I’d like to share this email I received a few days ago from one of my I Am Gifted!™  students. He is only 17 and comes from a broken family. In the email he shares about how his life turned around after attending IAG. Guan Yan shares how he used to underachieve in school but he turned around and applied the 21 century skills he learnt to score well enough is his O levels to enter a JC.

Besides that, he also set a goal to be financially successful and he started to work part time while studying to save up enough money to start investing in the money markets. To date, he has accumulated $12,000 and has it invested in stocks. He’s also picked the habit of self-improvement by reading books and attending seminars.

I feel this young man has a lot going for him in spite of the obstacles he has. He still plows ahead and goes after his dreams. That’s why he could be the making of another Adam Khoo!

Here’s his email unedited:

Hi Adam,

I am Guan Yan, 17, attended your basic and advance IAG course in 2005.

Since this course, you had been my role model even till now.. Every year, i had a different goal and focus for my life. I aimed and strive to be like you, and my ultimate dream was to be a millionaire by 25, owning business of F&B, vet, and education line. With all the inspiring lessons from you, although i went to an average school with psle of 196, i was demoralised, but i topped in my school cohord in 2006, being the 1st is really an impossible mission in the past, but after applying your 21st century skills, i did it! After which, in 2007, i had a different focus for my life, and i want to see massive growth in my wealth. I started working part-time while studying too, and managed to earn a large sum of money. I had numerous working experiences compared to my peers, from waiters, cashier, admin assist, and even a tuition teacher although i am just 15 years old. In 2007, tuition teacher brought me the largest income of about 600plus from 5 students, aged sec 3 and below, teaching math. In 2008, i cut down my working load and switch my focus back to studies because of O’level, however, i still have an constant income of about 100plus. With these, when i realised i can get income independently, i stopped taking pocket money from my parents since end of sec2. My crucial year had come last year, however didnt really got a fantantic result because of BGR. I managed to control my own emotions and disciplines in time, and got 14 for L1R5, B3 at least for every subjects. Thus, i am in TPJC now.On the other hand, i am contented too because i value added my results a lot more from a PSLE of 196 when people are looking down on me. In addition, i am from a broken family, i stayed with my mother only ever since P5. My mother remarry when i was in sec2.

I attended a few seminars before and read a lot too… Seminars include you IAG course, Money & you, RYLA(Rotary leadership program youth award), POP(Potential of Psychology) later in this year. Books that i read, By you: Secrets of self-made millionaires; secrets of millionaires investors; master your mind, design your destiny; i am gifted so are you; secrets of internet millionaires; profit from the panic; Dale carnegie: the leader in you; Robert kiyosaki: rich dad poor dad; retire young, retire rich; 36 strategies of Chinese; Sun zi ping fa; Buffetology; the definitive book of body language; The secrets(DVD). I was really amazed looking at these books in my cupboard that i read before. Honestly, i would not be able to kick off this habit of reading without you.

Currently, I am still teaching math tuition of sec1 to 4. These had let me reap a monthly income of $443 which i am proud of myself as i can survive independently. During this bear period, i am investing in stocks too(using my dad’s account if you wonder), i am waiting for my capital to increase by ten folds if my judgement are right. Till now, i had accumulated my wealth of $12k with my own hard work and efforts.

A lot of parent’s friends and student’s parents had asked me why am i so mature, why am i so thoughtful, how did i do this and that which sounds so impossible to my peers..I just told them the course that had changed my life ‘i am gifted, so are you’, thus referring back more business for you hahas..I want to spread and encourage my peers even more, and while striving for a scholarship to go to Walton university for a business course, i want to do something impossible after my Alevel exams: write a book with you:) Perhaps naming this book, ‘How this 18 years old chap write this book?’ Of course u may think, well..you are not getting straight As for exams, however i believe, me as a ordinary people living in a broken family, will slowly improve and get my As eventually to achieve my target. Moreover, some parents are not convince with those graduated in your course got As straight after which, some believe we are ultimately human who improve gradually.

All in all, i really believe that i can write a book together with my role model one day..

With Beliefs & Thanks,
Lau Guan Yan