For some strange reason, I was taking a shower when this philosophical question popped in my head and got me really thinking. So, I decided to talk about it in this post.

How much would you sell 10 years of your life for??? If someone came and offered you the chance to sell 10 years of your life, what price would you ask for it. For example, if you asked for $1 million, you will get the cash RIGHT NOW and lose 10 years of your life. So, if you were 20 years old today, you would immediately fast forward to 30. If you were 30 today, you would immediately go to 40. So on and so forth.

What price would you ask for? Think about it. You are not allowed to say ‘not for sale’ or ‘priceless’. You must think of a price.

When I asked most of my friends, they gave huge amounts of money. One of my friends said, ‘ $10 million for 10 years of my life’. So, if we put so much value on the time of our life, are we treasuring it?

For example, for my friend, $10 million for 10 years equates to $1 million a year, which equates to $2,739 per day. This equates to $114 per hour or $1.90 per minute. Do the math for YOUR OWN answer. I bet it would be pretty high as well.

So, question is, are you living each hour as if it were WORTH $114? I am not saying that you must spend every hour making money. What I am saying is whether you are getting the very most out of the precious minutes and hours of your life? Are you enjoying the journey of your life, allowing yourself to be happy or do you keep getting upset over small things? Are you loving the people around you and allowing them to love you back? Are you treasuring each hour of your life and living it to the fullest or constantly procrastinating or doing things later?

If you think about it, you are forced to sell the 10 years of your life (and more), whether you like it or not. Every day that passes in your life, you have just sold it. You are never going to get it back. Every hour that passes in your life, you are never going to get back.

When people attend my 4 day seminars, I tell them that the money they spent can always be made back. What cannot be made back is the 4 days of their life that they have exchanged for coming. So, they have to make the very best use of it.

So, before you go about living this new day, think of the price you have put on it and get your money’s worth!