I have exciting news. The next intake for the Patterns of Excellence (POE) programme is open for registration and I will running it from 24 March- 27 March 2011 in Singapore and 28 April -1 May in Jakarta. The June enrichment program where my team and I will personally coach you in the success conditioning techniques that I use daily to achieve exceptional results in my business, relationships and personal life.

I owe a great deal of my success to NLP (Neuro-lingiustic programming), the science of success conditioning. It is something that I was so lucky to learn at the age of 13. It is through NLP, that I am able to constantly direct my thoughts and emotions, put my self into a powerful & positive state daily, be highly motivated and charged up all the time and most importantly, we able to deal with all the setbacks and challenges that I face all the time. NLP has really helped me to:
– Overcome challenges in my relationship and achieve such a fulfilling and strong marriage
– Influence my children and develop positive mindsets in them
– Have the resilience to overcome my toughest times (e.g. my past business bankruptcy and financial losses)
– Stay focused and motivated everyday (this is the most basic but powerful skill I have)
– Model strategies of the most successful people in investing, business, public speaking
– Become a very influential and persuasive communicator (yup… This doesn’t happen by chance) and so much more

These are the life skills that have been so essential to my success and I truly want the privilege of being able to share them with you and help you make the personal breakthroughs that you want in your life.

This programme is really for everybody who want to live and exceptional quality of life. It is especially for you if….
– You are looking for a clear direction in your life
– You know what to do but lack the drive and focus to follow through consistently
– You want the emotional strength to overcome the challenges in your life
– You have negative beliefs or limiting habitual patterns (i.e. Procrastination) that hold you back
– You are stuck in a rut and want to achieve a breakthrough in your career and personal life

It is really a life changing programme that I highly recommend to all my friends and participants and I sincerely hope you will give yourself the opportunity to experience it. If you already have made up your mind to join my next class, do reserve a place for yourself.

If you are still not sure how it can make an impact in your life, please come down to my 3-hour introductory workshop where you will start to learn the success strategies that will transform your life. You can enroll for the programme or for the preview by emailing to daniel@akltg.com. He can also send you the brochure so you will know exactly what you are going to learn.

Live Your Dreams

Adam Khoo