I would like to salute and congratulate one of my most senior students Martin Sng who attended my Patterns of Excellence (NLP) training 5 years ago. At the time, Martin was bankrupt after he lent alot of money to his friends and stood as guarantor to many of their loans. He is a very nice man who was too obliging. In the end, when his friends could not pay their loans, Martin was left shouldering all the debt. Despite his huge challenges, Martin saved up enough to attend my course. During the program, he set his goal to get discharged from bankruptcy and become a millionaire.

Yesterday, he turned up at my new training centre for my Wealth Academy Introductory Seminar. He was so happy to share with me that he achieved his goal of paying off his debts and being discharged as a bankrupt. He has begun to save alot of money and wants to learn to build his wealth through the stock market. This is why he decided to sign up for my course with his newly saved money. What impresses me about Martin is that at age 64, he is still so passionate to learn and invest in himself. Instead of blaming his friends or blaming his bad luck (which most people do), he chose to take responsibility, upgrade himself and take massive action! Martin, you are truly an inspiration to all Singaporeans