In the last few weeks, my mailbox has been full of emails by people asking me questions like, ‘I have lost so much in my stocks, should I sell?’, ‘How much lower can the market go?’, ‘ is it safe to buy now?, ‘will the market ever recover?’,’ What are the best things to invest in when the market is down?’

To answer all these questions, I have decided to set myself a CRAZY CHALLENGE of writing a NEW BOOK in 30 DAYS. Usually it takes me 4-5 Months to write a book so this will be super stretch, given the fact that I am speaking every single day and traveling to two countries in a week. But, I believe that anything is possible when you are committed enough.

The book will be entitled ‘PROFIT FROM THE PANIC- ‘How to Protect Your Money and Profit from the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression!’

Remember that Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and John Templeton all became billionaires in investing because they bought stocks at super low prices when NOBODY ELSE DARED TO BUY during the 1930s (great depression), 1973-74 (the oil shock crash), 1987 (Black Monday) and 2001-2003 (Dot Com Crash). Well, here is another opportunity of a lifetime… IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO

Understand that when the market recovers, NOT ALL stocks will recover. Some will DIE and never come back up. Those that do survive will go on to become more valuable than ever (since they have less competitors around). So how do I choose the right stocks? How do I invest and take advantage of the China Market that is DOWN 70%, the US Market DOWN 45% and the Singapore market DOWN 61%? I will reveal all this in PROFIT FROM THE PANIC

However, unlike all my other books, I am going to be printing VERY FEW COPIES of this book. Why? because the market won’t stay this low and attractive for very long. It is only valuable as long as the market does not recover fully yet. So, I am only going to release this book only when the OPPORTUNITY still exists to buy when the whole world is panicking. After taking 30 days to write, it will still take at least another 30 days for production and delivery to bookstores. let’s see what happens!

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