I just came back from another really great trip from my office in Jakarta. I must admit that when I first entered the market, I was doubtful that there would be a big enough market for my premium programs such as Wealth Academy, Superkids and ‘ I Am Gifted, So Are You!

So, I must say that I am pleasantly shocked that my Jakarta business is booming even bigger than the outdoor camp and seminars I run in Singapore. In Singapore, the average turnout for a seminar I run is about 80+ to 100. Everytime I go down to Jakarta, it is 400+!!! And the people there are really really nice and willing to learn to improve their lives. They are also extremely grateful people. When I ran my last students preview, I had so many past graduates who travelled over an hours journey to just come down and do a live testimonial on the enrichment program. I am truly touched!

Another really big reason for the great success in Indonesia, is because I have a wonderful team of partners and staff. I thought I was someone who was really hardworking and focused until I met Susanna (who is one of my biz partners there). She is so super focused that she types away on a laptop and answers calls even as she is getting her hair done. Gosh! I am usually reading ‘Her World’ when I am at the Saloon.

Another one of my partners, Alien (Yup! that’s the spelling. No typo) is a really nice lady who has got boundless energy organizing events for over 40,000+ people back to back. This is why I really believe that how to motivate and how successful you are in business all boils down to the team that you have behind you! Anyway, here is a picture of my Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Team in Indonesia.