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Announcing: Conrad’s ‘Coach-You-Until-You-Succeed’ Monthly Profits Trading Mentorship Program

Wow! Since my last posting on Conrad Alvin Lim’s story of ‘From Bankrupt to Bankroll’, his mail box has been jammed packed and his mobile phone ringing non-stop from people who want to learn the art of ‘trading for a living’.

For those of you who remember, I shared the story of Conrad who has been a bankrupt for the last 6 years (due to a past business failure in the media industry) who learnt the art of trading for consistent monthy profits. He traded himself out of bankruptcy and today makes a comfortable $5,000- $7,000/month trading stocks and options from his home. For your information, Conrad is also my company’s and my personal investment strategist who manages a large portion of my own personal money.

After much convincing, Conrad has agreed to conduct a mentorship and coaching program for a MAXIMUM OF 10 PEOPLE in a group. If you are serious about earning an additional stream of income through trading, I highly recommed you take up this very rare opportunity to be mentored by a professional trader.

By the way, many of Conrad’s past students are people who have attended other ‘options and investment guru’s seminars’ and have lost money or felt that they did not have sufficient knowledge or confidence to begin trading. What he covers are the true fundamentals of trading and the indepth knowldege that many ‘options and investment seminars’ lack. The reason I highly recommend Conrad is because he does not give alot of bullshit get rich theories that do not work. He is really down to earth and will tell you the true ins and outs of trading for a living.

Due to the very limited number of studnets he is willing to take in, graduates of my Wealth Academy Program/ Patterns of Excellence will be given first priority. However, if you want to get a much sought after place, then you can send an email to or angela@ and they will do their best to help you out


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  1. Eddie Chow on December 3rd, 2006

    Just wondering what’s the charges like for conrad’s training?? And how long it takes for the training?

  2. Conrad on December 4th, 2006

    Hey Eddie,

    You could check out my message board for the coaching details:

    You can also make an inquiry with

    FYI, we’re organising a Preview Session for all those interested and this is going to be sometime next week. You can get a confirmed seat if you email Terence this week.

    Thanks for the interest!


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