I Am Gifted Vietnam

This post is dedicated to two special people Kenny Tran and Katie who have made my first book, ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!’ into a National Best-Seller in Vietnam.

Kenny and Katie came for the Patterns of Excellence Program and Wealth Academy (In Singapore) sometime back. After that they approached me for the rights to write, publish and market my books to Vietnam as they felt that it could make a huge difference in the lives of this country that is full of young people who are hungry for success in life.

By Dec 207, it became one of the BEST-SELLING BOOKS NATIONALLY, together with Harry Potter Book 7! The official website: www.vuontoithanhcong.com has over 65,000 hits for the last 6 months alone.

However, it did not take off straight away. Like most new ventures, there was failure at first. But using the ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA that I taught in the Patterns of Excellence program, they turned failure into feedback, changed their strategy and kept taking massive action until they achieved their goal.

Here is their story:

“We finished the printing of the books early in Aug 07, but we’ve started the marketing campaign on the Internet since July 07. After the book published, we didn’t go straight to the book distributors but distributed it ourselves. We failed miserably I must say. Mainly because our wrong judgement about all the red-tape we might encounter and the cost. We only managed to sell about 200 books during this time (around 2 months) and made a loss. In Oct 07, we changed our strategy and started to negotiate with 2 largest book distributors in Vietnam.

Eventually, we got our deal with the largest one, FAHASA. The book is officially distributed with FAHASA’s network since mid of Nov. And in Dec 2007, it became of the best-selling along with Harry Potter 7. (In Vietnam, they don’t make best-selling books into different categories, so we have to compete with all the fiction books to be on the list)”.

Here are just some of the hundreds of testimonials that they have received so far (translated to English):

Thank Tran Dang Khoa and Uong Xuan Vy for doing a good work of bringing this book to Vietnamese readers. I read a few paragraphs of the book and they impressed so much that I had to “hunt” for the book and devour it. The psychology analysis and the issues mentioned in the book are exactly what I’m stuck with but can’t find the right ways to get over them. (Hong Van – 28/02/2008).

The book is very good. This is what I have been looking for. It changes my life. (Bui Thanh Tuan – 22/02/2008)

I bought 2 copies of “I’m Gifted, So Are You!” for my two sons (10 years old and 8 years old) in Nov 2007. They’re quite fond of the book and applied successfully a part of it. I also bought 5 as presents to my sister’s son, colleagues and friends. All love the books. (Dr. Phan Le Hang – 26/12/2007)

I’m a student of Vinh Long’s Technology College. I saw “I am gifted, So are you!” at the bookstore. I found it very useful to me. Hence, I saved all the money to buy the book. Thank author “Adam Khoo” and translator Tran Dang Khoa for giving me beliefs in the bright future. I’ve decided to follow my dream; I will take the entrance exam for The University of Banking in Ho Chi Minh City. (Nguyen Thanh Lap – 25/12/2007)

Sincere thanks! I spent more than 3 hours to finish this book. In fact, beside the book “How to win friends and influence people”, I’ve never read such a good book like this before. Fortunately, I’ve achieved a lot since young, compared to others. However, when I read the book and ponder, I realize how small I am and how I’ve been wasting my life. I’m 19 years old now. I know that the road is still long ahead, but a bright future will welcome me if I try my best. From now on, after reading this book, I want to change my life. Since young, I always have absolute confidence about my capabilities. I always believe that I was born to succeed. In people’s eyes, I’m a talent and success comes to me naturally. But I want more and more successes. I want an absolute success, which I didn’t have, for my future, my family and “Toc xu”, my love. I can have everything. Everything! I will buy this book as a Christmas gift for “Toc xu”, the most important person in my life. This will be a very meaningful gift. Again, I thank the translators for giving me a chance of reading such a good and meaningful book! (Nguyen Ngoc Tu – 24/12/2007)

I have a 12-year-old daughter. Due to my hectic working schedule, I don’t have much time to help her study. I sent her to a lot of private tuitions but she just scored above average. Then, I bought this book for her. She loves it and keeps it carefully. She reads the book every night before sleep. She studies harder and becomes more determined. She pasted her goals and studying schedule everywhere. She announced that if she doesn’t get “Good Student” status at the end of the school year, she will punish herself by not playing games for a month. Being parent, I’m moved when seeing her change so much. If only I had known this book could have such a good impact on her, I would have bought it earlier by all means. I want to thank the two translators Tran Dang Khoa and Uong Xuan Vy for bringing this book to Vietnam. (Xuan Tuyen – 22/02/2008)

Dear bro and sis, the book is very good. I’ve read it and love it. Please publish more books. I will certainly buy them. (Cutie – 14/12/2007).

I’m really happy when finishing this book. Although I’m always an excellence student, I still can find my weaknesses through this book. You know what? I feel much more confident now to take the entrance exam to my favourite Medical University. Hope this book will reach all the young people in Vietnam. (Hong Thai – 20/12/2007)

At first, I want to thank the author for writing such a meaningful book for students like us. And many thanks to the translators for translating this book. I used to work without purposes and directions. But now, I know what I should do. (M – 25/11/2007).

I find that this book is well-done. The writing is simple, concise yet meaningful. The content is well-thought and not to show off plainly. I love it and I think my children can learn good skills in life from this book. (Hoang Thi Thanh Nga – 04/10/2007).

Thanks Kenny and Katie for making a positive difference in the world!