Someone came up to me at one of my talks and asked, “If you can make so much money in your investments and your business, then why do you bother to spend the time teaching people?”

At first, I felt a bit offended but then I thought it was a fair question. So I said, “the reason is because I love to teach. It is my passion and my calling. I love it when I see people’s faces brighten up and experience breakthroughs in their lives. That’ something that money can’t buy”. I also teach because I feel that it is my duty to. I have been so lucky to have been able to have all this knowledge and the gift to inspire and teach that it is my duty to make use of this god-given gifts.

This lady looked at me and remarked, ” If I had all your money, I will not waste my time teaching and enjoy myself relaxing instead”. I then said, ” honestly, that is why I am rich and successful and YOU ARE NOT.” If you are just interested in making money, you never will. However, if you are interested to help others and do what you love, then you will be rich, happy and successful. She looked at me as if I was crazy and walked away.