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A Big Thank You to All My Supporters!

Over the weekend, I went to do my round of book talks at Kinokuniya, Borders and Times. It was great to meet so many of you who came down to give such overwhelming support. It was also very heatwarming to hear your personal success stories after applying teh welath creation stratagies within. There was a lady who increase her personal sales income and just a month and another gentleman who decided to finally take charge of his finances after working for 7 years without any savings to show for it. A big thank you to all of you who have supported my latest book and a big thank you to all the bookstores: Popular, MPH, Times, Kinokuniya and Borders for making Secrets of Self Made Millionaires #1 in Singapore.


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  1. Alex Sin on June 21st, 2006

    I have bought this book for almost 2weeks, although I didn’t finished in 10 days, like what the book suggest. But I still have afew pages left. I feel that its the best books that I have read after rich dad,poor dad.

    Anyway, I found some errors while reading along the way. On page 279, screen4: risk rating be 3 or below, but on p285-diag7: MACSX risk rating is 5-low.why? P332, I think its a typo error, $100 received in year 1, in year 2, in year 2…….

    Despite all the errors, I will certainly recommend it to my friends and it really inspires me to be a millonaire one day.

    Thanks a Million Adam.

  2. brian on June 29th, 2006

    like what Alex Sin has said, there were some errors in the book which I found out while poking around moneycentral.com’s fund research function (mainly the risk ratings part) as recommended by you.

    But it was an enjoyable, inspiring and definitely practical read. I had bought and read your “Master you mind, design your destiny” previously and although I did not completely implement what I have read (ok, blame it on my laziness), I was still overwhelmed by the fact that I could achieve my goals if I set my heart on it and change my mind’s thinking patterns.

    I have been out of job for quite some time and terribly depressed until I have read your book and decided to change myself.I am still quite lost on my goal in my life but I hope to find some direction and inspiration from re-reading your previous books. Sometimes I wonder if I have been repeating strategies that didnt workout until it become a serious case of self-delusion…hmmm…

    Despite everything that has happened to me, I do hope to find my station in life soon and work towards greater wealth!

    Thanks for an excellent book!

  3. Aaron on October 1st, 2006

    Hi Adam, you have been my inspiring mentor whom i repect you for your success that you strived on your own. I have signed up for your coming wealth management program in Oct. Anyway I just want to hear your comment regarding favorism from Management in organization. I know this is common nowadays but it is getting out of hand and had caused great unhappiness in the company among staff. How can we fine tune our mindset to turn this into some kind of advantage mentally?

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