Do you have problems in your life right now?

If you are a living, breathing, human being, I would bet the answer is ‘yes’. This is because every single person on this planet has problems all the time. You are not alone!

However, do you allow your problems to stop you from achieving your goals or do you allow your problems to challenge you into becoming a stronger & wiser person? Do you allow your problems to cause you stress and unhappiness or do you allow your problems to ignite your fighting spirit?

If Only I Had No Problems
Many people who come to my courses tell me that ‘problems’ are the main cause of their unhappiness, stress and failure. They wish that by learning my strategies, they can rid their life of all their problems once and for all.

You Will Always Have Problems

I normally respond by telling them the harsh truth. They will always be problems in your life. Whenever you solve your problems, you can bet that another three more will pop up! The only time you will have no more problems is when you are lying in the graveyard… 6 feet under.

In fact, being more successful doesn’t rid you of your problems… it actually creates more! The more successful you become, the more and the bigger problems you will have to deal with. Successful people have a lot more problems that mediocre people. That is because the former tend to take more action.

For example, when my company was small and I was just a one-man trainer in Singapore, I had very few problems. Now that my company (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group) has over a hundred staff and is operating in 7 countries, training over 90,000+ people a year, I have much bigger problems to solve.

Everyday, my management team and I are solving problems- problems in Singapore, problems in India, problems in China, problems in developing new breakthrough programs, problems in managing 100+ staff, problems with managing more programs, more business partners, and more trainers etc…

We Need Problems…They Make Us Grow Smarter and Stronger
Many of us may not like problems. We all wish that everything can go the way we expect, smoothly.
However, the truth is that we NEED problems. Problems are what challenge our minds and spirit. Problems force us to think of new ideas. Problems force us to grow as a person- to develop courage, resolve, determination and gratitude. Problems teach us the most valuable lessons and make us into better people.

If everything came easily, we tend to get complacent, weak and ungrateful. We will keep doing the same things, staying in our comfort zone and stop learning and growing.

Successful People Are Bigger Than Their Problems, Mediocre People Are Smaller Than Their Problems
What I have realizes is that successful people tend to be BIGGER than their problems whereas mediocre people tend to be SMALLER than their problems.

Imagine that you have a level-5 problem and you are a person with level-3 capabilities. To you, it would be a relatively big problem, wouldn’t it? It would cause you stress and unhappiness. However, if you grew yourself to become a level-8 person (with more knowledge and skills), the same problem will seem relatively small. If you grew yourself to become a level-12 person, it may not seem like a problem anymore.

So, the key to becoming more and more successful is NOT to AVOID PROBLEMS. The key to success is to KEEP GROWING YOURSELF to become BIGGER than your problems, and to become bigger than any problem! For example, when I first started as an inexperienced trainer, I would find rowdy and resistant people in my audience to be a huge problem. As a result of constantly learning new ways of managing my thoughts, learning new persuasion techniques and becoming more and more confident and charismatic, it is no longer a problem to me. I am able to easily handle and turn around resistant people in my audience!

When I first started my business, I found that it was a huge problem to market my products and programmes to the public. Although I had high quality programmes, it was very difficult to attract people to sign up. After 10 years of dealing with these problems, I have developed the marketing, branding and selling skills such that it is now so easy to attract thousands of people to attend my best-selling programmes.

It Is Not The Size Of Your Problems… It Is The Size Of Your Capabilities!
So, if you find that you have huge problems in your life, realize that it is not the size of the problem that is the problem…The real issue is the level of your own capabilities and mindset. It is the size of you! When you start to increase your skills, knowledge and capabilities, your problems will start to become small in comparison.
Whenever I find that a problem that causes me stress, it tells me that I need to grow myself so that I can deal with it. In other words, ‘Don’t wish for things to get better, make yourself better!’

If You Want to Be Rich… Find And Solve Bigger Problems For More People
Problems are also the source of wealth.

People often ask me the secret of creating wealth, My answer usually is, ‘find lots of problems and solve them’. They usually look at me with a blank stare. Let me explain.

When do customers pay us? Why do companies pay us (if we are working as a employee?) They pay us only because we can help them to solve their problems to reach their goals. The bigger the problems we can solve for people, the more we get paid! Your income is a result of the amount of problems you can solve.

Think of why a heart surgeon gets paid so much more money than a massage therapist, for example. A message therapist solves a small problem- helping people to relieve their aches and pains. A heart surgeon solves a much bigger problem- he/she helps save people’s life by repairing their hearts.

Why does a company CEO get paid 1,000 times more than a janitor? Once again, it is because the CEO has the ability to solve problems 1,000 times larger than what the janitor can solve. If the company is losing customers and market share, a good CEO will be able to turn the company around and solve this big problem. Can a janitor solve such a big problem? No! The janitor can only solve small problems- when someone spills something on the floor and it needs to be cleaned.
So, instead of asking, ‘how can I get rich?’, you should ask, ‘how can I help more people solve their problems? By focusing on helping more people solve their problems, wealth will come to you as a natural by-product!

When I first started in my career, I created wealth by helping students solve their problems of failing in school. I taught them strategies to make learning easy and fun and to get self-motivated to excel.

Then, I asked the question, ‘How can I help even MORE PEOPLE?’ That question inspired me to write 12 books to teach more and more people all over the world. That question inspired me to create BLOGs (like this one) to encourage more and more people around the world. That question inspired me to create a whole range of programmes- Wealth Academy, Patterns Of Excellence, I Am Gifted etc… to help people solve their problems from all walks of life and ages.

The more and more people I was able to help, the more wealthy I have become- not just financially wealthy, but spiritually wealthy as well.

So, stop avoid problems, Embrace your problems, find more problems and solve them!