This post is dedicated to one of my students who I am truly proud of! He is the typical example of how anyone , regardless or age and experience can realize their dreams if they simply just use the right strategies and take massive action. His name is Adam Wong.

Eight years ago, I was invited to give a talk at one of the Singapore polytechnics about achieving success in life to 500 final year students. At the end of my talk was a Q&A session. After replying to lots of typical questions from students, one student raised his hand to ask the final question of the day. On that fateful day, Adam Wong asked the question, ‘ Mr. Khoo, will you be my personal mentor?’

Now, at that time, I could not possibly say ‘no’ in front of 500 students looking on. I would have looked like a real ass! So I said ‘yes’, thinking that he probably wasn’t serious anyway. To my surprise, Adam Wong (AW) called me numerous times to allow him to come see me to ask questions about what to do with his life.

He asked me all sorts of questions like: ‘how do I get started?’ ‘how do I build confidence?’ ‘How do I make my first million?’ ‘How do I set myself apart?’. After answering as much as I could, I told him that if he really wanted to learn all my strategies, then he should sign up for my PATTERNS OF EXCELLENCE program. Sure enough, he borrowed the few thousand from his parents and attended the entire program. At the end of it, he even borrowed more money to attend my Wealth Academy program in 2005.

What really impressed me about AW was that after the programs, he took massive action and applied everything I taught him, He did not hesitate at all. He decided that he did not want to get stuck in a normal 9am-5pm job like everyone else and eventually decided that he would become an entrepreneur as an Internet Marketer. Most important, he was willing to pay the price.

When he applied himself whole heartedly, the results he got were truly inspiring. Within two weeks of launching his business, he generated US$10,011 worth of sales. Within a year and a half, he hit a record US$21,154 a month in December. He continued to build his online business until today, it generates a six figure income while he just works four hours a day from his home.

All his friends call him a LUCKY BASTARD to have such a great life with a great income. So, he decided to write a book (which honestly is a VERY GOOD READ) to teach people exactly how he did it and how anyone can achieve the same success he has on the Internet.

Although I will say that AW is a LUCKY BASTARD, he created his own luck! I believe we all create our own luck through the choices we make and the actions we take. The harder you work, the luckier you get. 8 years ago, in that polytechnic class of 500 students, anyone of them could have been the lucky one to be mentored by me. They ALL had the same opportunity. What made AW lucky was that he took action on the opportunity.

Here is a chance for you to download the first chapter FREE and see how great his book really is. So go and create your own luck by grabbing opportunities whenever they come!!!!