Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC) is rapidly expanding and we are looking for people to join our team of highly experienced, qualified, passionate and dynamic ENGLISH and MATH teachers to inspire our students and to coach them in scoring DISTINCTIONS for their PSLE and ‘O’ Level Examinations. What makes our programs so effective is that we use research-proven strategies taught by well-trained teachers in a motivating, supportive and interactive environment.

Our small students to teacher ratios ensures every child gets the attention they deserve

Conveniently located at Novena Square and Tampines Street 11, AKLC has become one of the most sought-after English and Math learning centres in Singapore. For the recent PSLE Exams (2008), We recorded one of the HIGHEST PROPORTIONS of students scoring ‘A’s and ‘A stars’ among other established learning centres.

Actress Ivy Lee with her daughter at Adam Khoo Learning Centre. On the right is our teacher Adeline.

Unlike other learning centres who reject ‘lousy students’ and only take in good students, we believe in giving EVERY child a chance, regardless of how he/she has performed in the past. On of our recent students, Timothy got ‘25 marks’ for his Math Prelims and was told by his teacher that he would DEFINITELY FAIL his PSLE Math. After ONE MONTH in our intensive Math Mastery program, Timothy scored a ‘C’ for his PSLE!

English Mastery Program
We believe that every student can develop strong reading and writing skills when they are taught using proven strategies that engage their interest and passion. The English Mastery program we offer is a multi-sensory, interactive learning system that uses the Strategic Readingâ„¢ and Strategic Writingâ„¢ models developed by English Expert Dr. Cheah Yin Mee.

Dr. Cheah Yin Mee, M.A. (Stanford), PhD (UC Berkeley)
Head, English Curriculum Research
Over 20 Years Experience in the Teaching & Research of English
Mentored hundreds of English Teachers in NIE (Masters Course)
Author, Oxford English Series Guide

Students who attend our English Mastery Programs will be able to:

1. Learn the 9 strategies that will make them better readers and better at comprehending a range of texts. These strategies include: determining important ideas, visualizing, summarizing, predicting, making inference, monitoring, synthesizing as well as skimming and scanning for information.

2. Learn how to tackle tough comprehension questions and give the best possible answers to these questions

3. Develop effective strategies for handling cloze passages

4. Understand different text types and how to use these to help them understand the text better

5. Understand how to annotate a text meaningfully to leave tracks of their thinking

6. Deduce word meanings from contextual cues

7. Build a strong vocabulary through accelerated learning techniques

8. Improve on their use of such conventions as spelling, punctuation, and grammar

9. Learn 6 specific strategies to score top marks in narrative writing, report writing, exposition writing, factual recount and procedural writing.

10. Achieve top marks in composition writing, answering comprehension questions and summary writing.

Math Mastery Program
We have helped hundreds of students to score ‘A’s in Math. We believe that every student can develop strong Math skills when they are taught in a fun, easy-to-understand and effective way.

Our Math Mastery Program is a revolutionary whole brain learning system that uses the ‘Arrow Transfer Model (ATM)’ and HEIR™ models developed by Math Expert Dr. Peter Yan and PSC Math Scholar Ms Susan Siew.

Dr. Peter Yan, PhD
Head, Math Curriculum Research
Over 20 Years Experience in the Teaching & Research of Math
Developer of the Arrow Transfer Model (ATM)
Author of 8 books on Mathematics

By using a ‘whole brain learning’ approach, the learning of Math extremely easy to understand and remember. Students are able to solve all Math Problems in less than five steps. Our Students are able to:

1. Develop speed and accuracy
2. Make Math relevant, logical, creative and adventurous
3. Acquire powerful inquiry, exploratory mathematical skills
4. Eliminate careless mistakes
5. Confidently tackle tough problem sums
6. Understand difficult concepts
7. Score distinctions in their tests and the PSLE

These are what some of our students and their parents have said:

Math Teacher Yuan Yee (YY) with student Andrea

So if you have what it takes to join our team of teachers or know of anyone who is perfect for the job, send your resumes to or 10 Hoe Chiang Rd #01-01 Keppel Towers, Singapore 089315 (Attention Fredrick).