Hi everyone,

Just would like to share this email I received from Yong Chang. Congratulations on your awesome mid-year results!

From: Yong Chang Chin
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 11:39 AM
To: i-did-it@akltg.com
Subject: I did it! (Yong Chang of Singapore IAG 16-19 Nov 2007)

Dear Adam,

It has been a good long 6 months since your camp. I have finally began to see results. Thank you.

I can understand how busy your schedule is, so I will make this as brief as possible.

Before the camp, I was an average, under-performing secondary student in St. Joseph’s Institution. Before, I never really took my studies seriously, which was a miracle I came in second in my class in sec 1. Even though I topped my class, I was still very lousy as compared to the other students in the level. What’s more, I was happy with my results. What irony.

Anyway, now, in my latest exam, the Mid Years, I am very proud to say that I have done well. The results are as follows.

English Language 74 A2
Literature in English 78 A1 (highest in class)
History 78 A1
Mathematics 96 A1 (highest in class)
General Science 90 A1 (highest in class, highest in cohort)
Chinese Language 57 C5

Overall percentage: 78.83% (highest in class)

My teacher even said – “Yong Chang is a very bright boy who is mature and responsible. He is a gem to his classmates.”

The only big obstacle i have left is my chinese. I am actively looking for solutions to solve this obstacle. Before, I can honestly say that I have given up on Chinese. Now, even though I have not improved, I am not discouraged at all. Instead I am even more motivated to do well because everyone does not believe I can. =)

Another piece of good news is that I have applied for National Junior College Integrated Programme. I have passed the first stage in their selection, which is a General Ability Test (GAT). My NJC english and math test will be held on this coming Monday. I sincerely hope that I will do exceptionally well. However, I want your opinion on a matter. Is a normal secondary school education or an IP education better?

I hope you can reply soon. Thank you – for everything.

Yours sincerely,
Yong Chang