Dear Friends

I am extremely happy and excited to announce the launch of my 12th and latest book, ‘Winning The Game of Life!”. My book will be officially launched into all the Singapore bookstores on 16 November 2011. Thousands of copies have already been ordered by all major bookstores and I am sure there will be a mad rush for the first edition. It is already being translated into Vietnamese, Indonesian and Mandarin and will be available in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia within the next 2-3 months. This is one of the best books I have written and I am really happy to share it with you, my friends and supporters.

Life Is Like A Game.
Have You Mastered The Strategies To Overcome Defeat, To Win & To Achieve Lasting Happiness?
Anyone can become a winner in the game of life – when you know how. If you would like to become the best in your field, enjoy beautiful relationships,create financial abundance, and have everlasting happiness…

With 19 Chapters Of Information-Rich, Practical And Actionable Content, This Book Will Change The Way You Play Your Game
Do you play to win or not to lose? If you are amongst the few who play to win, this book will equip you with the essential success blueprints. Learn about emotions, mindsets, strategies, motivation, checklists, psychology, tips, anecdotes, personal never-released stories.. everything I know, and everything you need to know about achieving lasting happiness and success!

What You Will Discover In This Book
-How to Take Control of Your Own Destiny
-What It Takes To Become The Best In Your Field
-Turn Adversity and Defeat into Opportunities for Success
-Staying Successful Amidst Global Competition
-The Secret to Lifelong Happiness and Fulfillment
-How to Develop Talent & Unleash Your Genius
-Develop High Self Esteem And Confidence
-Model & Replicate the Success Blueprints of Top Achievers
-Release the Emotional Baggage that Hold You Back
-How to Get Lucky
-Achieve Breakthrough Results in Your Career, Relationship, and Finances

P.S. If you happen to be a graduate from any of my programmes, my facebook friend or a registered member of my BLOG, you get the exclusive chance to get ‘Winning the Game Of Life’ before it hits the bookshops and with my personal autograph. You also get it at 20%-40% off the bookshop price. If you want to get this special pre-launch offer BEFORE the 16 November 2011, you can get an order form by sending an email to

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Adam Khoo