B3s for both subjects at the end. That’s good enough, and this is from someone who has failed Maths for almost her entire life! (But I absolutely love Maths to death now.) Another one is learning Japanese. I learnt Japanese for four years, and planning to retake my JLPT 2 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), which is the second highest level of the test.

    So I did realize another one of my dream recently. I finally met Mr Adam Khoo for the first time as I went to the preview of POE on 29th April 2009! You may not know but I just mention it anyway. I was the girl who sat at the first row. HAHA!

    I wanted to come forth to introduce myself to Mr Adam Khoo on that night after the talk. But at that time, I was busy being ‘kiasu’, signing up for the special price. Well, I actually do not have enough money to pay for the program, but whatever. To hell with it, I decided to put myself on the line. After all, I waited this for three bloody years!

    So I will see you, Mr Adam Khoo and Mr Stuart Tan, when POE has arrived. I can’t wait for the ‘reunion’, and I’ll be sure to introduce myself and thank you personally. I can assure you, this won’t be the last email I have for you. But I will also assure you not to agony with such a lengthy one for the next time.
    I’m so sorry.

    Meanwhile, thank you so much for spending your precious time with this email, even though you have such busy lives. Please continue to inspire many other people. Best regards to you and I’m looking forward in seeing you two soon.

    Thank you.

    Yours Truly,
    Qiuling Low

    From: Melinda
    Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 11:58 AM
    To: ‘Adam Khoo’
    Subject: Thank you very much Adam Khoo

    Hi Adam

    It was not me who attended the ‘I am Gifted so are you”, it’s my son whom I have registered.

    He just finished the 16 to 19th March 2006 workshop. I have meant to write you an email to thank you today. Since you have written, I might as well just reply directly.

    You have done my family a very big favour. Jon was super charged up and his outlook in life changed drastically. He is a very good natured boy and has a wonderful heart; but he is lazy and playful; is hot-tempered and did badly in school, and never quite believe he can make it in school; hence I sent him to you. You are fantastic Adam – I could kiss you for what you have done for my dear son. Jon is my heart-throb.

    After attending the workshop in March, Jonathan came back all excited about what he’s learnt and he brought home a totally changed outlook in life. Even I the mum and his dad were encouraged by him and we learn from him. Every night (without fail) before we sleep, he keeps talking and talking and talking and talking about what happened in the workshop and how you taught him. You are really funny and cool. You have gone a long way teaching 1 child – you have actually reached out to several others when they go about sharing what they’ve learned form you; because, it didn’t stop at us. I went back to office and I started telling my friends how blessed I was by my son; about what he learned from AKLTG. AKLTG will get more and more famous because I encouraged my friends to go for the briefing and to attend the workshop. Hence, through Jonathan 1 person, you have reached several others. A few engineers in my company now asked me to lend them your books which I did. I believe after reading it, they too will be interested to attend. I work in a French IT company, taking care of the HR Dept; I work with all engineers basically.

    Jon came home from school yesterday telling me how he’s applied what he’s learned from the workshops. He helps his friends in school who always think lousily about themselves. He told me what he said to them to encouraged them and to help make them pick themselves up; and to believe they can make it. For instance, in a basket ball game; one of his friends told him he cannot do this and cannot do that. Jon patiently talked to this friend of his and taught him how to shoot. Guiding him and telling him no one is born a basket ball player; and how he too used to be lousy and today, is good…..He likes to share what he knows so that others can be helped. He told me that he likes to see people being helped and he wants to be that person wherever possible, this makes him happy. I think, all our family has the same gifting from God. We owe it all to you.

    My son, Jonathan Joel Sng Li Ren, was so disappointed to receive his certificate without his full name; could you ask your staff to generate a new one for him with his fall name “Jonathan Joel Sng Li Ren” – because he is so proud of it and treasure it so much, but was disappointed his full name is not stated in there). Do give him a surprise this Saturday – TOMORROW!

    One thing if you allow me to suggest : could you encourage these teenagers to control themselves not to get involved in the opposite sex till they finished their studies? I think getting involved will definitely affect their studies as they lack time. He met several ‘chio’ gals in the workshop too. You know what I mean? I hope he would pay more attention to his studies.

    Another thing you will be interested to know. I’m so glad you get the friendships they made in the workshop going. Organising meeting up sessions. Jon simply cannot wait for tomorrow, 25th March to go for the booster course. He can’t wait to meet his new friends. Said they are all so ‘cool’ and even the coarches. He said he wants to be a coach but wondering how he could get it fitted into his tight schedule. Please help him make the right decision as he is taking his ‘O’ Levels this year.

    Thank you very, very, very, very, very much for creating the transformation in my son Jonathan. I told him to keep up with that spirit, and he can be the next ‘Adam Khoo’ haha. Don’t worry, you will always be the ‘Si-fu’. Cheers.

    God bless you always,
    Melinda Sng J

    From: Mun Kok Woh
    Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 17:01:24 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: RE: Congratulations Wealth Academy Batch 17

    Dear Adam,

    Thanks for your coaching on wealth academy. I am really inspired after the course. I had totally changed the way I used to think which is worry, blaming and complaining instead of taking corrective & positive action most of the time.

    I am running 3 businesses and I had been running the first company for more than 5 years with a total revenue of more than 1 million but I had never enjoyed running the business even thought my companies are growing and making money. After this course, I realized that I found my goal and I had a better vision & mission for my businesses. Throughout the past few days after the course, I had changed many things that create value to my companies as well as my staffs. I am starting enjoying doing business and appreciate things that I possesed.

    Thank you so much and you are really my best mentor that change my life and thinking.

    For your information, I had completed the 7-Day Action Plan and I am really appreciate your following up on our progress.

    Once again. Thank you and have a nice day !!!


    Best regards,
    Mun Kok Woh
    Managing Director
    ASTech Pte Ltd
    Nanotec Asia Pacific LLP
    GreenLAB Technologies LLP

    From: Des Leong
    Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 14:46:59 +0000
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: RE: Congratulations Wealth Academy Batch 17

    Dear Adam

    Thank you for sharing your financial knowledge and strategies with me during Wealth Academy.
    In those few days, I have learnt alot more on how to better manage and plan my finances.

    I have completed written my goals and action plan and am working to fulfill and exceed them.
    Once again. thanks for everything.

    Warmest regards
    Leong Tuck Sung Desmond

    From: cindy tan
    Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 14:34:36 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: HELLO….

    Hi Mr. Adam.. I am Cindy from Jakarta. I joined your 4-day POE program on 14 May-17 May..
    I feel so lucky that I have the chance to join your program. At first, I thought that this might not be useful for my studies and I have lots of other doubts. All I can conclude in the end is that I SHOULD have joined your program much much earlier. On the last day of your program, I had the thinking that I would forget some of your motivating and inspiring words. I really don’t want that program to finish. Ya…. Fortunately, you gave us this “homework” of reading our goals, mission and succeed creed. It does really help me you know. Thanks!

    For the succeed creed, the phrase that I remember the most is “I THINK BIG, I BECOME BIG.” Somehow that phrase keeps on echoing in my mind. And for the goals that I have written down, I have done some practice on it. For instance, one of my goals is to continue learning my German language. So what I did some revision on it from books and internets. Previously, I almost gave up in studying that language because as usual I did not have much time on revising and practising it(excuses). However, thinking of the fees that I have paid for, I felt “stupid” for not continuing it. I am committed that I will continue learning it too in Spore, even if there will be many many assignments from school.

    From: arief hafidh
    Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 16:48:58 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Thank you very much

    Dear adam & Stuart,

    How are you both?, Hope both of you are always in good health, because a lot of people still need our help outthere…

    I thank to god because i got an amazing experiance could came to your workshop (POE) on May14th in Jakarta and meet amazing tutors, amazing choaches, and amazing new friends.

    thank you so much…

    “I’ll do my best, i’ll do my best, i’ll do my best..”

    Every day i always keep saying that sentence in my mind for many times… and it realy works, i become more motivate…

    Beside, Your succes creed are realy helpfull,
    i belive now, god give us brain and it’s power to control ourself and our environment…
    Sooooo amazing….

    Every day, i become more confidence, if not i will use or change my submodallities.. (hehe.. thank you stuart)….

    So, thank you very much, wish we could meet again in other opportunities…

    Best Regard
    Arief Hafidh 阿里

    From: soesanto goentoro
    Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 00:17:12 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: 7 day mental diet

    Dear Adam,

    After Attend the workshop & follow the 7- day Mental diet, I feel great. Now I can more constantly doing something toward to my Goal. And also now I can easily make my own decision. Before attend I always felt that my parent controlling my Life.

    In the workshop with your & Stuart’s explanation, I realized that all of my thought was wrong.
    I should take the responsibility for my inability to make decision.

    And because of my ability to make good decision, I don’t delay my work anymore.

    My Goal for this year as I wrote in the script is to extend our business ( land transportation ) to Air Cargo. I have this goal already 5 years ago. At that time I don’t wrote my Goal and I just kept in mind. So it didn’t work.

    I thank you & Stuart for guiding me to be better in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Soesanto “SINICHI” Goentoro

    From: “TAN Yong Han
    Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 02:05:37 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Thanks

    Hi Adam

    Thought I’ll drop you a note to thank you for the Wealth Academy session the last few days. I have had very little exposure to NLP, motivational & wealth management training programs before this and must admit that I went for your preview with some skepticism.

    I stand corrected today having completed the WA program. For me the fees is nothing compared to the solid value you delivered.

    The WA is a very comprehensive programme covering business & life philosophy, personal finance management and investment techniques catering to beginners and intermediates. In addition, the millionaire game is well-designed to incorporate elements of personal finance management and investment know-how, especially for newcomers. Meeting like-minded participants is a bonus and I’m already looking forward to your booster sessions.

    The friends I’ve made all agree that this is an excellent programme which is very well executed. I’m sure it can only get better with future runs. It is inspiring to hear about your struggle and effort and I’m sure you’ll achieve and exceed the clear goals you outlined. Your passion and committment to your teaching and business is obvious and contagious. My money is where my mouth is – I already own three of your books/products, in addition to WA.

    I have some feedback which I hope is useful for you, based on my understanding of the Indonesian society and culture.

    1. The level of English in Indonesia is substantially lower than that of Singapore. While interacting with Indonesian locals, I typically use simple English or Bahasa (I do try) so they understand what I’m saying.
    2. Not sure if you agree but I would think that the sophistication of the attendees is probably lower than that of Singapore. As such, they may require more time to cover basic terminology and concepts. This is also based on open feedback during the last part of the programme.

    Do feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

    I’m wondering if you’ll like to raise awareness of the programmes you’re running in Indonesia. I have some friends and contacts in the media industry and can explore whether we can do an interview (semi-putting myself on the line) to raise your profile.

    Don’t hesitate to let me know if you ever need any assistance.

    TAN Yong Han

    From: Christian Haryono
    Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 10:59:31 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: 7 Days Mental Diet Challenge

    Hi Adam,

    I just want to say, that this program really helps me to be in focus of my goals and kept pushing me to move forward to my goals. I felt more confident, more focus and more willing to take action, it also helps me to stay and think positively throughout the day.

    I’m not easily tired, I felt more in control of my emotions. And now I’m anchored to the intro of “Eye of The Tiger” song, whenever I heard that intro song I get this sudden feeling of confidence and power, man that feels awesome.

    Thank you so much for the help and support, I’m really grateful to you and for the people that supported me.

    Warm Regards,

    From: Pru Chin
    Date: Sun, May 24, 2009 at 10:58 PM
    Subject: 7 days
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Dear Adam,

    Hi..I’m Shu Chin….one of your POE participants 14 -17 may 2009
    and already done the 7 days mental diet challenge

    As I read the Success Creed every morning I feel powerful and i become confident
    I take my responsibility to control my thoughts
    and I start thinking the solution not the problem
    I become more positive thinker that effect to my boyfriend
    He also support me to join this POE program
    After the workshop, He also excited want to know what I learn from POE
    so now we keep talking about reframing, state, values, belief, sub modalities and ur book also (Master your mind manage your destiny)
    Not only me become The NEW me but also he changed too..

    Thanks Adam for giving your 100% powerful workshop, wish you all the best and for your family also 🙂

    PS. I also told him to do the 7 days mental diet challenge and told him to read success creed every morning

    From: tan kit
    Date: Mon, May 25, 2009 at 11:03 PM
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Dear Mr Adam Khoo,

    Hi! I am a 15-year old singaporean boy and i am greatly inspired by your life story and am currently reading your book Design your life, Master your destiny. Apparently i haven’t completed the book but after reading and listening to your various audio programs and reading some of your books, I realise modalling was an essential part of your success. When you were 13 u went to a superkids program and after that within 3 months you was among the top students in your school and you did that by modalling. One question sir, is that how do u modal people who are extremely good at mathematics? I have a good friend who doesn’t practise much mathematics except at the eve of the exam and yet he still tops the class with flying colours(in math related subjects like physics and additional mathematics). In mathematics and math related subjects like physics and additional mathematis it seems that we have to duplicate the intelligence of this type of people, but like you have said, we all have the same neurology, so if others can do it, so can you! I can see this motto of yours emphasize in many of your books and audio programs. But the question is, how do you duplicate one’s intelligence?

    I was awed by your determination and courage to put yourself on the line by telling everybody that you were going to Victoria Junior College when you were in Ping Yi secondary school. Back then everybody was discouraging you and telling you that you couldn’t but you proved them wrong. But like you I have great goals to top my school in GCE O levels which is next year but i do not put myself on the line like you did afraid of losing friends and being accused of being proud. Are there other methods to put myself on the line or make it a MUST?

    The last thing I want to is to annoy you with my email so feel free not to reply.

    Yew Kit

    From: M B Asasmulia
    Date: Tue, May 26, 2009 at 12:07 AM
    Subject: Thank You So Much & Please Include Me In Your E-mail Dist. List
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Hello Adam,

    I have read many financial and self-motivation books since the last 9 years until I saw your book (actually discounted 20%) last year when I was in book fair, to be honest I didn’t know who you are, because I have read many books I came across many non genuine authors who after I read their book I became dissappointed so usually I will not buy just any book because I don’t trust all authors

    With your book I gave it a chance and bought it along with many other books, after long time I almost forgot your book and keep delaying myself to read it, one day in sep or oct last year I found myself reading your book and guess what the timing was really right, the US financial crisis just about to hit my country and as soon as I read the warren buffet part of your book I called my banker to open up brokerage account for me and straight away without any hesitation I practice all your teachings in this book and bought huge sums of carefully selected stocks with very good fundamentals with a hope it can beat my previous investment record of 7-8% net profit every year, I was just hoping if I can get at least the same this would be good enough. To cut the long story short, today I checked all my stocks portfolio I have accumulated about 31% capital appreciation, WOW! For your info, the book was Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires and it only cost me nothing and today if I sell my stocks it will already gives me about 31%. The financial crisis is not even over yet, as you said the economic recovery probably takes from 3-5 years, imagine when the index reach the peak again how much money will I make, probably easily 100% net profit or more from my investments.

    As I mentioned, I have already had my motivation and quite good financial literacy background before I read your book but I gained more after, I have already had quite good situation financially and earned a huge income that I am proud off (active and passive incomes) before I read your book and I am only slightly older than you but with your book it gives me more way to make much more money i.e. High Growth Stocks incomes.

    Thank you so much, I hope we can meet one day, share and learn from each other. Also I hope you can share with me about your choices of stocks currently if you don’t mind so that I can learn more from you, my e-mail as above

    With Best and Sincere Regards,
    IT Manager,
    Oil and Gas Company

    From: Yumi Kitahama
    Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 23:23:26 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Adam, you unleashed my full potential!

    Dear Adam Khoo,

    How are you feeling today? It was awesome to attend your workshop, I was really recharged! My friend and I can’t stop talking about how much we benefit from what you shared.

    Today, I would like to share my wonderful experiences. My life has been literally transformed since I attended your workshop for the first time. It was about 2 years ago when I was seriously searching where to look for help. I was depressed and felt totally lost after my brother, grandmother and mother passed away within 3 consecutive years.

    At that time, somehow I kept on seeing your advertisements and passed by your centre often. I was not so convinced yet though it spoke to me a lot, but I decided to at least give myself a chance to know more
    about it. Fair enough, when I attended your workshop, my heart said, “This is the one I have been looking for!”

    After I attended your seminars, I was super motivated and strove to find a job I really love. Soon, I happened to be asked to join Tempstaff Singapore Pte Ltd, the 2nd biggest recruitment agency in Japan. Currently, I enjoy working as a personnel consultant to match jobs to job seekers. (I called myself Job Cupid :->) Many of my friends saw me working with passion and said, “Wow, it is so suitable for you, finally, you found your calling!”

    New job scope is totally different from my background in Finance & Accounting and administration. The major career change was challenging and required a lot of hard work, but I was confident because I know I
    can apply what I learned from you into my work. With your proven methods, I was able to shorten my learning curve and closed 3 deals on the 1st month while it usually took for 3-6 months or more just to have the first one since we focus on niche market. I was recognised as a top performer immediately! Not only that, after 6 months, I got a phone call – a headhunter tried to headhunt me to be a headhunter. 😀

    When I travelled to Japan for business trip, I even had an opportunity to be introduced to our president and founder of Tempstaff Co., Ltd, Ms. Yoshiko Shinohara. I am so proud of myself to meet her as she is the only Japanese woman to be on Fortune magazine’s list of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Business – International” for 9 consecutive years. With a friendly smile, she acknowledged my efforts and asked for my name card in order to remember me! I would never forget the moment in my life.

    I am really grateful for your amazing work till I don’t know how many times I should say to you, “Thank you so much!”. It was only a few years ago when I lost hope and cried almost everyday. Now, I see myself with full of potentials and believe I can succeed. Thanks to you, I am sure more and more people will have transformation. You are truly source of inspiration, I am looking forward to coaching for your upcoming seminars and being a part of transformational life journeys. See you soon!

    Love and gratitude,
    Yumi Kitahama

    From: Soraya Cecilia
    Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 8:52 PM
    To: i-did-it@akltg.com
    Subject: “IAG MEDAN JAKARTA”









    From: kevin Salim
    Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 1:01 PM
    To: i-did-it@akltg.com
    Subject: i did it

    thanks Adam,Leroy,and Bong for your time motivating us in your fantastic camp.I am kevin 14 years old and I study at singapore piaget academy-Medan.this is my first time I joined the motivational camp .and I really like to be your assistent coach .cause I am really motivated that time and I want others to be like me . I took action in the success letter. I read and revice my entire manual and my notes with my speed reading and only took me about 40 minutes to done the whole manual book.

    the first day I arrive medan it was sunday evening I quickly post up all my motivational poster in my room.I make my goals and live path in computer and put it as my desktop back ground .so every time i opened my computer I switch it off and start sudying my lesson.

    I done my most difficult thing which is monthly and weekly planner I done it almost half a day cause I need to think for a long time.and I did took action on the 10-step study process by following my monthly and weekly planner.

    now I do everything by depending on my self sorry for the late mail i send to you .

    after those things I had done as soon as possible to sent this mail to you


    From: Bobby Sidharta
    Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 1:50 PM
    To: i-did-it@akltg.com
    Subject: I did It!!! “IAG Senior Jakarta (20-24 June 2009)”

    Hi, I’m Bobby Sidharta (16) from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    First of all, I want to THANK YOU for all the trainers, coaches and especially ADAM KHOO that really change my mindset and lifetyle.After having a GREAT CAMP, I feel really motivated to do everything, I started to talk to everybody, gaining confidence talking in public, respecting parents more, how to study effectively and enjoyed it, and how to LOVE MYSELF MORE.

    After the camp, I quickly do what The “Congratulations paper” say what must I do:

    When I read and revise the manual & notes, I regret that I didn’t make much notes that like everybody does, that’s my mistake, I DIDN’T PARTICIPATE 100% ON CAMP

    Then I Put Motivational Posters in My room, that makes me feel better. If I met something that discourages me or makes me depressed, I know that I keep FOCUS ON MY OUTCOME NO MATTER WHAT DISTRACTED ME AND HARRASING ME

    Next, I Complete My Goals and Life Path, that goals empowers me, my GOALS is BECOMING NASA TECHNICIAN, so, I’ll DO MY BEST to MAKES THE GOALS COME TRUE NO MATTER WHAT. And I started to realize that my family, my entire family supports me to the goal, that makes me very motivated and should do my best to make them proud of me

    Later, I did my Monthly Planner, whaen I did that, I achieve the BELIEFS if I DO WHAT I SCHEDULED, I WILL SUCCEED. If I DO EVEN BETTER THAN I SCHEDULED, I WILL SUCCEED EVEN MORE.


    Then, I did the weekly planner, with it, MY LIFE WILL BECOME MORE WELL-ORGANIZED.

    After That, I did the 10 Step study process, even now it’s only 3 steps for now, I will do everything that I must, because I want to SUCCEED




    From: sein htun
    Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 2:40 AM
    Subject: Re: Sein, What’s Different About The NEW Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires?
    To: Adam Khoo

    Dear Adam,
    I would like to thank you for your inspirational lecture given at Kepple Towers on Wed, Jul,09. I first discovered your book, “I am gifted, so are you”, while browsing books at the Popular bookshop. As I am a retired teacher from Myanmar, I liked the booked so much that I wanted to translate it into Burmese ( Myanmar) in the near future. Our students will love the memory enhancing techniques and mind mapping tips very much. I also like the Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires. Last year I attended your seminar at Amara hotel. This time I brought my wife ( also a teacher) along and she found the talk highly motivating.

    To your success
    U Sein Htun.

    From: Hock Seng Chiam
    Date: Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 3:07 AM
    Subject: Re: Hock, Profiting From The Panic… 7 Months Later
    To: Adam Khoo

    Hi Adam – thanks for the note.

    I have benefited a lot from your earlier book authored with Conrad titled “Secrets of Millionaire Investors”. With practical investing principles gleaned from the book and other external read-ups, since Oct 08, I have invested about $400K in both Singapore and US markets. I managed to buy numerous stocks, including blue chips, at very low prices. Based on today’s share prices, my paper and realized profts are around $300+K.

    I will secure a copy of your new book by tomorrow. Hopefully, it is available in any of the Popular Book stores. Looking forward to see whether are there any other good and under-valued stocks I have missed out, and also, on “how to exit from the markets” as mentioned by Conrad on TV.

    Many thanks to u and Conrad.

    Hock Seng.

    From: 陈惠恩Sevien
    Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:36:43 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Hi Adam..

    Dear Adam,
    I feel that we’re really gifted children for we were allowed to meet you in our Lives. Since the camp, I’m very open minded and do what ever it takes every time. I even did things that some of my friends who are the TOP 10 in the school refuse to do. I’m able to memorize lessons or my competitions’ speeches which are 2 A4 page full within 2 minutes by mind map. And in my last monthly test, I score 4/7 ‘100’s but I didn’t feel stressful at all. I remembered that there’s no failure but only learning experience. You’re the most amazing friend I have. I joint your camp 2 months ago, and I told the entire camp that I my outcome is to be the youngest astronaut all over the world. But Adam, what do you think about making A and B LIFE path? It’s not because I think that to be the youngest astronaut is too difficult, but it’s because of I must success so that I need to have a very detail LIFE plan.

    With Love,

    From: “Jimmy Eng”
    Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 12:27:36 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: I did it!

    Hi Adam Khoo

    I’m Jimmy from Prudential. I just attended the your 999 Secret to Unlocking Your Passion & Fire on 9/9/09.

    I had just fulfilled the 7-Day Success Conditioning Challenge. I want to tell you how amazing it is.
    The moment I just started using your 7-Day Challenge, magical things seems to start happening around me.
    I closed 3 cases total within this 7 Days.

    The strangest thing is thing around me just seem to go very smoothly, customer who reject me suddenly give me appointment. Even when I get scolding from my boss, I don’t feel anything negative about it and instead I feel glad to hear his scolding because I am able to hear, what I need to hear. I never feel this way before. It is strangely good and I don’t know why.

    I also put your picture into my wall paper and want to remind myself constantly. Thank you very much Adam. I feel I really gain a mountains of knowledge and tools from you. I hope to be the winner of Patterns of Excellence CD. If I can’t get it now, I’ll get it in the future when I make enough money to buy the Patterns of Excellence CD.

    Thank you very much for giving us a talk and teach us so much. Have a nice day and may all your wishes come true.

    Jimmy Eng
    Financial Consultant

    From: zhi jin ho
    Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 01:47:00 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Heartfelt thanks from Soul Thai Restaurant and Bistro

    Hi Adam,

    This is Jin, the Chief Operation Officer from Soul Thai Restaurant. Although you might not remember me but i graduated from WA and just want to say that your course filled me with the right money mindset and skills to achieve my millionaire dream. Although i am not there yet, the law of attraction brought me into this business and gave the opportunity of a lifetime to become an entrepreneur. Although this is my family business, i believe i am very fortunate to be given this chance as there are many things to learn eg: hiring and managing the right people plus thai chef, purchasing, kitchen and front crew

    If not for the right mindset i was taught, I could have become like many of my predecessors (ex Soul thai Managers/management people)whom could not last more than 1 month including my own uncle whom collapse under pressure from board of directors and poor biz sale revenue. I always believe in creating a harmonious system that can systematize and standardize the 3 key department in my restaurant(kitchen, purchasing and front crew). That as an entrepreneur, i should work on the biz and not in the biz. With your expertise and wide network of successful entrepreneurs, could you introduce or provide me resources on managing an food and bistro outlet? Currently i am working on systematizing 2 departments, purchasing and front crew. As Kitchen is a vital department to my uncles whom are my board of director, i face a great challenge in creating a system for the kitchen. Thankfully the current head chef is willing to cooperate with us, however there are other kitchen staff whom are creating conflict with my purchasing department and not following his instruction. Only time and numerous meeting(lolx) can tell whether is the kitchen willing to cooperate or just playing us around.

    I wish you had a enjoyable time at my family’s restaurant and massage centre on the 13/10/09, and i would like to have some feedback on the overall experience at the restaurant and massage centre. From a customer’s point of view, what are the areas you are pleased with and the areas where we could improve on?

    Your presence that night really spur me to keep moving forward although i have working 14 hours every day since i started on 19/9/09 and was starting to crack.
    Now, i am refilled with passion and energy that i should never let my family, my colleagues and the mentors in my life down and show to the world, starting from JB that AKLTG WA program made a difference in my life.

    Sadly, i could not get a photo taken with my idol. Please Forgive my forgetfulness and rudeness, cos I intended to treat you for the massage.
    Do let me know if you having another management retreat in JB or want to have another nice experience at Soul Thai Restaurant and Soul Asia Massage Centre.
    This time my treat.^^

    Thank you and have a great life ahead!

    Yours Trully,
    Ho Zhi Jin
    Chief Operation Officer
    Soul Thai Restaurant and bistro

    From: C
    Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 02:02:47 -0700 (PDT)
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Re: Congratulations POE Whoosh 29!!

    Dear Adam:

    Why certainly! Pls feel free to share my little feedback with others should it be helpful.

    I am sure many others have similar issues with their mothers – I noticed this during the many sharing moments by the participants where they spoke of being unable to handle their mothers.

    And if you do not mind, over time, may I pls send you more “progress reports” as I sincerely crave for a change in this relationship?

    My thanks again,

    Warmest regards,
    Charlotte Huang

    Russell Tan October 12 at 1:00pm
    Hi Adam Khoo, you have totally changed me! I was once student who did badly in my studies but after i watch you on the channelnewsasia you said one word that inspire me “I don’t want to be who I am today, I want to be better than who I am today” and you once did badly in studies too but in the end you succeed. So I went to buy your book “I am Gifted So Are You” and it motivates me thanks Adam Khoo.

    Hope to meet you one day.

    Remember to apporve me as your friend here.

    Regards. Russell Tan.

    From: Fidelis Priscella
    Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 02:49:24 -0800 (PST)
    To: Adam Khoo

    Hi Adam,i’m cella.i have sent you a message on facebook,but you didn’t reply.so I try to send you a message by email.so,I want to tell you,since you give me some advice and motivation to not give up at p.e lesson,I have move a lot.now in this junior high,even the same school,I get good score even I have 1 remedial in this first semester. I can score 85( the highest score ).when i’m in elementary I get many remedials.even no test I get 8!!!!

    I was making a target to score 9 in the next semester! About history,biology,economics, I get 100 and 90 and 95.I use to write with many colours to elp me memorize faster.I also use the super memory to memorize
    many things! Even I use speed reading to read fast at the mother tongue lessons.So I can feel the improvement.thx Adam! I hope you reply!

    From: monica wijaya
    Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 06:43:47 -0800 (PST)
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: I DID IT

    Hi Adam,

    I did it! in 2 weeks (exceeded the 1 week time limit target cos i am away for business trip).
    Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher! I attended both your WAT and POE classes in jkt this year and i must say that u teach WAY BETTER than my finance tutors back in the uni. Much easier to understand and much more applicable in real life.

    WAT and POE changed my thought life drastically! Even though i am by nature quite a planner, i never quite “plan” what I want to happen in 10-20 years.

    I did the 7 day mental diet and am much focused on the areas that i should focus in my life. Everything seems much clearer and easier and much more fun to work on! Your programs are so good that i have told many of my frens how i benefited from it…Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for everything!

    From: Daryl Lim
    Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 14:00:24 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Big Thank You

    Hi Adam,

    I attended your IAG camp from 30 Nov – 3 Dec 2009. It turned my life around 180 degrees, as I was an underachiever academically and personally I felt like that life sucks. I felt extremely motivated and learnt a lot from it, and set myself down to start taking actions for the journey of success, so Thank You with a capital T and Y. Although it is still the holidays and I have nothing much to work hard and achieve on, I am constantly reminding myself to maintain the high level of motivation in myself, and when the school term starts, give it my 100%. To ‘constantly remind’ myself, I put up the posters I bought from AKLTG on my study room walls. I am also reading your newest book, Secrets of Successful Teens. Though most of the book has been covered in the camp, I thought it would be a revision 3rd revision, at the same time learn extra stuff. Also, I am starting to commit myself to reading books on my new personal interests. That includes biographies, of both political and financial greats (Lee Kwan Yew, and the latest Men in White, Obama, Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins), and books on investment and economics. Recently I went to a Popular bookstore to find books to read and guess what? I was overwhelmed by the wide variety of interesting books, and of course, they cost a bomb altogether. I was wondering if the national libraries do offer these kind of books, and at which section I would be able to find them.

    Apart from reading books, I also want to commit myself to starting on a little academic studies for next year, though I have not even confirmed my subject combinations for 2010(i was last in cohord for sec 2, therefore I have been posted to the worst class and I am heavily trying to fight for appeal, and I am using the Ultimate Success Formula to succeed in that). I found language improvement assesment books at Popular as well, and it includes a mini dictionary of chinese idioms(cheng yu), and I am putting myself to learn 10 of them per day. For English Language(even though I am already quite good at it), I will be learning 10 new words per day also, like what you mentioned about the Thai lady you trained, who came here without any experience with English but graduated with First class honours degree in English. I was inspired by that. But I would like to know how that could be achieved. I would have already known many words in a common dictionary. Is there any dictionary or guidebook you know of that emphasizes mainly on advanced vocabulary?

    On time management, what you taught in IAG was to plan monthly and weekly planners. I am currently looking for a suitable organizer to record my planned kids activities. I tried bookstores but what they sell are mostly plain notepads. Can you suggest anywhere possible to get these kind of organizers? (Like the samples you provided at the back of IAG Manual)

    Lastly, I would like to share with you my personal goals in terms of academic results and future career path(like what you said, public commitment). Though I might be one of the few hundreds that email you everyday with their letter addressed to you, I hope you can take note of this individual’s goals so that when I achieve them I can share my success with you once more.

    Here goes;

    1. At least 5 A1s in all exams in 2010. (Secondary 3)

    2. At least 6A1s in 2011 MYE. (Sec 4 Mid Years)

    3. All 7 A1s for ‘O’ Levels, top student in school, 6 points – 2 CCA = 4 Points, enter Victoria Junior College.

    4. Top my JC in ‘A’ Levels and win Singapore Police Force Overseas Scholarship (SPFO).

    5. Join Officer Cadet School in SPF – National Service. (Required for SPFO)

    6. Enter Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) after National Service. (With the scholarship)

    7. Acquire First Class Honours Degree in MIT.

    8. Acquire MBA while entering the SPF. (With SPFO)

    9. Strive hard and acquire rank of Commissioner of Police in SPF, 20 years down the road. (Maybe taking my PhD along the way)

    10. Be a multi-millionaire just like you by earning a passive income while maintaining main job as Commissioner of Police. (Investing in stocks, real estate, start an internet business.)

    11. And when I have achieved more or less of these goals, I will write a best-selling autobiography of my success and life. And perhaps even join hands with you and write another best-seller on motivational topics and NLP!

    Thanks a million if you managed to read until here despite how boring my letter might be.(Not that I have low self-esteem…)
    But no matter what, I want to thank you once again for everything. 😀

    Best Regards,
    Daryl Lim, future Commissioner of Police

    —— Forwarded Message
    From: 陈惠恩Sevien
    Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 20:41:42 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Hey Adam..

    Dear Adam,
    I won a speech competition in the University Of North Sumatra 2 weeks ago. I was so glad at first, but then when my senior told me that I had a great public-speaking skill and asked me how I could do that, it reminded me on akltg, it reminded me on you, it reminded on my couch and it reminded me on Muhd. Amin, our muddy friend who taught me and my friends those dynamic public-speaking techniques in the graduates gathering session. Well, I could hardly sleep that night, thinking of the entire akltg who had been the best friend and had empowered my life, which really changed me and the camp which had been the warmest home I have ever had. My tears went out about an hour. Wondering when and where the entire camp will be able to gather together. Then I remembered what you had told us. A master can be a great master only if he is able to guidance students who can be better than he did. Then I knew that over all, the only thing which I can do to refund all your support and to make akltg proud is to success in my Life and Study. Brighter future are there waiting for me. Adam, thank you for being my best friend and supporting me..you have been an inspiration for me in the every second of my life. Thank you. I’m going to succeed, Adam. I can do it!


    From: Teo Yang Jiew
    Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 21:19:43 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Good News

    Dear Adam,

    Hi, it’s a little too late to wish you a merry christmas but I do hope you’ll have a wonderful new year. I just got my PMR results last Thursday and I want to share the good news with you. I got my first straight A in my high school life and it was for one of the major exams in my life. I know you always receive e-mails or letters like this telling you that they used your methods and score great results. However, I am probably the first one to inform you that I have my own ways of studying. I did used your methods like the mind map but I also add in a little twist of my own flavours and they worked great!

    Adam, this is one of the highlights of my life. I don’t mean to brag but I’m just so proud of myself. I worked really hard the whole year and it paid off. I was even second guessing myself a few minutes before I stepped up on the stage to receive my results. I’m not one of the students who are very stable. I am the kind who needs to work their ass off to get what they want. Like in swimming(I’m a state swimmer), I am always the underdog, not many will expect me to perform as well as the others my age. I here standing tall telling you that I’m a fighter, I will not go down easily without a fight.

    Also, I’m probably the 1st and youngest family member of my entire family to get straight A. My family I mean the Teo family(my family name is Teo). My father is the youngest of 10 children. Therefore I am also the youngest among my siblings and cousins. I am sure that none of them had score as well as I did. Oh god I’m bragging again, forgive me for that. I am really really proud of myself, from the bottom of my heart. I know my parents are really proud of me too and I thank you for your course that helped me gained confidence. Thank you for your time to read this e-mail, I really appreciate it.

    Yours truly,

    Yang Jiew

    I Am Gifted Programme Malaysia 2008 graduate.

    From: tan william
    Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 18:30:54 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: RE: Your Posting

    Thanks so much for your attention. Your email updates enables us to act or make decisions immediately. At the same time, we also check on your investment updates on your website.

    We have been truly blessed by attending your wealth academy seminar last year and are grateful that you share with us whenever you buy or sell anything.

    It is because of your sharing that we did not miss out on this bull run. We have the confidence to put our money in stocks again after losing so much money and it attending your seminar was timely. At this time, am sure that there are many investors who get into the market and made money without any understanding on the stocks and chased the stocks higher and higher. We have bought many blue chips last year and are still holding them. Putting money in FD only gives us less than 1% interest but some stocks have a dividend yield as much as 5 – 8%. So we are actually losing money without knowing it if we stay uninvested.

    Many thanks.

    Best regards.

    William and Sharon

    From: wen jie
    Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 12:28 AM
    To: info@akltg.com
    Subject: RE: Thank You

    Hi Adam,

    I am a Wenjie, an 18-year-old student who just finished my A levels. In 2007, I attended the ‘I am Gifted’ Programme in my secondary school Chung Cheng High School(Main). The 3-day programme was a real eye opener for me and it totally changed my perspective of life and the way i carry out my daily tasks. Though the programme focused mainly on studying techniques, the emotional handling skills helped me the most by regulating my feelings and also my thoughts. Thereafter, i managed to obtain 8 points/ straight distinctions for my O levels, and also obtained a scholarship in my JC, Meridian Junior College.

    I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the trainers, special thanks to Amin and Leroy. They have brought to me valuable lessons about life and i am sure these lessons will bring me far in the near future.

    Though this thank you comes abit too late, i hope that my gratitude is conveyed, and if it is possible, i would like to join akltg as a volunteer or a staff, allowing me to share my tiny bit of success and also learn more.

    Lastly, thank you so much for touching my life and the lives of many others and also teaching me skills that will indeed contribute to my success in the future.



    From: sm_vivi
    Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 12:46:12
    To: Adam Khoo email
    Subject: IMG00150-20100202-2134.jpg

    Dear Adam,

    I’d like to send my gratitude for Vanessa has shown her improvement after the “I am gifted” camp.

    She is very motivated to study using the strategy you share and she has shown her effort to be a better person in life, either study or relationship. I’m so amazed she has stronger belief and so BIG dream for a
    scholarship in Singapore (we went to an education gifted expo last week, they told us even paying is very difficult to enter public school workshop in Singapore), so I felt so doubtful that day… But Vanessa said to me, “Mommy, I only want to study in Singapore if I can get the scholarship. I will work hard to achieve the scholarship. I’m sure scholarship will be easier to achieve than paying.” Wow… !!

    I remember your messages at graduation day at Horison Bandung, we must have goals, even if we can not achieve, it will make us improve. “Success is moving towards the goals”.

    Please find a thank you card she sent me a few days ago, when her birthday. It’s very proud to read and share this letter to you.

    Thank you very much, Adam and all the coaches and ibu Susan for the opportunity to help my daughter grow.

    Vivi – Vanessa’s mother
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    powered by Sinyal Kuat INDOSAT

    From: Reinaldo Lopez
    Date: Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 7:15 PM
    Subject: Re: Reinaldo, Have Somthing To Say About Our Products?
    To: Adam Khoo

    Hi Adam,

    I would like to share some of my experience after I started to read your books.

    Firstly, I should mention that I was introduce to your books by a friend who went to work in KL for 6 month.

    We used to talk about the fact that we wanted to change our lifes and become self made millionaires. Unfortunately, after reading some books we realized there was not a book which provide us with techniques and well defined way forwards to start our way. Then thankfully she made her trip to KL and everything started to change!

    Initially I thought your book was going to be like any other book, so I was not expecting too much. Although, since I started reading your books, I have changed not only my mindset but my fiancée (at the time), my habits and I believe this is the right way to go.

    My fiancee and myself used to live from pay check to pay check and used to have debts in our credit cards. I think your books came in the right moment!

    We got married in September 2009 and we paid for all the arrangements without using loans at all. On top of that, we have managed to clear almost all of our credit cards (just one to go but should be cleared next month) and we have also started our way into the investment world.

    Looking back, I think I have changed so much, being in debt is not longer of my interest and nowdays I spend plenty of my time reading about companies, trying to understand more and more about finances, companies financials, making value investing analisys, following trends, reading news, etc.

    Is still early days for me but as explained before I have benefitted so much from your books. I would suggest people to give your books a try because they are worth!

    Best regards


    From: KuRaMa Of Death
    Sent: Thursday, 18 February, 2010 8:29 PM
    To: I-did-it@akltg.com
    Subject: Surabaya IAG 27-30 december 2009

    Dear Adam Khoo

    My name is Fahreza Okta and I join this camp at 27-30 december 2009.I want to tell you about my story before I join this camp.. Before I join this camp,I am very lazy for study and always play game every day.I don’t care about my goal and I never thinking about that.In school,I’ve never had a place in top 10 rank.
    But after I join this camp and learn a lot of things,I feel become different person.I study diligently and know the time to play game and I make my own goal for the future life and I always thinking about that in my head.

    You know what….In school,I’ve had top 10 rank for the first time.I feel very happy and I will get the 1st place before I graduate from my school..
    I think that enough for me..

    Thank you very much Adam Khoo..

    —— Forwarded Message
    From: Wei Ping Leong
    Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 22:21:33 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Re: Hi

    Hi Adam,

    It’s been a while since I last wrote to you. I just want to let you know that my baby boy was born on 24th Dec 2 months ago and is growing up healthy and strong now. it’s been almost 2 yrs that my wife suffered the miscarriage which i have almost forgotten to remember. Things had been tough initially but it actually spurred me to move on to our life.

    Both of us get closer and we spend more time together where i start to care more about her feeling.
    As what you said, seeing and playing with my baby now has simply allowed me to forget about the past and plan towards the future. I always remember what you said. But whatever happened in the past will allow me to appreciate my family members more.

    2009 has been a great year for me. Using all the NLP techniques i initially acquired from POE, i have earned more than RM 350,000 in 2009 with another USD 100,000 from trading and investing. I just want to say thank you for being such an inspirational figure to me and it’s POE that make me who i am today. I’m starting my trading floor very soon and i believe everything will get smoother when it is in place.

    I just want to say thank you and I’ll be going for a 2 weeks Europe tour with my wife next Monday as a reward to her for giving me a baby boy which i always wanted to have. For all the hard work i’ve gone
    through in 2009, i actually rewarded myself with a Condominium that worth RM 800,000 in the heart of city centre in Kota Kinabalu. I really like KK and that’s why i bought a unit there. And also, i’m getting another semi d in KL tomorrow, for the family.

    Without attending POE and without all the skills i acquired from you, Stuart and Pete, I wonder whether i can achieve all these by myself. So, I just want to say thank you once again.

    Oh ya, by the way, happy new year to you and send my regards to Sally. It’s been a long a long time since i last saw and talked to her.

    I wish you all the best for 2010 and see you at the top!

    Wei Ping, LEONG

    From: Ammar Khan khan
    Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 16:34:03 +0800
    To: I-did-it
    Subject: SingaporeIAG 18 March-21 March 2010

    Dear Adam,Gary,Leroy and Andrea,

    I would like to thank all of you for teaching me how to be a better student. And give me some stratergies to learn example: Speed Reading and Super Memory. I hope and will really be thankful to you if you could just tell my DEAREST COACH, LiFen toooo. I would like you to send me her e-mail and inform her about this e-mail. I am readily interested to be a coach too.

    I am very happy that i have come for this camp. I learn many important things about FAMILY and MYSELF. Like for example the most important person in my life is myself and only me. I really really love you guyz for teaching me about all this and i think i am already benefitting from this camp. I would like to thank you all for all the support you have given especially coach LiFen and ofcourse Andrea,Adam,Leroy and Gary. I am thankful to you guyz for making me laugh and also at the same time make me learn happily and effectively with all your heart. I am promising you guyz that one day you will see me, a young man named AMMAR KHAN being even MORE SUCCESSFUL then all of you and acheiving my goals. And I’ll be having the most happiest and LOVINGfamily you will ever see. I PROMISE YOU

    I would like to say finally that I REALLY LOVE ALL OF YOU. and THANK YOU!!!!!


    From: Andriy Azarkh
    Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 22:27:39 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: 36-Hour Action Plan

    Dear Adam,

    When I woke up today, I did several things.
    I cleaned up my desk and room which is near almost a mess. I did this so I can have a better learning environment and so I can put the skills I have learned in Workshop to use.
    Later, when my mum had a headache, I decided to help around the house and help with my baby brother, to give my mum a chance to rest. I am going to prove to my mum that I am the most helpful son ever!
    At the end of the day (about 20 minutes before I wrote this), I filled in this month on my monthly planner, so I could organize my life more. I have never done such a thing in my entire life.

    I also have a question about the 36-Hour Action Plan.
    Shouldn’t it be the “As-Soon-As-You-Wake-Up Action Plan”, because if the person knows they have 36 hours to write the E-mail, they will tend to procrastinate. Or is it supposed to be like that, so the students can learn to overcome procrastination?
    Thanks Adam, I the IAG program.

    Andriy Azarkh

    —— Forwarded Message
    From: Jessica Tsang
    Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 23:53:08 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo

    Dear Adam,

    I have completed my study planner and monthly planner=)
    i did it on paper though…thats alright right?Even though you cant see it from here
    but well it is my monthly and study planner=)and i know that its suppose to help me
    and yeah i did it to help myself=)haha i really dont want to crash and burn
    decided to finally help myself and not be lazy=)))

    yeah i kind of forgot the format im suppose to write this email to you in but
    i would like to tell you that during this course, you have actually taught me
    all the things i wanted to learn from this camp, yet it was done in a fun and exciting manner=)
    I find it really awesome to know that no matter how tired you are at the end of each day
    its because of your mindset that makes you feel energized
    all you need is to motivate yourself and believe you can achieve your goal and
    do whatever it takes to reach that goal=)

    I thank you for showing me the importance of loving myself and my family=)
    it really helps a lot=)

    Yeah sorry if you heard whatever i just typed a million times already because i know you have have trained many people=/
    but this is really how i feel=)haha be happy you have helped yet another person=)
    and i do know that now i have to help myself=)

    continue to work hard and succeed in life,

    From: Patoriku Yoshikuni
    Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 00:26:29 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: 7 Days mental diet

    Dear Adam!

    Thank you very much for the wonderful time during POE!You never stop motivating me!The 3 days in POE have changed alot of my thinking and attitude towards life!Let me share with you some of the changes i have made for the past few weeks :

    1) During my coaching in music, i begin to use the NLP i have learnt and use it to motivate my students!I input alot of positive thinking into them and the results were very responsive.As music competition is drawing near,most of the students were demoralise and lack of confident!I manage to encourage them with positive words and high energy body languages in building rapport with them.They got energised in just minutes and even the teacher in charge was impressed by my speech!One of my students even came to me and say: “Teacher,you really good in encouraging people.We are motivated again!Thank you!”
    When i hear that..It was AWESOME and i know that this is the results from POE.

    2) I manage to accomplish alot of the things i decide to do in a day by telling myself the things needed to be done the moment i wake up!I start to use this method thanks to your story about your wife getting up and starting doing all the things she need to do.It WORKS!!

    3)I have finish my 7 days diet after few weeks as it is really difficult for me at first.However,when i start to think positively,things around me really seems to be more positive and smoother than b4.Its just get better and better each day till i finally acommplished the 7 day diet.One thing that pushes me along is that,when i become positive, i could affect the people around me and make them positive too.I truly believe in we attracts what we focus!!Even after these 7 days, i know that there are still many obstacles waiting for me ahead.I will keep on doing this 7 days diet to adjust my emotion everytime i feel down.

    There are just some little changes i made but they actually made a big difference.I have signed up for the MODULE 2!See you there!Cheers!: )

    Best regards,
    Patrick Ngo

    From: Thomas HANDOJO
    Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 20:36:32 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Milton Model

    Hello Adam,

    I would like to thank you again for the POE mod II experience. It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

    There is a question I would like to ask you about Milton model. In the last few days, I have been practicing Milton model by generating empowering sentences. And what I discovered is that I am smiling to myself a lot more than usual, sometimes to an extent that cause my colleagues to wonder what I was smiling about. Is this a common phenomena?

    Here are the examples of the sentences I generated:
    – As I see the trees waiving at me, I can feel myself waiving goodbye to my old self ( Cause & effect )

    – The fact that I come into the office on time only means that I will complete my work in a blink of an eye ( Complex equivalent )

    – I know you are fully committed to complete your project in time ( mind read )

    – For me to be happy, I just need to choose to be happy ( cause & effect )

    Best regards,

    From: pamela yeh
    Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 12:39:53 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: thank you!

    hello adam :DD

    just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such an awesome trainer throughout the camp…
    you really made me understand a lot of stuff and are such an inspiration (:
    your story really made me appreciate everything i have and motivated me to strive for the best! haha
    although i came for the camp before, this time, it seemed more meaningful and FUN.
    so just wanted to say thank you so much! and good job for everything!

    IAG Senior, 5-8june 2010

    From: Ruslan Lipri
    Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 12:48:22 +0800 (SGT)
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: I did it

    Dear Mr. Khoo

    Thank you for such a good programme you have given us. I got a lot of new perspective from you.

    Before, I have a communication problem with my mother. When the programme was held, she was likely to come to Jakarta. But I myself didn’t feel like her coming. Actually she often came to visit us, but everytime she came, we always had something to argue, because we had different opinion about many things, and we hurted one another.

    I talked to Mr. Stuart Tan about my problem, and he gave me many new point of view regarding this. And I also got a lot from you.

    Therefore, after I finished the programme, I asked my mom to visit us happily. In the meantime, I did the 7 day mental diet. I changed what I thought about her. I changed the way I talked to her, even when I disagreed with her. I controlled my emotion better, I think. And I did it. One week passed by, and we can live together peacefully. One thing that has not happened before. Thank you.

    I committed myself to write to you after my mom went home to Borneo, but I failed to do it. Sorry for postponing it.

    Anyway, thank you very much. It makes me become a better person.

    God bless you and your family.

    Yours sincerely

    From: Monika Manuela
    Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 14:52:43 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo

    Hi Adam,

    My name is Monika, I come from Indonesia. I attended IAG Junior Camp on Desember 2009. I want to say thanks to you, for all of the skills that you have taught to me. This year, I graduate from Elementary School. I am the first rank among all of the 6th graders at my school. Thank you so much Adam 🙂


    From: Emili Nirmala
    Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 14:35:25 +0000
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Hi, Adam!

    Dear Adam,

    My name is Emili (Saint Ursula High School, Jakarta) and I went to your coaching program (I’m Gifted Camp – Senior) on December last year in Jakarta.

    That time, I was a “nobody”. I believed so little in me, and I barely had the confidence yet the idea of the importance of “show up”. I thought that chances would come at times, but now I know I was wrong.

    Your camp really opened my eyes. I started to make a vision of me in the future, of who I really am and of who I want to be. All of the sudden, I got my motivation back. I had more reasons to live.

    My goal is to go to UC Berkeley then I want to be a banker.

    You know what the amazing thing is?? I am moving smoothly towards my goal. I graduated the 11th grade with great scores (oh, and I’m entitled as rank 1). That is so amazing, I can hardly believe it because during the 10th grade, I barely on the top 10. Also, by the end of August 2010, I’ll be on my way to America to study at Greenriver College for about 2 years, then I’m planning to continue my study at UC Berkeley for about another 2 years.

    I know that my journey still at the start point, but the direction already headed towards my goals, and I’m going to DO MY BEST to achieve it.

    At last, I thank you and all of other trainers for the materials taught to me. The super memory techniques increase my skill in memorizing, also the speed read. Thank’s for your kind attention. Hope everything goes well for you as well. ;D
    GBU & wish me luck! ^^

    Best Regards,
    Emili Nirmala

    From: Daniel Soh
    Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 22:19:12 +0800 (SGT)
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: thanks

    i attended your camp during the june holiday camp. i got 6th in the bowling championship and the only p5 in the top ten the rest were p6.plus i did not practice for one week. i visualised and set a goal to be the champion. my 2nd game was a learning expereince but i have achieved success. my goal is to be a national bowler by 18. i also want to be a lawyer. my shool is acsp and imygal is to go to acsi.

    daniel soh

    From: Monika Manuela
    Date: Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 4:10 PM
    Subject: Thank You ^^
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Hi Adam,

    My name is Monika, I come from Indonesia. I attended IAG Junior Camp on Desember 2009. I want to say thanks to you, for all of the skills that you have taught to me. This year, I graduate from Elementary School. I am the first rank among all of the 6th graders at my school, score straight A’s for my final exam, and I got the highest score for science, computer, english, and religion. Thank you so much Adam 🙂



    From: alien lim
    Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 02:58:23 +0000
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Testimony

    ??Hi Cik ALien, I would like to thank you, Adam Khoo & the team, because of
    “I’m Gifted” program have inspired my children;
    my daughter Emili Nirmala has achieved her target, she became more self
    esteem, she got 1st rank at school St.Ursula, selected as a Music Director
    of SANUR FM and Won 1st prize on the music competition at students school.
    We are so proud of her.
    Emili is going to USA by the end Aug 2010 to continue her high school and
    joint college and uni , we would like to equip her more by joining current
    TeenAgers Leadership Youth Camp 1-3 July, hope that Gary Lee and Gerald Lee the coach can
    touched & inspired Emili’s & the other student’s live.
    My son Kevin Kurniawan has succeed finish his junior high school (SMP) with
    highest score on English Subject at UAN ( National Exams ) and high score on
    all subjects. We are so proud of him and we will send Kevin for next TLC
    Thanks again to all of you. God Bless

    From: Jessie Koh
    Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 15:10:10 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Re: CONGRATULATIONS POE Whoosh 32!!

    Dear Adam,

    Thanks for your email. Indeed, the 4 ‘stretched days’ were the most fulfilling part of my life experiences.

    3 cheers to you for making a difference in lives of others, especially when we are going through rough patches.

    Once again, thanks for touching that moment and allowing me to re-discover myself. The feeling is extremely great.

    Yes, am diligently working on the points as mentioned below.

    Hereby, wishing you, your loved ones and your company many more successful and fulfilling years.


    Jessie Koh

    From: Daphne Tan
    Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 00:52:53 +0000
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Thank you Adam

    Hi Adam,

    Good morning.

    My name is Daphne from Whoosh 32. I want to thank you for your dynamic and informative presentation for the Patterns of Excellence Program on 1st July 2010 and the Preview of Wealth Academy. The return of investment of going to your program is truly infinite! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your peak performance and investment philosophy. I admire your “talk the walk” example and I’m sure it has inspired and benefited many others who have participated in the program. POE not only provided me with an unforgettable life experience but prepared me for wonderful future, even challenges as well. I am doing membership marketing and business promotions now, however 2 years before I was converted from being a temporary to permanent staff, I was not sure what experience am I expecting from the society, or if I should continue my studies, I and I benefited from your program as it has helped me with feeling more powerful and more in control.

    I felt your passion and commitment in that you truly want to see your readers or audience benefitting from the knowledge that you have shared with them. I can see that your sincerity will be felt by the people you like to explore with and attract people to your cause and AKLTG to be successfully penetrated all over the world! Your commitment to training and development will ensure that AKLTG do well in global markets.

    Last but not least, I have also completed my 7 days mental diet whooooooosh!!

    Thank you once again for the opportuntity given to attend your outstanding program.

    To your success,

    From: Karen Tan
    Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 15:52:47 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: 7-Day Mental Diet Challenge (Karen)

    Hey Adam and Leeroy!

    How are you? I am Karen here, from Woosh 33.
    It’s finally my turn to complete the 7-Day Mental Diet Challenge! I can’t believe that it actually took me about a month to do this. I feel satisfied to complete this and it really makes me happy. I learnt that even a small thing like this can never be accomplished if it is never a MUST to me! Hence my goals in life are nothing but a MUST for me to attain it now.
    Adam, I really want to thank you! Really thanks for holding all these seminars to share your experience and writing books, blog or websites to share your knowledge. It may have take me life or never to have come across all these if not through your generous sharing. I must admit that your books are one of the most engaging and comprehensive books that I have read. I really look forward to the new books that you are going to launch and I will apply these skills that I have learnt and those that I am going to learn for sure!
    At the same time, I would also like to thank Leeroy! Thanks for your guidance and advices too. I have learnt and realised a lot from just a simple advice of yours. And I really appreciate the stories or experiences that you have shared with us. I will remember all these and use all these knowledge to continue improving and exploring my life.
    Hmmm… If I have any challenges in life, is it appropriate for me to enquire through this email again? Haha. Hope to see you guys soon! 😀

    Yours Sincerely,
    Karen Tan

    From: thomj
    Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 11:44:44 +0700
    Subject: 7 Day mental diet chalenge report ( PoE-J06 )

    Hi Adam,

    First of all I would like to thank you that I have a chance attending your PoE program together with Sampono, my business partner, a very unique program n the most inspiring both of us.. You and Stuart had given me so many tools as I felt 24 hours is not enough to practice day n night. As You remind me to take action in small thing first before doing the big one, The 7 day mental diet chalenge + success creed program is a good starting booster to make me more energize every day, more focus about planning and strategy. I already finish this chalenge and still continue to do it. Now I realize that it is true there is no failure, mistake is not created by others, there is only feedback of what I have done before, Life is not just a gift but for me also like a game, sometime win sometime loose..It’s no use to blame the the situation, I have to take control of my life. I feel my Tiger’s eye is back and the challenge is how to keep it in my mind-my heart till the end of my life.. And The most Happiest thing I should tell to you is that from the day after completing the PoE, many prospect call at my office up to now. Its amazing, LoA just begin. I already change the 7 day mental diet challenge to daily mental diet challenge and also the success creed. That is my short report from me.

    Thomas Tirtajaya

    From: vintabdh
    Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 03:23:42 +0000
    Subject: 7 days mental diet

    Hi adam, how are u? Thank you for coaching me during “patterns of excellence” seminar has brought a lot of benefit to my self, especially to know what is my main important value in life which is a family. I done my mental diet, and my goal is to have a family, love my kids and husband, and be responsible with my kids future in education. And I’m a happy, loveable, caring and understanding person (this is a new image of me that I want to change). And therefore, I have to open my heart and start to build a relationship with man. This is the result, now I started to build a nice relationship with a man, which I already have an eye for him, for more than year with out do anything, his giving me a good feedback, hope this will be a further & lasting long relationship that I have. Thank you so much for everything.

    Best regards,
    vinta yarpiyatina

    From: Yohanes Sampono
    To: adam@akltg.com
    Sent: Mon, October 11, 2010 7:54:49 PM
    Subject: 1st day after POE program

    Hi Adam, how r u? Hope u’re always feeling great.
    I can wait for 7 days or until I come home to write u this email. As heavy traffic jam in Jkt right now so I can write u this email 🙂 (Don’t worry I’m with my driver)

    I just come back from my client & got a deal worth about USD 38,000 in store renovation after several MONTHS of presentation & negotiation. This India client is very though (you know what I meant right?) So the last 2 month I lost my motivation to get this project. I told them that better they find another interior designer & contractor for this, but they angry then because they also spend a lot of time to negotiate only with me after eliminate other candidate several month before.

    But today I meet them with a lot of motivation & passion. So I can give them best answers & advises for the design & assure them that I already give the best price so we both agree with the amount a little bit lower from my quotation.

    I feel great & very happy right now & thank to God not because I got the project, BUT because I’m doing my job with more passion & feel becoming better in doing my job.

    Again I’d like to thank you for the program & your sharings. Hope that my sharing can support you more in doing your mission.

    God bless you Adam,
    Yohanes Sampono

    From: urmila
    Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 15:39:46 +0700
    Subject: My 7 Day Mental Diet Challenge, I Did it!!! Yeah!!!

    Dear Mr Adam,

    Yes i have commited and completed the 7-Day Mental Diet Challenge. I
    can’t thank you enough for helping me come this far. I feel like a
    whole new person. Ofcourse its not possible to change that quick you
    may say, but you wont beleive this, as you come and literally haunt
    me. I have a little Adam figure inside my head and you just point your
    finger at me and tell me “Are you going to waiste my time then you are
    going back to be in your comfort zone” “Make sense isn’t it”. And then
    you vanish…wow isn’t it, you have really impacted me in a big way. I
    can hear Mr Stuart’s voice when i want to induldge in my cravings. I
    can’t still have a piece of cake so the good news is I have lost 2 kg
    already. Because of reading my mission everyday i do not allow myself
    to procrastinate and think negative thoughts. In the office i have
    changed totally from being a person who is so sensitive to a person
    who can take in any sort of insensitive talks by my peers. For the
    first time, I have a good rapport with my husband. I have started
    listening and asking for his consent, that way I do not just assume
    and think too much negatively. My husband’s positive reaction towards
    me is, we have gone out for a date for a movie. I am really amazed
    that all this positive energy and having a different strategy really
    helps. I have kepth a strict schedule to have quality time with my
    children especially regarding their education. I am able to help my
    children in their homework in a fun method. The inspirational songs
    from the movie “Rocky” has really helped. My children’s mood has
    changed towards studies. They feel excited in the study room with all
    this positive energy.

    I have declared that both of you, Mr Adam and Mr Stuart are my angels
    who have come to save me and push me towards my destiny. I know i
    should not put off the fire and keep going on. So I promise to stay
    hungry and foolish, to carry on my mission in my life. Mr Adam, I
    think you are doing a great job, please continue to enlightened people
    like i was and switch on our inner mission goals.

    I have just today enrolled my son S.Kumararajan for the senior, I am
    gifted program. Hopefully he gets the power and energy i have seen you
    got. My son is very similar to what situation you were but as a mother
    i can never give up hope. As a teacher i have been very supportive and
    motivating. I dont know what happen. I am so sad how i can do this to
    my son. His light has gone there is no shine in it like before. I just
    want him to enjoy the camp and to do his best.
    I know i dont expect miracles but i just want my son to believe in
    himself. I know you must have heard a thousand pleas but please help
    me to help my son. I will do anything and everything for him. It’s
    because of my husband and myself, we have too much of differences and
    that has cause my son a lot of pain. I am changing myself now for my
    family. Thank you are two little words but they have a great meaning.

    With warm regards
    B.Urmila Rao

    From: nataliasilvi
    Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 09:53:02 +0000
    To: Adam Khoo email
    Subject: 7 days diet

    Dear Adam,

    I did it !!!!
    Thank you very much Adam. I feel so great to do the 7 days diet.

    Clearer goals I want to achieve. Confirming mission statements and
    memorizing the Success Creed.

    There’re lots of things to do… Plan, strategy, action… Reaffirming the
    belief, values that synergy to my goals.

    “I move in the direction of my thoughts. Whatever I can conceive and
    believe, I can achieve. I focus on my goals and take action constantly. If
    it is possible for others, it is possible for me, it is only a question of
    strategy. I will do whatever it takes to succeed. Any good things that I can
    do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now and
    not defer it, for I will never pass this way again.”

    Thank you very much for everything.

    Now I’m very motivated and happy for my relationship and life… Clap!
    Energize!! Yes!!!

    It’s a wonderful life, so beautiful…

    Awesome regards,








    From: Isaac Chan
    Date: 2010/10/31
    Subject: Enquiry about wealth management
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Hi Adam,

    I was a graduate of IAG 2005 (june). Happy to say that the programme helped me from being a struggling sec 3 student to a straight A student in JC. I will be going to study medicine in the UK next year. The thing that I took back (even after all these years) was not the study techniques you and the other trainers taught, but rather, it was the motivational part, about how we should study for success, for ourselves, for our parents who put so much effort into us.

    So I’d like to say a big thank you!

    Recently, with my parents as my guarantor, I have a securities account with one of the big brokerage firms.
    I was blessed enough to be able to get a small part of the few IPO’s that recently listed, and earned a few hundred dollars (without any knowledge!).

    From my NS allowance and teaching tuition, I’ve amassed about $10,000 that I will be able to invest, and I’m not exactly content with the 0.125% in DBS. However I know that ignorance is dangerous in the stock market and I’d like to get educated, especially since I will be VERY free after i ORD (even now, I’m pretty free) with 11 months to go before University.

    Which of your books (or other people’s books) would you recommend? Also, any seminars conducted by AKLTG you’d recommend? Also, is there a discount if i buy from your office?

    Appreciate your reply!


    Isaac Chan

    From: Raymond Chin
    Date: Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:13 PM
    Subject: Thanks
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    I have forgotten which camp i attended but thanks.

    I used all the formulas and techniques the camp have taught me and heres my

    PSLE result.

    English : A
    Mathematics : A*
    Chinese: : A*
    Science : A*
    H.Chinese : Merit

    Aggregate: 254

    And also help me thank 3 of your trainers

    Pearlyn, Denise and Linda

    Thank you!
    Raymond Chin Fu Rui

    From: Ann Lee
    Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 23:26:12 +0800
    Subject: Good News

    Hi Webster, Danny and Adam,

    Happy New year and I hope all of you are doing great in many years to come.

    I am Ann Lee, Mum of Shane Quek and Gavin Quek from Johor Bahru would
    like to share 2 good news with you all.

    Shane attended Superkid and IAG since standard 3 and 4 respectively.
    The both courses had help him tremendously therefore he scored
    straight 7A for his PMR national exam, now he is in Form 4.
    Gavin, younger brother of Shane also sent for Superkid and IAG since
    standard 4 & 5. He scored straigt 5A for his UPSR which is equivalent
    to PSLE in Singapore syallabus.

    Thanks for all your great help.

    What Shane needs now is to attend the coaching session so that he
    could expose himself to step out as he is quite shy and not so
    approachable. i tried to arrange for the past 2 years however due to
    quite distance from JB to KL therefore always skipped.

    Hope we could work together to realise this. Perhaps you could
    suggest what is the next course is possibly required for him to
    strengthen his mindset as currently friend is NO1. and he needs to
    learn more about self orginising and make priority in his life.

    Ann Lee

    From: Cara Yin
    Date: 2011/1/10
    Subject: IAG 2010-SCGS
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Dear Adam,

    Thanks for all the help you’ve given me through the I Am Gifted, So Are You course! I really enjoyed my time there (so much so that i went twice!), it helped me to push my limits and helped hone my focus on my studies. Thanks to the study principles you taught us, i managed to pull my grades up from having 21 points in the prelims to 8 points in the O Levels exam with 4 A1s, 2 A2s 1 B3 and a B4. I’d like to thank you, the trainers and especially the coaches who believed in me and kept encouraging me! I never expected to get 8 points (even though i’d hoped) , but the course you held at our school in 2010 helped in boosting up moral and the inspiration to succeed, the memory tips also helped a lot in my humanities. So, basically, thanks for all the help and encouragement you’ve given me though this programme! It was fun! 😀


    From: Ishak
    Sent: Friday, 14 January, 2011 10:34 AM
    To: info@akltg.com
    Subject: Jailbird

    Hi Mr Adam Khoo

    First and foremost a heartfelt thank to you for your MASTER YOUR MIND DESIGN YOUR DESTINY book. Very straightforward I’m only if a PSLE educational level, I’m not a good readers and of cost my English and grammars it not so good. Hopefully you could understand what I’m going to share with you..It has been so long that I take an effort to write in to you. Mr Adam Khoo …My name is Ishak Bin Abdul Aziz, I’m 46 years old, I’ve been in and out from DRC and Prison for more than 14 times. I know precisely something is not right in me, after release from Prison; I’ll come back to my old self and coming back to Prison again and again. This keeps going on for more than 20 years. My last sentence was six years solid CT (Corrective Training) only a hardcore prisoner will have to serve this kind of sentence.

    Mr Adam, truthfully from bottom of my heart..I do really appreciate and a special thank to you that you had delivered a precious massage thru your book MASTER YOUR MIND DESIGN YOUR DETINY.It really change my perception and burnt out my spirit to be a successful person. Although I’m just release from Prison but I got the confident and I can visualizes my future..Now I leave with Mission and Vision plus Goal. I set my goal with deadline, I did practice NLP, mind mapping, brain power I can feel that I’m growing although I understand only 60% of the book that I’ve read ( I call it the Formula). I know if this formula works for me, and it do better to others especially with those inmates (Prisoners) so call friends of mine.

    Mr Adam Khoo, a little about myself. After released on 23/10/10 I sit for my driving lesson, now I already passed my final theory test and on my practical lesson, maybe somewhere month of February I sit for the TP test. Currently I’m working with HSR property as Admin Executive cum Tele-marketing. Now I know my talent. I know tele- marketing is my strength; I’m going to move on and polish this skill so that it could shine to my brighter future. Despite to all this, I also participate in marathon run. Last year 21 Nov 2010, I joint (Run for Hope) 10km with 52mins.My next marathon will be Safari Zoo run 8km on 12th Feb 2011. I did practice my run 1 week 3 to 4 times. I joining marathon is to test my endurance. That about myself for now, I’m looking forward to do more in future.

    Mr Adam Khoo I got a big dream. I want to be a salesperson and a motivation speaker .If there an opportunity I’ll like to come back to Prison to give a speak..I want to be a role model to them I believe by doing so it could help others to change.

    Anyway thank you for your time. I should be very grateful if you could reply.

    Yours faithfully.
    Warm Regard
    Ishak aka Prince of Asia

    From: Natalia Silvi
    Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 13:05:09 +0700
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: Awesome everyday

    Dear Adam, Stuart and Ibu Susan,
    my awesome coaches: Ricky & Ramona,
    my awesome LBG friends ‘MUSTERs’: P.Petrus, Budi, Grace, Jimmy, Rudy, Selvia,
    and all AKLTG team,

    It has been long journey since last October ‘energizing’ POE.
    You are all very inspiring and keeping me moving towards my goals.

    I would like to share the excitement of my success journey.
    I thank God that I can become a better person and a more powerful person through POE.
    I learn to believe and focus on my goals:
    If I can’t then I must
    to keep learning ‘to give and receive’
    set goals, action and restrategy, do whatever it takes until I achieve my goals,
    and keep in powerful state everyday.

    Honestly, life is not always as expected sometimes,
    but as I remember the POE powerful lessons,
    I energize and “whoooozzh” myself to go for my goals.

    I have some BIG goals and some achievements that I have achieved are:
    – Spiritual –> finish reading BIBLE and closer to God.
    Now I commit myself to read the BIBLE everyday and finish it before Christmas 2011.
    I receive / achieve more than I can imagine:
    Now my husband joined to every Sunday session… a long time wish that I have been wishing for so long.
    My child also get closer to God, she prays and reads bible everyday.
    Even she do fasting… It’s a BIG bonus for me… 😀

    – Family –> have a happier family and closer relationship with my husband, children, parents and in law
    I did it, I can break my limiting beliefs about them and
    I can have better … better and much better relationship each day.
    Every challenges I face especially with my in law, now I can take it as an opportunity to build closer relationship.
    WOW…. ideas come up to make it happen… a happy family.
    My husband and I have better communication and also my children…
    When I really want it, then it happens… better relationship each day.

    – Lifestyle –> bring my children to Singapore
    For funding this trip, I have financially been blessed in January.
    But some financial challenges bring me to re-plan this trip.
    I decided to ‘delay gratification’ due to finance priority.
    My main purpose of such trip is: to motivate my daughter to strongly go for Singapore scholarship that she dreamed for
    and open my son’s mind that studying abroad is exciting that he will be encouraged too for scholarship.

    Thanks God…
    I just book my daughter to Singapore trip yesterday.
    It will be her trip with her ballet summer class in Singapore.
    WOW… amazing

    – Carreer & Finance –> multiplying income and settle all financial challenges
    I did it….somehow…
    At my company I lead some BIG projects.
    My goal is to complete all the projects successful in 2011 and be the best employee.

    I joined as a financial consultant at insurance company, to multiply income.
    My husband do the marketing and relationship networking…
    I did the presentation and calculation.
    We do approaching to closing together, it is an extra – after office time activities.
    I achieved agent of the month at 1st and 2nd month joining.
    It was fabulous achievement… unbelievable.
    My goal this year is to be MDRT (million dollar round table) member.

    Now I am learning how to multiply income through wealth academy and my WA friends.

    – Education / personal development –> upgrade my finance skills and leadership
    I joined WA last March … and it was a good beginning to start a better financial plan.
    I learned a lot of financial skills to multiply income.

    Now with all my MUSTERs best friends in LBG,
    we keep ourselves ‘moving towards our goals’…

    It feels so good to share …
    through learning experiences…
    with powerful mind and best friends around…
    life is much much better and happier.

    Thank you very much. You are all AWESOME .

    Energize and whooozzzh…..,

    From: Lynette Teo
    Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 14:10:16 +0800
    To: adam khoo
    Subject: My progress

    Hi Adam,
    I am happy to say that I have shown great improvement in my math.Last year,when I was in P5 and took my SA2 I only got 57/100.But after doing many many many problems sums,I have gone from one of the weakest to beat a few of the smartest in class on the most recent topical test!
    I have also taken a math mock paper given by my teacher and from my P5 SA2 57/100,a C I got 85/100 an A now I am working towards an A* for SA1.


    From: Calista Io
    Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 21:17:21 +0800
    Subject: testimonial from Calista

    Dear Mr Khoo,
    I am Calista, a P5 pupil who attended the IAG program in March 2011 holiday.
    I had always been a mediocre pupil prior to P5, getting average results for Mathematics, Science and was barely scrapping through the passing mark for my Chinese exams. My performance in SA2 last year had, however, improved fairly well and hence I was qualified for the second banded class this year. The arrangement was, however, accepted not without mixed feelings and concerns. I was of course happy about the arrangements but on the other hand, I was also very doubtful of my ability to cope with the challenges in a banded class and worse still, my teachers had mentioned many times (beginning of this year) about the drastic change of format between P4 and P5 and that our marks would ‘naturally’ drop. I was horrified as I had just begun to achieve good marks and I could not possibly accept the average results like in lower primary again!

    Knowing my concerns, my parents signed me up for the program. Without delay, I applied most of the techniques learned in my studies and especially my recent SA1 exams. To my teachers’ and friends’ surprise, I not only sustained good grades in P5, I even topped my class in overall performance, and clinched the top place in my Higher Mother Tongue class too!

    The IAG camp had helped me a lot in my studies. Tomorrow is the last lesson of my Success Coaching Program. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the wonderful coaches for teaching me all those helpful techniques and strategies. I have been motivated to believe in myself and that I truly can make a difference!

    Calista, former participant of the IAG workshop

    From: Alfin Teo
    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 23:42:49 +0800
    To: Adam Khoo
    Subject: RE: Empowering Ideas

    Hi Adam,

    It has always been great to hear from you! You are my inspiration and role model! After attended POE, I am able to work towards my goal and keeping motivated all the time! The rapport system learnt from the programme benefited me a lot when I am dealing with customers. Right now, I am about to enrol into Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) as a student. And I am going to attend two of your other programmes – Wealth Academy and Sales Excellence in this year. Perhaps you have forgotten, but I remember asking you to be my mentor. I seriously hope I will have a time with you and share with you my goals! I am grateful that I can learn from you and keep learning too. Thanks Adam, you have been a great person and I will be waiting for your reply.

    Before I met Adam, I was less focused and worse, I was literally clueless
    about what I wanted to do in life.

    But after attending Adam’s courses (Wealth Academy and Patterns of
    Excellence), I developed more focus and discovered my true passion in life.

    In less than a year after the seminar, I increased my income by over 500%,
    and I even created a profitable internet business. Since then, I’ve also had
    the privilege to consult for SMEs and empower thousands of people to reach
    their fullest income potential.

    Frankly, all these would not have been possible without the success
    principles and personal empowerment strategies that he teaches. So if there
    can only be one person I attribute my success to, it will definitely be Adam

    Dominic Tay

    I am lucky to have read Adam Khoo’s books during my early days of my career. The insights and fundamental principles I have learnt improve my life tremendously. It shaped my values, mindset, character and entire life mission. I owe my successes to Adam. Thank you and may you continue to inspire the community.

    Alex Lim
    ERA Realty Pte Ltd.
    One of the Youngest Division Director at Age 27
    Real Estate Salesperson

    From: Russell Tan
    Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 14:27:33 +0800
    Subject: To Adam Khoo from Russell Tan

    To Adam Khoo,

    I have read your book “I Am Gifted, So Are You!”

    This book has changed my life as a student because I believed that study was hard and I can’t do it and believed that I’m left behind for so many years that I wouldn’t be able to catch up in my studies as I scored many “Es” for my SPM.

    But after I read Adam’s book I start to change my beliefs that everyone has a brain of a genius and I adopt a empowering beliefs and mindset that was taught in his book and apply the strategies and study technique to improve myself. After my SPM I went to college called Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) in Malaysia and I took “Certificate in Business Studies (Business Administration)”.

    I achieved “Distinction” for 2 subject (Office Procedure and Administration and Listening & Speaking) and achieved a total CGPA of 2.6
    I never thought that I would continue my studies after SPM as I believed that I can never amount to anything in academic but now I proved to myself that I can!
    (Especially I passed my weakest subject that’s Maths and Account subject and surpass the limiting beliefs that I can never pass these two paper)

    Thanks to Adam Khoo’s “I Am Gifted, So Are You!” otherwise I would have given up on my studies. Thank you Adam!
    You changed my LIFE!

    Currently I’m a Year 2 student of Diploma in Events Management and I’m doing very well.

    Thank you and Warmest Regards.

    My full name is (TAN TEK AUN, RUSSELL) aka RUSSELL TAN.
    From Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

    From: lin lin
    Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 16:38:25 +0800
    Subject: Thank you Adam.

    Dear Adam Khoo,

    I am currently teaching in a Polytechnic. Nine years ago when I was in Sec 3, I read your first book “I Am Gifted, So Are You!” It is really a motivational book and I am really inspired. My grades shot up and I was ranked one of the top five students for O levels in my school. The time that I’ve invested on this book is really worthwhile and I have gained so much from it. I am really grateful for everything I have achieved.

    I have also read and rereading a few of your books like “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny”, “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” and “Secrets of Millionaire Investor”. They are all truly enriching. I am trying the strategies you have shared in the books.

    In school, I also encourage my students to read your books and taught them studying strategies that I personally find effective for myself. I teach them goal setting strategies, ways to plan their studying schedules and they have been really appreciative. The polytechnic education system is very different from that of secondary schools. I have thought about ways to help them excel based on their system. It really gives me the sense of satisfaction and I truly enjoy teaching and interacting with them.

    I have graduated from university and I am now setting financial goals. I also have plans to publish a book to share strategies and ways to excel in school. Would you be able to share any advices? I know you had a hard time finding a publisher for your first book. How did you went about convincing your publisher and do you have any recommendations on publishers in Singapore interested in educational, motivational area? Thanks for everything. Look forward to your favorable reply. Thank you for taking time to read this e-mail.


    From: Chon Giap Teoh
    Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 18:15:42 +0800
    Subject: Hi Mr Adam, testimonial

    Hello Mr Adam,

    saw your wall post on Facebook that you mentioned if anyone who attended your program or read your book may send you a testimonial to include in your last chapter, this is mine.
    hope this can help you. I am currently still a student. I am involved with social media marketing and Network marketing as a part time job. But I am not sure is it suitable to add on. So I decided to put leader of youth organizations where I hold important role on Scout and AIESEC. Do let me know if this help. Thanks.

    I first met him through a free motivational seminar named, ‘Secret of Super Student’ back in 2008 at University of Malaya. After a few hours of sharing his past experiences as a lousy student and to become the top student and successful entrepreneur, it changed my life. I’ve read one of his bestselling book; ‘Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses’, it gave me a clear picture to become a successful entrepreneur. Ever since then, I became a highly confident and motivated person who believes that ‘Nothing is impossible’, I began to set goals and achieve them easily. Thanks to Mr Adam. He is definitely a top motivational speaker and a best role model who changes people’s lives.

    Teoh Chon Giap,
    Leader of Youth Organizations, student

    From: Nicholas Liunardo Saputra
    Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 22:32:07 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: my little story

    hey adam.

    my name is nicholas.. a participant from indonesia..when i finish the IAG camp.. I feel that is awesome… some of the people around me were think that I am still the old me..but now i am different.. i am a new boy and successful boy.. I’m sorry but i want to tell my goals.. b4 the camp, i don’t have goals but now I do have goals.. and my goals is that i want to finish 3 major degrees at australia at 36 y.o..and then be an inventor and help adam in his camp.when the first time i wnt to school, i was happy to see a book from library.. and then, the third day, i’ve got a math quiz from my teacher and i feel nervous.. i still said r=that if i cant then i must.. and then 1 got 70 on my math quiz.. this is the first time i got 70 on my test… that’s all.. tq adam

    From: Aimaoz zai
    Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 17:59:13 +0800
    Subject: Testimonial

    Name: Jaron Chua
    Designation: Student/NSF

    I don’t know if my testimonial will be used or helped much, but here goes nothing. I first met Mr Adam during my secondary life, when i was not so impress by him or his trainers. I was first reluctant to use his method as i am a lazy and i find it troublesome, however i decided to give it a try during my N level, and i manage to score pretty well. I was awarded greatest improvement in my class and i start to slack off which cost my O level to fail and get into an ITE when all other polytechnic rejected me, some even told me i cannot make it for sure. I was greatly hurt and i start blaming everyone for the cost of my failure, then i came upon Mr Adam ad for his pattern of excellence, but the course was over my budget, i done some market research and found up about his book “Master your mind, Design your destiny” and some other e-book on his website, and without second thought i bought some of them. I manage to get into a polytechnic within a year and get a GPA of 3.334. I apply some of the principal taught in the book on my personal life and obtain successful result, an great e.g will be i blame myself for my own failure now rather than pointing finger to others and my temper has been greatly tone down. I am saving up for his Wealth Academy and Pattern of Excellence and hopefully i will be able to join him in a greater ride in the future.

    I hope i did help in a way that you helped me mr Adam. I would like to say a thank first.

    From: Albert chandra
    Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 09:24:50 +0700
    Subject: Result of IAG camp

    Hi mr adam khoo..
    I am IAG camp’s participant from medan indonesia 2009..i wanna tell u that I have achieved my first goal,to have an undergraduate program of architecture at university of indonesia..i post the dream poster in my room n make the mindmap of how to achieve it..the road isnt easy,i failed at 2 university entrance test at first..but i dont give up,i changed my strategy again until i passed the 3rd test,i ve made it..thank you for your coaching..now i have set another big goals again..

    Yours sincerely,

    Albert chandra

    From: Asdi S
    Sent: Sunday, 9 October, 2011 1:42 AM
    To: info@akltg.com
    Subject: Salute/Thanks for Adam Khoo

    Dear My Mentor Adam Khoo,

    My name is Noor Ashdi from Brunei Darussalam. I am 34 yrs old. Married and have 2 daughters and a son. I’m Brunei Nationality and doing Gift, Souvenir and Advertising Business (Supply for Brunei Government). Before, I worked with Brunei Government with my last salary (before resign) $1348+370(allowance)+58(millage allowance) which consider Good in my country.

    In September 2010 I resigned from my work for doing full-time business with my partner. All family member include my wife were not agree with it. Almost all Bruneian prefer working with goverment because they believe, Brunei is not place for business and market is too small and limited (Resign from government and do full time business is consider suicide but ok for part time eg work at day time and sell Nasi Lemak at night…no time to rest). But I want to take this challenge because I saw there were also big and success companies. but all of my family and my friends advised me “” Ashdi, if U want to resign, U must think thousand times, if you work with government you have secure income eg salary every month, bonus every years and travel allowance every three years, what is not enough for U? But business is up and down”’. Even my father asking me to go out and not to stay in his house if I resign. But I believe myself that I can do it.

    Actually, I want to share whole the story good/bad of business from the beginning. But let me share it from June 2011.

    -After separate with my partner on November 2010. My sales until June was $10,920.00. I really broke down n frustrated. On 10th June 2011 I bought “ADAM KHOO – SELF MADE MILLIONAIRE”. I have to take 1 month to read. That mean middle July to finished it. Since August-September are Fasting Month and Hari Raya for us (There are no order from government for souvenirs on these 2 month every years). So I created my Plan Business and start doing marketing from middle September (middle Hari Raya).

    So what happen…The Result is until today my sale already $47,860.00!!! (not even 1 month). I really don’t believe it, Actually, there are mony stories I want to share.



    p/s:My English isn’t good … 🙂

    Noor Ashdi
    NAMS NAJIHIN ENTERPRISE (Sales/Marketing Manager)

    From: aparna sharma
    Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 10:48:35 +0530
    Subject: You are greatly inspiring!

    Hi Adam,
    How are you?

    First thing I’m profoundly thankful to you. This course has changed my life so much. The kind of evolution I have experienced is amazing. The people around me have also discerned this evolution. The mental diet has been going great and am very much continuing with it. It’s so overwhelming, and gets me amazingly inspired and motivated. Suddenly, I’m getting opportunities and attracting things which are getting me closer to my goal. As a result of POE, firstly I’ve become so focused towards my goal and developed this massive hunger and fire which is propelling me more and more towards my goal. And, secondly I’ve discovered my passion for understanding human behaviour and mind. I was always fascinated with this idea but never really dwell upon it. That amplifies my interest in coming for module 2 next year for which I was anyway so thrilled! I’m an avid reader myself and I’ve read books on the lines of the kind of knowledge POE imparts. But none of it inspired and stimulated me to the grade and level as POE did or rather you did! I read ‘master your mind and design your destiny’ the day I got back to India and it intensified my passion incredibly. I’d be extremely grateful if you’d be able to mentor me further. I’m a fervent learner and would be indeed blessed to be mentored by you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and connect with you on a cognitive plane.

    From: Lowell Tan
    Date: December 21, 2011 14:03:50 GMT+08:00
    To: “adam@adam-khoo.com”
    Subject: How you have changed my life

    Sorry for the late reply,I am Lowell Tan who attended your ”I am gifted ,so are you”course.I put my motivational posters on the wall and cardboard and shared some of them to my sister to let her learn to be positive.And now, I started to be optimistic and set a weekly schedule every sunday and took action everyday.I pasted my goals on the wall to work harder and achieve my goals. It was like an obstacle.Everytime I failed, I took it as a learning experience.Like when I am studying my next year’s p5 maths,I used to do lots of questions wrongly and I kept changing my strategies until I have gotten it!And I just wanna say aTHANK YOUto you as you have changed my Life.

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Heng Jun Yong
    To: “i-did-it@akltg.com”
    Sent: Thursday, 1 December 2011, 19:35
    Subject: Singapore IAG<26/11/11>to<29/11/11>

    I have done the action plan of success. I am doing this not for the sake of doing this but, because out of all the camps that I attended, I have never been this motivated to succeed in my life. I took whatever I had for granted. The techniques that Adam and the trainers taught me has changed my life forever. I will always remember what you have done for me and will teach this lessons to my future children. And for that, I thank you.

    -Heng Jun Yong, 13.

    From: Kevin Surya Widjaja
    Date: January 14, 2012 8:06:15 GMT+08:00
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com
    Subject: A letter from your student

    Dear Adam,

    It has been a while since I graduated from IAG program in June 2006 in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the program, a lot of things happened and some of them have changed the way I think and behave. The program has shaped me into a better person. I forced myself to be more confident, more persistent, more friendly and also more hardworking. Since that time, I have taken so many actions as what you have told us to do in the camp. I set my goal to become an all-rounded person in the school, who is not known as a geek but can top the class at the same time.

    In year 2007, I finished my year 10 as the 2nd best student in the class and was admitted to join the natural science class at SMAK 1 PENABUR Jakarta. In year 11, I found that everyone was very good academically and non-academically. I slipped off from the top of the class and moved out from the top 5 position in the class. This, however, didn’t put me off. I learned from my experience and climbed back in my year 12. I graduated from the high school with flying colours, 2nd best student in the class, top 5% of the batch, and scored high marks in my final exams.

    Since secondary school, my dream is to become an engineer and therefore, I applied for engineering course in the university. Luckily, my parents are able to support me financially to study overseas. I applied to universities in the USA and Canada. However, none of the universities can change my goal to study in the UK. As an Indonesian scholar, I can’t enter the UK universities with my Indonesian High School certificate. I was required to take A-level or IB or foundation programme, which is basically redoing what I have done in high school. But of course, to achieve goals, we need to take action. I decided to take the bet of losing time (A level programme takes 2 years) and US/Canada university opportunities and flew to the UK to do my A level in one of the international school in Cambridge, UK.

    After a while, I found that even though the course is equivalent with my high school, but I still learned a lot of new stuff here. We were never taught about how to write a proper essay in Indonesia. Here in the UK, I was taught and forced to write essay, making me more ready to enter the university life. I also decided not to miss anymore opportunities offered to me. I joined the Student Representative Committee, the College Newsletter team in the college and joined the Indonesian Student Society under the Indonesian Embassy in the UK. At the end of my 1st year in A Level, I was chosen by the college to receive a scholarship for my 2nd year course due to my outstanding A level results. When I graduated from the college, I was awarded the Student of the year award by the college by achieving 4A*s and 1A in my A level together with an offer from University of Cambridge to read engineering.

    Now, here I am, currently studying engineering at one of the best university in the world and many thanks to the camp and the trainers, who actually shaped me into the person who I am right now. To look back, such achievements are amazing, yet I shouldn’t be contented with these achievements. I am now looking forward to become one of the leading engineer and businessman in the field of renewable energy and manufacturing. Please wish me luck!

    I hope all AKLTG staffs are doing well and I miss their training. I wish I can join the training session again as a trainer in the future if there are opportunities.

    Warmest regards,
    Kevin S. Widjaja
    IAG Alumni 2006

    Hi Adam,

    Congratulations for completing 10 years of life transformation through Pattern of Excellence. It is indeed life transformational. Personally me and people around me have noticed 180 deg change in last 6 months (I was in Whoosh 34). Would like to Thank you, Stuart and Leroy for introducing us to a new life style. My journey has just started and I am sure by applying POE in every of sphere of life, it will be lot more fulfilling.

    Even I am surprised with what I have achieved in last six months, it was difficult for me run even half km in May but I ran FULL MARATHON on 4th Dec in Singapore marathon. Also I have achieved my other goal of getting promoted to VP. There are many other goals on which it’s work in progress and I have listed my goals for 2012. Thanks again for changing my life, on my recent trip to India I mentioned it to everyone that I have found my Spiritual GURU in Singapore 🙂 and shared some of the key learnings from POE.


    From: Hua Quang Bao
    Sent: Thursday, 19 January, 2012 3:00 PM
    To: adamk@akltg.com
    Subject: Admiration

    Dear my idol,

    I am not sure about your e-mail address.May be you will not read this letter, but I want to write to you something to show my admiration, anyway.

    I have read a lot of books which you wrote and I think that they are the most wonderful book I ever read. Those books changed not only my grades at school but also my mind and my behavior.Although I do not gain as much success as you, it is enough to be a good guy and I am happy with that. I always look forward to new books from you because it is more and more better.You are a special person who always know how to do in difficult situations, that’s why I respect you.I believe that your companies will win more success in the future.

    Finally, on occasion of Lunar New Year, I would like to send my warmest wishes to you and your family !

    If you receive this letter and if you don’t mind , I hope we can be friends. I would like to get some advice if you have free time. Thanks for attention !

    p/s: Because English is not my mother tongue, I am sorry if there are any mistakes in this letter .

    Huy Hua, Vietnam.


    Mon, May 25, 2009
    The New Paper

    Course pushed couple to their limits

    Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

    The economic downturn led to a 50 per cent drop in her monthly sales.

    Despite having been in the real estate business for seven years, Ms Chua Jing Jing, 30, was feeling the heat like many others.

    But ERA Realty Network marketing director was determined not to let the crisis affect her. To prepare herself for the economic challenges, she enrolled in the Patterns of Excellence (POE) programme at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group.

    The programme, which consists of two modules (each lasting four and five days respectively), is described in the brochure as taking a scientific approach to conditioning a person for success via neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

    NLP is said to be the process of re-programming your nervous system and your language patterns to achieve the results you want.

    Ms Chua said NLP has been extremely helpful.

    ‘Now, I embrace everything with a positive mindset and I feel strengthened in many ways to face whatever challenges that come my way.’

    She said she has doubled her sales figures since completing the programme.

    She is not the only one who experienced a change in mindset.

    Her husband, Mr Ng Kar Hoe, 30, was reluctant to join the course initially, as he wasn’t convinced he would benefit from the lessons.

    But after some persuasion by his wife, he decided to attend it – and has not looked back since then.

    Mr Ng, a senior operations analyst, said: ‘I’ve attended many courses, and I was surprised at the curriculum offered in this programme. It’s not something you learn in school.

    ‘It turned out to be a very positive experience for me.’

    Both the POE modules are available at different times of the year. The first module, Empowerment, is conducted thrice a year while the second, Influence and Mastery, is conducted twice a year.


    The empowerment module teaches students how to be in control of their own lives and aims to give them the ability to transform the quality of their present life.

    Ms Chua recalled how she felt when she graduated from the POE programme: ‘I felt that my life would never be the same again. I’ve found a greater purpose in everything I do each day.

    ‘This purpose makes all the tough times so much easier to bear.’

    The programme not only benefited them as individuals, it helped improve communication between the couple.

    ‘I tell everyone now that I’ve got a brand new husband after completing the POE programme,’ said Ms Chua.

    ‘We don’t jump to conclusions based on each other’s speech the way we often did in the past, and we handle our emotions better.’

    Mr Ng said: ‘We use better communication channels now based on the different speech patterns we learn in the programme, and we encourage each other more.’

    The nine-day course is not a bed of roses. It pushes students to their limits so as to help them realise their potential.


    For example, one particular activity targets students’ fears.

    In Mr Ng’s case, it was the fear of public speaking. He said: ‘I was taught to replace the fear and apprehension with positive emotions so as to perform the task well.’

    Mr Adam Khoo,co-founder and executive chairman of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, believes everyone can achieve their potential if they know how to.

    The 35-year-old said: ‘People think that someone is successful because they’re born that way. They think some people fail because they’re born that way.

    ‘But success can be learnt.’

    He added: ‘It’s true, some people are born that way, but if you’re not, you can be re-conditioned.’

    The programme stresses that success is not limited to wealth but to other things in life too.

    Mr Ng said: ‘This course is not just about financial or career progression. It’s a very holistic experience that includes your career, your lifestyle, your family and interpersonal relationships.’

    From: Ima Funky
    Sent: Wednesday, 13 June, 2012 9:45 PM
    To: info@akltg.com

    hi adam 🙂

    im fatimah.i went to the residential camp.senior camp on the 6th june to 9th june 2012.guess what? i change! a long time ago i was aa shy girl.have no confidence.lazy.stage fright.but now i have confidence in myself.im going for the scholar program.module 2 for senior camp and how to present youself.the residential camp was so great.i never attend any camp like that before.it was really good.dann,tracy and joey really taught me something there.that time i already understand all about academics,parents and life.so thankyou so much! 😀

    From: Arthas Ho
    Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 11:47:31 +0800
    Subject: Letter of gratitude & arrangement for interview

    Pls Direct this email to Mr Adam Khoo

    Hi Mr Adam Khoo,

    Im Arthas Ho, 21 years old and awaiting university admissions. First and foremost to cut this short, I would like to thank you and your training programs. 5 Years ago when I attended “I am Gifted, So Are You”, my life drastically changed. From an average student of C,D,E and Fs, I managed to score 8 As for my O levels. Not only that, In that very year, I was the Captain of my badminton team, Vice-chairman of my class, scored distinction for my piano exams and was even elected as the Prom King!

    I went on to Anglo-Chinese Junior College and I took on MAXIMUM Academic units, with a Physics Special Paper at NTU. I challenged myself and in that very year, I was the Vice-President of My CCA(Harp Ensemble), scored another distinction for piano exam, Class representative and Participated in National Competitions.

    I scored a whopping 7 As

    Life changed after that. I’m taking DOUBLE DEGREE in NTU, with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP that’s worth 80-100k (with no bond!). I have since started my own businesses and have helped in another business with position of a Sales Director, leading a team of 30 people (At the age of 20 during my NS period hahaha). I have also since then worked in DBS (International Trade) and HSBC. Life’s amazing

    This letter is intended to be written to you, Mr. Adam Khoo, only. I extend my complete gratefulness to your trainers as well.

    If possible, I would really like to have an interview session with you as I’m having ideas of writing a book in the near future. I Would Realllyyyy want to learn from you. I would even like to be part of your Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Team! As they say “the best sales person is a satisfied customer”. I have 101% faith in your teaching programs I believe I would be of tremendous help! 😀

    I look forward to your favorable reply! Let me learn from you please!

    Let’s Empower and reach out to more individuals! Ever with the best!

    Warmest regards
    Arthas Ho

    From: Yohanes Setiawan
    Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 10:00:52 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Surabaya IAG (December 2011)

    Dear Adam Khoo,

    I’d like to say thanks to you because of your support during and after the
    Camp. Now I want to brought a good news ! I reflect my life and I know that
    I’m not participate 100% so it’s the greatest failure in my life ! And I
    change my life, I love the Camp and now my mark is UP than the report I got
    before !! I got ranked 18 !

    And, I set many goals. One of my goal is being an A-coach. Now, I’m accepted
    as an A-coach for this June 2012 I Am Gifted Camp ! I’m so happy and say
    many thanks to God for His blessed because of your Camp.

    God bless you !

    Best regards,
    Yohanes Setiawan

    From: Lee Ken Vei
    Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 12:00:51 +0800
    Subject: Wealth Academy Investor

    Hi Adam,

    First of all, my name is Lee Ken Vei, Student from Wealth Academy Investor yesterday. I wanted to say thank you because I achieved my objective after attended to your seminar.

    For example, previously, I would not have idea on how to read chart, how to draw support and resistance line, how to see the trend. But now, I am aware all those things and what I am going to do now is to practice it everyday!!.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. I am appreciated it very much!!.

    Ken Vei

    P/S: I would not be able to attend the booster session on 14 Oct. Could it be arranged to other session?

    Thanks in advance.

    From: Kian Yoong Tan
    Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 20:09:58 -0700 (PDT)
    To: “adam@akltg.com”
    Subject: Re: Great to hear of your achievements

    Hi Adam,

    Just wanted to drop you a short note to express my gratitude and thanks for your time and effort in teaching and helping us.

    Before attending your course, I invested based on friends’ recommendation and my own random analysis. I made a slight loss after holding my investment for more than 2 years. In January, I read your book “Secret of Millionaires Investors” and attended WAI in April 2012.

    I just checked my year-to-date investment yesterday, and I have recouped all the loss in 2011 and make an additional 34% return on my entire portfolio (more than 10 times what I have paid for the course). I get out of the market in time before the sell off in May as you cautioned.

    Overall, I found the intrinsic value calc, identify the trend using EMA and a strong money management taught at WAI had help me tremendously. They are simple but effective enough to yield good results. Your monthly e-mail updates are also particularly helpful, cos it reaffirms my analysis of the market, and give me more confidence on my investment decision.

    Now, I’m slowly developing my own investment style, and I had plan to write a book on what I learned in my first year of active investing to share with my friends. But will see how things turn out next year. 🙂

    Many thanks again, and wanted to let you know, that you had made an impact.

    Kian Yoong

    From: Rachel Amanda Yin
    Date: Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:15 PM
    Subject: testimonial
    To: adam@adam-khoo.com

    Hi Mr. Adam Khoo

    I joined the IAG camp 5 years ago, when I was primary 5. I always wanted to send you a thank you note but I always felt that i needed a substantial achievement to REALLY thank you. (and of course, so you could feel a bit better haha) Anyway, right now I’m secondary three and going on to four in one months time. I remember, on the last day of the camp, I got up on stage and shared. My parents said they were surprised that I did that because I’m not usually keen to talk to hundreds of parents/coaches/trainers. I guess it was just something daring I decided to do. After all, self esteem is the feeling of being lovable and capable. What better way of assuring myself than to stand up on stage with no prior practice? Up on stage, I mentioned some goals I personally thought was super difficult to achieve. I said I wanted to get into SOTA and be the best at art there. Even though the camp ended, the goals were still as desirable. I got home, chose two posters out of the huge deck my father bought. I pasted them in my room and they have been there since. After 5 years I’ve noticed the two posters motivate me (subliminally) everyday. They are “personal power is the ability to take action” and “if i cant, then i must”. I realize that i have been complimented on my determination and my personal power (so to speak). And after 5 years of putting your methods and techniques of study into practice, I would (meekly) say, that yes, I am one of the best art students in SOTA. I topped the level for art twice in my three years, and I am part of a group of top students who are able to manage art and academics well. (we get awesome opportunities like going to London and other places and taking part in competitions) Recently, I was awarded a prestigious scholarship I had so painfully desired. And it was then when I looked back at the pivotal point in my primary 5 life, when I attended your camp. Thank you, for your passion in helping kids realize THEIR passion early, and teaching them exactly how and why they should work towards it. For now, and for a long time more, the posters shall remain in my room because of the inevitable future goals and the work I must do to achieve them.

    best wishes
    rachel yin