Hi Everyone! Adam-khoo.com is finally back online. The last 7 days were both exciitng and frustrating at the same time. For some reason, starting on July 12, exploding traffic came swarming into adam-khoo.com and my other site www.secretsofself-mademillionaires.com. The number of hits were so overwhelming that it exceeded the site’s bandwidth and crashed the whole site!

The great news is that I sold out all 200 copies of the ‘Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires’ Digital package at the crazy one time offer of US$47 in just 7 days. (for those of you who missed it, the price is back to US$97…still a great deal). That’s over US$9,000 of passive income. I figured that the sudden surge in traffic came because the offer was running out and people who were rushing in to buy caused the crash.

The strange thing is that over 80% of the orders came out of Asia from places like Sweden, Holland, Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Norway, USA…This is the beauty of Internet Marketing, your market is truly the world! The strange thing is that I did not advertise at all on any foreign sites. Where in the world did all these people come from? Not that I am complaining! I figured that one or two Ang Mohs probably stumbled across the site, bought the products and then blasted their recommendations to their thousands of affiliates and mailing lists. It was also very interesting reading the tons of business propoals for resell rights, jont ventures and invitations to speak from people all around the world.

However, credit must really go to my student and latest business partner Adam Wong (www.adam-wong.com). For those of you who do not yet know, Adam Wong is the person who has set up all my sites and marketed all my products. I do not do it myself. The Key to becoming a millionaire is to learn how to leverage of others and hence multiply your time.

Adam Wong is currently a full time student at SIM. When he attended my Patterns of Excellence Training and Wealth Academy Training (what impressed me was that he was willing to pay a couple of thousands to attend these seminars at such a young age), he was inspired about a topic I taught about how a person can create wealth even if he/she does not have a great idea or talent. There are many millionaires who made their millions on one great idea that was not even theirs!

Instead, they acquired the rights to the great ideas of other people and make millions scaling other people’s value. for exame, Ray Kroc (the father of McDonalds) DID NOT invent McDonalds restaurant or its famed burgers and fries. He acquired the worldwide rights from the McDonalds Brothers (who were great cooks but knew nothing about business) and built over 20,000 outlets in a few years, making himself a billionaire. The McDonalds brothers only got 2 million in pale comparison.

Bill Gates became the richest man in the world by licensing MS-DOS to IBM and IBM clone manufacturers back in the 1980s. Again, Gates DID NOT invent DOS. He bought the Operating system from Seattle Computer Products who did not know the value of it), modified it and licensed it for billions of dollars. All its investor sot was just $50,000.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Henson sold over 60 million copies of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series (just imagine if they just made $2 per book) when all they did was to compile the thousands of stories contributed by other people. They again made millions by knowing how to scale other people’s value.

When Adam Wong learnt this powerful technique, he figured that he could make lots of money by acquiring the online rights for MY products and helping me to scale them. It was a win-win partnership. Instead of being satisfied with earning a couple of hundred dollars giving tuition (like what most full time undergrads do), he decided to use his ideas to make money instead of his time (One of the key principles of wealth). So, he actually had the courage to approach me and ask me for online rights to my products.

I decided to say yes as I felt his sincerity and commitment. Within less than a month, he got all 4 sites up and digitized all my products. Credit must also go to my partner and Internet Marketing Guru Stuart Tan (www.internetmarkeingsingapore.com) who coached Adam Wong to drive tons of traffic to the sites. Sure enough, within less than a month, this new Internet business that we built is generating thousands of US dollars in passive income from product sale and Google advertising revennue! I bet Adam Wong is earning more money now than some of his SIM lecturers. If you want to read up more about Adam Wong, go to www.adam-wong.com