People often ask me how I stay so focused, motivated and confident in achieving my goals everyday. How do I constantly come up with great new business ideas that generate millions of dollars and how am I able to overcome the huge challenges that come my way as well?

Let me share my little secret….

There are three things that I feed regularly everyday. I believe when we feed ourselves the right ‘nourishment’, we get stronger and stronger.

While most people only feed their bodies with food, I also feed my mind and feed my spirit everyday. I strengthen my mind everyday by feeding my mind with the reading of books on business, leadership, investing, technology, economics and inspiration. I spend at least 2 hours reading everyday and read at least 3-4 new books a week on top of business news (from 4 newspapers). This is how I develop my best ideas and stay way ahead of my competition.

More importantly, I also feed my spirit. I feed and strengthen my spirit by focusing what I am grateful for and to find ways to give to others who are not as fortunate as I am. When I constantly focus on helping others, my own problems seem to disappear. When I think of all the things I am grateful for, I stop taking things for granted. This is my secret