What I love about what I do is that it allows me to go to so many countries and connect with so many different kinds of people from all walks of life. If you have met me before, you would know that I am usually in a really happy, cheerful and excited state. Some people have even joked that I must be on drugs…being so UP all the time. In a sense I am on drugs…the drug of passion for life.

The funny thing is that some people think that I am so happy all the time because of the money that I make or the money that I have. In the past, I used to think like them. When I was young, I thought that having lots of money was the key to everlasting happiness.

I hope by now you realize that how much money you make or have has nothing to do with how happy you are. We read all the time about families or pop stars/actors who have millions of dollars but are miserable, depressed, angry, unfulfilled, suicidal and on drugs.

So let me tell you the source of my happiness and fulfillment. It is not the money I make or have (although, it feels nice as well). It is the joy I get from touching the lives of so many people and knowing that what I do has brought happiness, hope and success to them. Reading the many emails/comments/letters like what I get below is worth more than the millions of dollars I make.

I have come to realize that true success is not about achieving accolades, money and material possessions (although its pretty nice to have it as well). Success is about how happy you are and how happy people are when they are around you. If you have made ten millions dollars but are not really happy inside, then you are a failure. If you have made ten million dollars and people are not happy being around you, then you are a failure…in my opinion.

I believe that we can only be truly happy and fulfilled if we do something that we love and we can make other people’s lives better in the process. Our creator did not put us here to make money, but to make a difference. It is not what we can take with us when our time is up, but what we have left behind.

So, how about you? Do you truly feel happy and successful? You don’t need to be a president, celebrity, peak performance trainer or an author to feel fulfilled or to make a positive difference in the lives of others. All careers and all jobs exist to create value and to make other people’s lives better.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, you are helping people find the home of their dreams or to help them make money by securing the best property deals. If you are a teacher, you are shaping and moulding the minds and hearts of children who will grow up and make a difference in the world. The words you say to them today could make a big impact on their future.

So, whatever career you are in right now, focus on how you can make the lives of the people you serve better and better. Focus on how you can make them smile, how you can inspire them and how you can make an impact on their lives. Even if you are a taxi service driver, you could make an impact on someone’s life.

I remember there was one time my car broke down and I was in a really bad mood because I had no transport and lots of meetings to get around to that day. So, I hailed a cab and got in. I got one of the most pleasant surprises of my life. The cab driver was so cheerful that his chatting infected me and made me actually enjoy my journey. Not only did he cheer me up with his funny views about politics and his experiences with other passengers, he touched me by sharing his personal story.

He shared with me the fact that he used to be a successful businessman who went bankrupt because of over expansion and mistakes he made that led to his company’s collapse during the financial crisis. As a result, he had to sell his cars and his house and downgrade to a flat. His two children had to return to Singapore as he could no longer afford to pay for their studies overseas.

What was amazing was that he was not depressed, bitter or angry at all. He did not blame anyone and in fact said that he learnt important business lessons from the experience. He looked me in the eyes with steely determination and said that he was not going to drive a cab forever. He said he was saving up his money and had no doubt that he was going to make a comeback and become more successful than the ever was. He said it with so much conviction, that he ended up inspiring and motivating ME! I got a free motivational camp for teenagers Malaysia programme from that 30 minute cab ride. Needless to say, hearing that man’s words reminded me of how truly lucky I was and changed my state from a lousy mood to feeling happy and inspired. I knew that that man had a gift, of inspiring confidence and daring to dream. I had no doubt that he would make it big again.

To me, that man was already truly successful! No matter what happened in his life, nobody could take away his success. He was living each day happily and making everyone around him happy. I wish him the best.

So, start to do the same in your career and you life and you will experience a level of happiness and success that is worth more than millions of dollars.