I am very proud to announce that my company ran its first series of camps for 300+ teens and children (and their parents) in China, and it was 100% conducted in Mandarin (Hua Yu). Ii was extremely successful and we will be looking to spread our life transformational programs to make a difference to the lives of millions of Chinese children there! A big thank you goes out to Frederick Tan (managing director, Adam Khoo Learning Centre) and Danny Tong & Melvin Chew, the two trainers who did an excellent job!

Adam Khoo Learning Centre has actually been operating in Su Zhou for the last 2 years already, conducting weekly English lessons through the ‘I Can Read’ Program (we are the Master Franchisees there). It was just last month that we decided to run our flagship life transformational kids camps. We are also running our first camp in Thailand this year! (yes, 100% in Thai…Sawardee Krap)