We all know about the power of positive thinking but did you know how truly powerful your thoughts can be. Your thoughts do not just affect you psychologically. Your thoughts can in fact alter your body’s biochemistry (creating diseases or good health) and manifest what you think about in reality. Every thought you have is a quantum of energy that vibrates at a particular frequency. Since all matter is made up of energy at the subatomic level, every thought can shape matter and reality.

In my Patterns of Excellence (NLP) program, I prove to my participants using a live demonstration of how their thoughts can strengthen and weaken their bodies and the energy of other people around them.

This video by Dr. Masaru Emoto shows how your thoughts and words can even affect water and rice. For one month, he said ‘ Thank You!; to the first jar of rice, ‘You Are An Idiot!’ to the second jar and ignored the third jar. In a month, the first jar fermented with a pleasant aroma. The rice in the second jar turned black. The third jar began to rot.

So, if you want to change your life for the better, start changing your thoughts! Imagine the affect that your everyday thoughts have on your emotions and health, on your children, on your customers, on your colleagues and on your family as a whole.