Dear Friends

The June Study Program will be coming up and I will be running my Superkids (for ages 10-12) and ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!’ (for teens)! and Holiday Program Malaysia. These programs are designed to empower gifted children and teens to achieve success in their school and beyond.

I focus on three areas of mastery; Learning Mastery, Personal Mastery and Communication/Leadership Program Youth Mastery. In ‘Learning Mastery’ students will learn the more powerful and effective learning skills that would allow them to achieve quantum improvements in their school grades. They will learn skills like speed reading, super-memory techniques and whole brain note making…stuff that I used to jump from a below average student to among the top one percent in NUS (ok lah…must brag a bit)

Although I believe that scoring As in school is important, but it is NO GUARANTEE to success in life. This is because when you study hard to get a degree/diploma/ Masters/ Phd-> this piece of paper is nothing but a passport to get you your first job. But how fast you get promoted, how successful you become at what you do, how much money you will learn, how fast you can grow a business has GOT NOTHING TO DO with that piece of paper!

This is why I focus a lot on communication leadership, teaching kids camps and teens the ‘Life Skills’ and ‘Personal Mastery’ skills to become super successful in their lives. I teach them how to have the winners mindset, how to manage their emotions, how to motivate themselves, how to have resiliance and overcome their fears.

Finally, I believe that no matter how smart or confident you are, you will never be able to succeed in life unless you know how to communicate well and get along with others. A main focus of my students training is to teach teens how to have strong interpersonal mastery skills.

So if you have any children, nephews, siblings or friends who YOU KNOW will benefit from this Holiday Program Singapore, bring them down for my free introductory seminar this weekend!

Free Introductory Seminars this Weekend…
11 May (Friday) 7pm-9.30pm at Amara Hotel
12 May (Sat), 2pm- 4.30pm at Amara Hotel
13 May (Sun), 3.30pm-5.30pm at Amara Hotel

Call 68818881 to register a place now.
P.S. Seats are almost completely filled up.

Thanks for the support