It’s the new year and in March I will be kicking off the first “Patterns of Excellence’ Live Training in Singapore. I am only running 3 Programs this year and already half the seats have been pre-booked by people in 2007. So, I just thought I would like to give the readers of my BLOG a head start if you have been dying to go to this LIFE TRANSFORMATION EVENT.

For those of you who do not know about Patterns of Excellence yet, I dare say that is the most powerful life transformation program you can ever attend. You are going to learn the most powerful success conditioning strategies like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to achieve exceptional success in your career, wealth & relationships.

Imagine being able to create a level of wealth & success only the top 10% of the population experience! No matter where you are in your life right now, you have the power to make it happen. The only thing holding you back is negative past conditioning and lack of the right strategies.

If you feel that you can and deserve to achieve much more from your life, then join me in this event in 2008

If you happen to be living in Singapore, make the commitment to come down to Adam Khoo Workshop Training Centre, 10 Hoe Chiang Rd 01-01, Keppel Towers for a FREE Introductory Workshop from 7pm-10pm . Here is what you can be prepared to experience…

– How to overcome procrastination & develop strong personal motivation
– Condition your mind for unstoppable self-confidence
– Turn past failures into future success
– Design & achieve an amazing future for yourself
– How to model & replicate the winning strategies of peak performers
– Change limiting habits that have created self-sabotage
– Achieve exceptional success in your career, relationships & wealth
– The secrets of how to become a charismatic and influencial communicator

For the last 5 years, Stuart Tan and I have coached individuals from all walks of life (business owners, salespeople, doctors, teachers, the bankrupt, retirees etc…) to achieve the results they really want in life! You can find out more by going to

I look forward to seeing you then!