Just a quick post to share how happy I am that the second Adam Khoo Learning Centre has opened in BSD, Jakarta Indonesia. Our goal is to open 30 centres over the next 5 years to reach out to as many Indonesian students as possible. We believe that with our unique accelerated learning techniques, powerful English & Math and curriculum (developed by top Singaporean teachers/researchers) as well as a team of highly qualified and passionate teachers, we can help Indonesian students develop a high standard in English and Math. This way they can compete globally and enter the top universities of the world.

With Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and our two Adam Khoo Learning Centres, we have trained over 8,000 students over the last 5 years and we look forward to continue to empower even more students in Indonesia. A big thank you to Fredrick Tan, Managing Director of Adam Khoo Learning Centre for growing the Adam Khoo Centre franchise so successfully and a big thank you to Susan Hartawan, Managing Director of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (Indonesia) and also to Patrick Cheo, Group CEO of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Most of all, thank you to all the wonderful parents and students of Indonesia for supporting us these 5 years.