From October 2007 to December 2008, stock markets around the world suffered their biggest fall since the great depression. The US Market (S&P 500 Index) fell 55%, Singapore and Malaysia fell 60%+ and China Stocks (Shanghai Composite Index) fell 70%. Stocks like UOB fell from $28 to $7 and Citigroup fell from $60 to less than $1. The collapse of subprime mortgage securities caused worldwide panic and the forced selling of billions of dollars worth of shares.

In January 2009, together with CNA reporter Ryan Huang and Millionaire Trader Conrad Lim, I launched the Book ‘Profit from the Panic- How to Make Your Fortune from the Greatest Financial Crisis Since the great depression’. I then went on Channel News Asia to inform people how cheap stocks were at current levels and that anybody who invested at these distressed price levels would leap great gains once markets recovered.

Within 2 months, the stock market boom began. The US market rallied 90%+ in 22 months while the Singapore STI jumped over 110% in that same period.

My book became a #1 best-seller at Borders and more importantly, my investments made me over $3 million+. More importantly, my students and readers who took action made their fortune as well.

It was NOT a prediction or a guess. It was plain common sense based on the study of the history of stock markets. Over the last 80 years of data has shown that every time stocks plunged from emotional panic, they will eventually recover to much higher levels. Every crisis will end. At the end of every crisis will pave the way for the next financial boom. People who invest in high quality companies at distressed prices would become millionaires when the boom came. “Recessions create millionaires”. In fact, during the last financial crisis, the number of millionaires in Singapore increased by 32.7% because of their investments.

The Panic is Happening Again

On 5 August, the S&P credit rating agency downgraded the US government’s debt and the fear of another recession has sent people to panic once again. In a week, US stocks have plunged 16%, Singapore stocks are down 19% and Hong Kong stocks are down 18%. This is despite the fact that companies earnings have posted record earnings growth. This sell off is purely driven by fear and presents another great investment opportunity to PROFIT from the PANIC AGAIN!

How Do You Profit from the Panic
Those that sell during these emotional panics and STAY OUT OF THE GAME will be the BIGGEST LOSERS. Those that do nothing will be the BIGGEST LOSERS. Those that hold onto stocks of LOUSY COMPANIES will never see them ever recover. Smart investors who buy the stocks of the RIGHT COMPANIES and AT THE RIGHT TIME will have the greatest opportunity to make huge profits when the markets recover.

To make your fortune from this market crash, you have to know…
1) How to choose stocks of high quality companies that will be the first to rebound when the market recovers?
2) Which markets to invest in and which to avoid. US? China? Hong Kong? Jakarta? Malaysia?
3) When is the safest time to get back in?

These are all the insights and strategies you are going to learn at the coming Singapore Wealth Academy Expo 2011 (August 20-21). We have got 9 investment strategist specializing in property, stocks, commodities, options and forex to guide you.

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Be Responsible for Your Own Financial Destiny
I feel the most sorry for the elderly and the uneducated. They will be the ones who suffer the most in recessions and stock market crashes. However, if you are someone who is educated, you owe it to yourself to financially educate yourself. You have no excuse to lose money and to not make huge profits for yourself. I started teaching money skills 7 years ago because I feel it isn’t fair that only 10% of the population gets to become rich. I feel that it isn’t fair that the knowledge of money and investing lies in the hands of a few. All of us deserve to be rich and successful. However, it is up to you to take action and help yourself first. When you can help yourself, be sure to help the elderly and the uneducated with your donation of time, money and knowledge. They need to be helped as well.