Its great to be back in Singapore! For those of you who did not know, I have been in Indonesia for the last 2.5 weeks doing a training tour in Medan and Jakarta. It was a great experiencing been able to empower and inspire over 450 Indonesian students to achieve success in school and for their life. I will be posting the pictures real soon for all to see.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife told me that she was planning to look around for some property to invest in since the property market has been booming and we had already made close to $1m in cash for a semi-D we bought two years ago.

Just as I was coming back from Indonesia, she sent me an sms saying ‘darling…I just bought a condo for $1400 psf, totally $1.3m’. I almost fell off my chair when I got the news!

She told me she was looking around but I did not know she was actually going to sign the agreement and pay the 1% deposit without letting me know. She told me that she wanted to let me know but could not get in touch with me as I was busy doing training in Jakarta and was uncontactable. It was a super deal and she did not want to lose it…so she took action.

At first, I thought she was nuts to think $1,400psf was a great deal. I almost hit the roof and wanted to take away the checkbook that I gave her. Then she showed me the newspaper and anger turned to excitement. In just 2 weeks, the developer was asking $1,700 psf. She had made me a paper profit of $278,000 in just 14 days.

After some research, I decided not to sell for an immediate profit but to hold it a bit longer because I believe that there will be alot more upside (a nearby development is already asking for $2000psf). Our target is to now make at least $600,000 in the next couple of months. I believe that getting the right properties will pay handsomely in the next couple of years. The Singapore government’s target is to hit a population of 6 million singaporeans from the 4 million we have now. That is a 50% INCREASE! No matter how much the URA releases land and developers build, there is NO WAY that our land can increase by 50%! And God ain’t gonna make more land. Simple logic of demand and supply says that prices will continue to increase.

I guess it pays to have a pretty smart wife who has the guts to take action (with my money of course).