Dear Friends

I would like to wish one and all a very successful, fulfilling and happy 2013!

Another whole year has passed like the blink of an eye and another new year is about to begin. It is that time of the year where I do a very important ritual-exercise and I would like to share it with you and encourage you to do the same.

Reflecting on 2012…What Have You Achieved?
I believe that at the beginning of a new year, it is important to audit the year that has just passed. Time to reflect and write down all the key accomplishments you have made, the important lessons you have learned and improvements you have made to yourself. I’ve always loved to listen to the old Christmas song ‘So, this is Christmas- by John Lennon’ where the lyrics go ‘So this is Christmas, now what have you done? Another year over, a new one’s just begun…’

Ever since I was 15, I have been keeping a SUCCESS JOURNAL, where I write down all my achievements and insights for every year that has passed in my life. My philosophy is that if life is worth living, it is worth recording. This allows me to look back at my life for the last 23 years, year by year to see how I have grown and what I have achieved so far. Success is a process of continuously moving towards the goals you have set for in your life. So, if you do not keep a record of how you are progressing each year, then how do you measure your success?

At the same time, keeping this success journal is a way how to motivate myself myself to keep going further. That’s right! Yours truly Adam Khoo also gets demoralized once in a while, so I need to motivate myself by reading all my past achievements and read all the letters of appreciation that people have sent to me. I invite you to do the same thing! I invite you to share what you have learned, achieved, improved in for 2012! Maybe I can start the ball rolling by sharing what is in my own 2012 Success Journal. In 2012, I am proud to have done the following:

Launched ‘Winning the Game of Life’ Book That Became a National Best-Seller
Launched the I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programme in China and Ran Four Very Successful Camps
Led my company (AKLTG) to its 10th Year Anniversary Milestone, now operating in 7 Countries
Opened New Adam Khoo Learning Centres at Century Square and Sembawang Shopping Centre
Celebrated my 12th Wedding Anniversary (with the same wife ;-))
Organized the Wealth Expo in Singapore for 4,800 participants as well as running it for the first time in Malaysia (2000+) and Indonesia (2000+)
Passed my IPPT with a Silver at age 38!
Brought my Whole family on 4 vacations this year (including Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany)
Achieved a combined Return on Investments of 37% Year to Date
Conferred a Second NUS Eminent Alumni Award by the National University of Singapore

Setting Your Big, Audacious Goals for 2013
The next step, is to set specific, measurable goals with deadlines attached to them for the New Year. I am not talking about New Years Resolutions, but GOALS! Let me tell you why New Years Resolutions never seem to work. First, they are too vague, general and non-committal. For example a resolution like, ‘be a better person’ will not work. To create it a powerful goal, it could be stated like, ‘Do one good deed a week for a stranger’, ‘ pay sincere compliments to the people around me’.

The other reason resolutions do not work is because people only write them down and look at them once. The next time they look at it (if they ever do) is one year later! In the meantime, they get so distracted and sidetracked by all the day to day demands of life that their resolutions are always shelved aside! For goals to work, you must

1) Write them down on a big piece of poster
2) Stick it up all over your home, work area, computer desktop
3 Make a public commitment by putting it up on your BLOG, Facebook or telling your friends about it
4) Reading it out aloud EVERY MORNING when you wake up

THIS is what it takes to ever achieve the goals you have set. So again, I invite you to share your goals with me (via email). I will start the ball rolling my committing and declaring MY GOALS. So, if I don’t achieve them by end 2013, you can write in and laugh at me! (that will be MY motivation). Here are my 2013 Goals:

Launch a New Book Titled (not confirmed) ‘Winning the Game of Stocks’
Launch Wealth Expo for the first time in Vietnam and launch Wealth Academy in Thailand
Launch my Fund Management Company And Raise $50 million in Funds by the End of the Year
Hit a New Audience Record of 6,000 people for Wealth Expo Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
Run 4 times a week x 4km & Achieve Gold for IPPT
Re-launch a New Edition of ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You Book’ (after 15 years since it was first published)
Bring my Family on vacation to Maldives, Korea and ??? (third country to be assigned)

So, those are my goals for 2013! I hope I have inspired and challenged you to do the same!