In my Patterns of Excellence (NLP) training programmes, I demonstrate to people the power of our thoughts and our words. When you use empowering words like ‘I will DO my best’, it increases your personal power and generate powerful emotions that drive action. When you use lousy words like ‘ I will TRY my best’, it zaps away your power and your energy diminishes. Successful people have the habit of using words like ‘ I will DO my best, I LOVE what I do, I have lots of CHALLENGES’. Unsuccessful people program themselves to fail by using words like , ‘I will TRY my best, I HATE my work and I have lots of PROBLEMS’.

I also demonstrate the power of THOUGHTS. In  the training, I show people that by thinking positive thoughts and sending the thoughts to someone else, that can literally empower the person and increase their energy and power. At the same time, when you think negative thoughts and send it out, you can destroy another person’s energy and power.

Thoughts are so powerful that they not only alter your energy (aura) and emotions, they can even alter your biochemistry and DNA at a cellular level! Watch this video on how sending powerful thoughts can even cure a person of diseases like cancer!

So, be careful about the thoughts you think everyday. Not only do your thought alter your emotions and behaviour, your thoughts alter your DNA as well. This is why people who are always thinking negative tend age faster,  become physically less attractive (permanent scowl on their face) and get sick more easily.

People who focus only on thoughts of love, gratitude, happiness and forgiveness, keep looking young as the years pass, have high immunity against sickness and look more attractive as they age.