AKLTG Thailand

From left:
Katherine Sia (AKLTG), Kiatimon Lersvidhaya (Thai partner), Golf (Thai partner), Patrick Cheo (CEO), Adam Khoo (That’s Me), Kiatibut Lersvidhaya (Thai partner), Tim (My Thai Trainer) and Gerald Lum (Sing-Thai Partner)

On Sunday, I was up in Bangkok to run our first ever introductory school workshop for the ‘IAG Junior‘, ‘IAG Senior‘ and ‘IAG Foundation‘ programs in Thailand. After so many Thais have sent their children all the way to Singapore to attend our life transformational kids camps, I figured that it was time to open up a permanent office in Bangkok.

Together with me was our Lady Thai Trainer Varoon Charastrakul (also known as ‘Tim’). Here is an inspirational story that I would like to share with you about Tim. Tim was one of the top students in Thailand when she won a scholarship to study Engineering in Singapore at NTU (Nanyang Technological Institute) four years ago.

When she first started studying in NTU, she started struggling in her subjects because of her poor command of her English language. She hated English and believed that she could never score As in her subjects because of her handicap in English and that there was no way she could compete with her counterparts in Singapore.

That was when she enrolled in my PATTERNS OF EXCELLENCE PROGRAM (POE) three years ago. By the way, she worked and saved the $2000+ course fees on her own, not a small amount for a foreign student! During the POE program, she learnt about the power of beliefs and techniques on how to model the strategies of accelerated school learning.

Two years later, she graduated with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE in Engineering from NTU. She was then offered a job by one of the top consulting firms in the region for $4,000+ a month. After working for less than a year, she decided to quit her job and join ADAM KHOO EDUCATION GROUP full time because she wanted to fulfill her dream and passion for students training to also achieve their fullest potential. I am very proud to have her on my team.