This post is specially dedicated to all the 100+ orphans of Khmer Friendship Orphanage in Phom Penh.

I would like to say a special thank you to Ingvill Solbø Christiansen and her team for helping us to distribute copies of ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!’ and ‘Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny’ as well as our motivational posters (‘If I Can’t , I Must… There is no failure, only learning experiences) to these children and creating a positive an nurturing environment in their classrooms!

Ingvill (who came all the way from Norway) graduated from my Patterns of Excellence program and decided to make a massive difference in her life and the lives of disadvantaged children around the world-starting from Cambodia.

Her aim is to empower as many orphans as possible to get into university and break the poverty cycle! Thank you for helping the Adam Khoo Education Foundation to reach out to these children!

Sopha is studying 1st year Bachelor in Accounting and is nervous about her upcoming exams. She was so happy to get some of your posters, and very keen on reading more of the books.

The I am Gifted books were clearly right on target.

At the University where every class would have 50-100 students.

The students preparing to start at the University after summer, were equally keen to be well prepared.

Ingvill had them read up paragraphs in order to qualify for the books, and they did quite well in reading. Whether their comprehension was just as deep remains to be seen.

Long lines to get a book…

…and posters too.

At the orphanage the classroom got a facelift with posters too.

This classroom is used to provide the kids with extra English lessons after school hours.