In one of the last few posts, I talked about 72-year old Lim Tow Yong who re-emerged from bankruptcy to rebuild his million-dollar fortune at age 82. Here is another really inspiring story of a friend of mine who bounced back from bankruptcy and is now earning US$5,000-US$7,000 a month from the comfort of his own home. His name is Conrad Alvin Lim and he is now a full time professional Options Trader.

I first got to know Conrad 4-5 years ago when he was still in the media & advertising industry. He was a free lance videographer who did work for my advertising agency. Little did I know at that time that he was struggling to provide for his family.

For over 20 years, Conrad was an independent commercial producer in the Media & Advertising industry. He became the first and only privateer to own and re-sell national television airtime through a series of self-produced TV programs.

However, after a series of life changing failures from the Asian Financial Crisis and recent recession, Conrad went into bankruptcy. As a former business owner nearing his 40s, employment as a bankrupt was hard to come by so he took on ad-hoc and freelance work to make a living for his family.

As the free lance media work became more competitive, Conrad decided to explore trading (Options & Stocks) to create an alternative source of income two years ago. He joined Options trading workshops conducted by a number of the so-called ‘Gurus’ in Singapore. However, when he started applying what these mainstream options gurus had taught, he lost even more money (close to US$5,000) and his already meager savings has been further thinned out. So why did he lose money when he followed strictly what these gurus had taught?

He found that most of the investment gurus currently in the market now, made their money in markets like the tech boom and post recession spike. Their methods of trading are based on those types of markets and on their psychological backgrounds. For the last two years, the market was nothing like the ones the gurus had back in the days of the solid bull run. Also, the Options workshop he attended did not equip the participants with enough fundamental and technical analysis training so crucially required in trading for a living.

Instead of being disillusioned and choosing to give up, Conrad resolved to give up his media career to concentrate on learning the art of trading for a living. He vowed to master this craft and to make back his losses as soon as possible.

He spent days at the library pouring over any and all material available, he blazed online for hours and attended more respectable workshops to refine his art. He identified the failures from his first attempt and the weaknesses of certain strategies he had learnt. He started to craft his own unique trading strategies (like the 5-day Pre-Earnings Game and Intra-day Scalping) that could make him consistent profits in bad markets as well as good. And most importantly…in a very safe way.

Within less than a year, he managed to make enough consistent profits of US$5,000- US$7,000 a month (with just US$5,000 in capital) to not only pay for his monthly expenses, but to pay off a huge part of his debt that he owed from his business failure 5 years ago. One of the reasons he impresses me so much is that he had the tenacity to fight on and to master a skill, even though he met with painful setbacks at the beginning. This is the mark of a successful people. So many people I know start a new career/income startegy like trading, Internet marketing, insurance etc… The moment they don’t see huge returns in the beginning or if they lose some money, they start to give up and blame the whole world. Well, I believe that nothing comes easy and God will test your faith and resiliance before bestowing on you the fruits of your labour.

In fact, I was totally blown away when I saw Conrad earn over US$1,600 in just under 6 minutes through his strategy of intra-day scalping. I thought I was good at making money investing, but this dude takes the cake.

I have always believed that the key to building a pwoerful company is to indendtifying great talent and to invite them to join you. After much persuading, I am happy to announce that I managed to convince Conrad to join Adam Khoo Workshop as our Investment Strategist. Conrad will be speaking at our next Wealth Academy Seminar as well! He also conducts very personal coaching sessions for those who are serious about become a full time trader or individuals who was to use trading to create a viable source of additional income.

If you want to check him out, go to his forum at I personally go in every night to steal some tips and ideas before I enter the market to take some US$ from the Ang Mohs! Ha ha Ha