The year end holidays are coming again and I will be spending most of my time training students (aged 9-18 years old) to unleash their fullest potential to achieve top grades in school and develop the mindset to plan a successful future for themselves.

Many people may not know this, but out of the 14,900 participants trained by ADAM KHOO LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES GROUP annually, 12,800 are primary and secondary school students.

This coming holidays, I will conduct my ‘IAG Junior‘, ‘IAG Senior‘ and ‘IAG Foundation‘, IAG Singapore, Malaysia (KL) and IAG Indonesia (Jakarta and Medan) programs.

If you would like to listen a FULL 3 hour recording of my SuperKids introductory seminar, click on the link below:

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>>> SuperKids Seminar <<<
This is a actual LIVE recording of the introductory SuperKids seminars that I conduct. Inside you will learn:

* The 3 steps to empower your child to become a super student!
* How to develop a super memory for facts and figures.
* Speed reading
* Critical thinking skills and applications
* How to build self-esteem and motivation
* Effective time and life management skills
* and much more…

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>>> SuperKids Seminar <<<
Now, many people have asked me why I have such a passion for training youths to succeed. Well, let me share with you a bit of my background.

When I was much younger, I was a typical underachiever. I was a lazy, unmotivated TV and computer games addict. I hated to study…especially for Math and Chinese (which I used to get 15% for my Exams). As a result of getting into trouble (fighting), I was expelled from St. Stephens School at the age of 9 (Primary 3) and was out of school for 6 months. Finally, after lots of pleading from my mum, she managed to get me into a new school, Ngee Ann Primary School. Unfortunately, I continued my lazy, naughty and rebellious ways.

When I went for my Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE), I did so badly that I was REJECTED from ALL 6 SECONDARY SCHOOLS that I chose. In the end, I was posted to Ping Yi Secondary School, which was a neighbourhood school that was ranked among the bottom in Singapore.

Although the school has very caring and committed teachers, I began mixing around with the wrong group of friends. I mixed around with secret society ah bengs and picked up smoking and got into even more trouble. As my parents were successful professionals who were busy building their career, I was a latch key child who was only supervised by my maid (which I bullied..ha ha). By the end of secondary one, I did so badly that I failed 5 subjects and was ranked 156th in standard (out of 160+ students).

It did not help that my parents divorced that same year, making me feel even more lousy and depressed about my life. Knowing that a university degree was essential for my future and knowing that there was NO WAY I would get into the National University of Singapore (NUS) with my horrible results, my dad decided that the only thing he could do was to SEND ME OVERSEAS to boarding school in London where I could finish my studies, learn some discipline, get a degree and come back in 10 years.

When he threatened to send me away, I started to get worried (for the first time) and knew that I had to improve my grades or I could not stay in Singapore anymore. But I did not know how to study and had the limiting belief that I was lousy and stupid (afterall, everyone told me so).

It was at the lowest point of my life (yes, I had hit rock bottom) that my dad tried a last shot by enroling me into a motivation camp for kids in 1987. It was at the holiday camp that I became exposed to concepts like the PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS, WHOLE BRAIN LEARNING, ACCELERATED LEARNING and NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP). I was amazed at the fact that when we learn how to master our mindset and learning the right strategies, we can achieve any goal..NO MATTER HOW BIG IT IS!

I was so fascinated about the power of human potential that I decided to learn everything I could about how to boost my brain power, beliefs and self motivation. I read hundreds of books and attended many other courses by gurus like Anthony Robbins, Tony Buzan and on topics like Whle Brain Integration Learning, Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Science and NLP. My dad thought that I had gone nuts! (I used to only read Archie comic books).

I was so inspired (especially by Anthony Robbins) that I set the crazy goals of 1) Topping my school, 2) Getting into Victoria Junior College, 3) Getting into NUS Business School and 4) Making my first million before the age of 26 and 5) becoming financially free at age 33.

To cut a long story short, I became totally obsessed with my goals and worked SUPER HARD, applying all the strategies I had mastered (memory techniques, speed reading, mind mapping, NLP etc..). At the O Levels, I topped my school with 7As and got into Victoria JC (ranked the top JC in 1991). During my JC days, I would spend my school holidays and after school time to act as a volunteer to teach primary and secondary school students HOW TO study and HOW to succeed. By using myself as a role model (from neighbourhood school to top JC), I was able to empower and inspire hundreds of other underachievers to excel. That was when I discovered my TRUE PASSSION and TRUE CALLING in life.

After scoring straight As for my A LEVELS, I went to the Army for 2.5 years (where I became an officer) and achieved my 3rd goal of entering NUS Business School. After applying all the powerful school learning skills once again, I was RANKED AMONG THE TOP 1% of academic achievers in NUS and was one of the pioneer students in the NUS Talent Development Program, which is like the Gifted kids program there. I finished my 4-year honors degree in 3 years and was placed on the Deans List for all 3 consecutive years.

During the 3 years at NUS, I started ADAM KHOO & ASSOCIATES, a training business where I went to primary, secondary and JCs to train them on how to become top students. I was making MORE MONEY that even some of my NUS lecturers! (I made close to $2000-$3000 for a study workshop day). It was this time that I wrote my very first book ‘I AM GIFTED, SO ARE YOU!” specially to inspire students that they can achieve top grades and success in life with the right mindset and strategies.

I Am Gifted, So Are You!
I Am Gifted Book
The book became an MPH #1 Best-Seller by 1998 and I was featured in the newspapers as being a BBA student who topped the best-sellers list! Since the, I started the I Am Gifted! school holiday programme that NOW TRAINS over 12,800 students in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia annually!

I Am Gifted Book Bestseller List
It’s a tiny hard to see, but it’s No.1 on the list!
Looking back, I think that becoming a former lousy and lazy student was actually a blessing in disguise! If I was not a former underachiever, I would not be able to relate to other underachieving youths and I would not be able to use my life as a role model to inspire others (if I can, so can you!). If I was not doing so badly, my dad would never have sent me to the motivational camps and I would never have learnt NLP and accelerated learning! Today, I would may not be ADAM KHOO! You see, everything happens for a reason…especially the worst things. Somehow, you have to trust that all the dots will connect towards a higher purpose!

So, if you know of any students (your child, nephew, niece, friend) who are facing challenges and can benefit from my June Study Program, do get them to come for my FREE INTRODUCTORY PARENTS-STUDENTS workshop which I hold almost EVERY WEEKEND. To find out more, you can go to to book a place or by calling 65-62740105 (Singapore), (603)79567879 (Malaysia) or (62)215723315 (Jakarta).

By the way, by recommending someone to my programs, you can earn an AFFILIATE COMMISSION at the same time. To find out more, call (65) 62740105 and talk to Andrew, Jimmy or Irish. You can also send me an email through my BLOG.

In the meantime, Take Care and Take Action!