My latest book, “Nurturing the Winner & Genius in Your Child” hit #5 on the National Straits Times Life Best-Sellers List on its debut. I believe this book will go on to help help thousands of parents to bring out the very best in their children.

Nurturing the Winner and Genius in Your Child
Nurturing the Winner and Genius in Your Child
For the last 12 years, I have been training thousands of students (aged 9 above) through my I Am Gifted! school holiday programme. What has made my programs highly sought after has been our ability to help parenting teen to break through limiting mindsets and develop the confidence, motivation and learning skills to become successful in school and in life.

So, why did I write this book on parenting toddler? Well, many parents have often been amazed at how I am able to get their kids to listen to me and be inspired when they have not been able to get through to them for years! “What is your secret, Adam?” ” How do you get my children to even come back and volunteer as your coach for 5 days when I cannot even get them to clean my room?’ In this book, I reveal all the answers.

The big secret is that if we want to bring out the best in our kids, we must first understand their model of the world. The way kids see the world are completely different from their parents. We must learn to talk in their language! This book will teach parents how to talk so their kids will want to listen.

So, how did I learn all these parenting teenagers. Well, after training over 300,000 students and talking/counseling with more than 100,000 parents over the years, I have discovered some obvious patterns in the way different parents talk to, encourage, discipline and deal with their kids. I have discovered that children who have high self esteem and motivation do not come about by chance. Their parents have certain paradigms and patterns of thinking that make it so. In this book, I will reveal the paradigms and strategies of highly effective parents.

So, look out for it in all major bookstores today!