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Congratulations to All Graduates of Wealth Academy Oct 2006!


This post is specially dedicated to the 112 graduates of Wealth Academy Oct 2006! Training two major programs (Patterns of Excellence and Wealth Academy) has been extremely intense but hugely rewarding. Thank you all for your wonderful emails, testimonials and comments. I am really glad that all of you really pushed yourself past your mental and physical limits…sleeping 3-4 hours a day (maybe even less), going through 54 of non-stop wealth training and games and being able to come up with a business within 8 hours!

You should be really proud of yourselves. I want you to know that all of you have learnt and experienced more in 4 days than what most other people learn over a lifetime of trial and error. You have learnt…
1) How to identify the best undervalued stocks in the market today
2) How to track the investment decisions of the richest investors in the world
3) How to create mutliple streams of income through intellectual property, Internet marketing, business and so much more
4) The winning habits and principles of self-made millionaires
5) How to build a business that will be among the top 10% of its industry
6) How to double your sales and business profits through the power of advertising and marketing
7) How to to maximize your market value and personal income

The most important thing is to continue to push yourself as you return to your daily lives and keep taking massive action. And I guarantee that you will see the fruits of your labour.

If you happen to be reading this post, feel free to leave a comment on your experience in Wealth Academy right here!


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  1. erick on October 11th, 2006

    well well … i feel awesome !!!!!!!!! have started to set up an account from optionxpress as promises and in the mist of building a business idea (secret) hahaha thanks adam for everything . in this course i am convince that whatever you plan for ,you will achieve your goals and success doesn’t come just like “that” . my business team plan to achieve1st place in the business building module , eventually it happen and that really help me in buliding another “legs” for my believe …
    thanks alot
    *post more pictures ok 🙂

  2. Bernard on October 12th, 2006

    Hi Adam
    The Wealth Academy was awesome. I truly appreciate the effort you put into the seminar. I could see the passion you have in educating your audience. You could have simply gone through the material and left early. Instead, you stayed on till early in the morning, giving everyone so much information, examples and sharing your life experience to help us understand the concepts and implications of our mindset. It truly showed your dedication to your craft, and much more.

    Once again, thanks for going beyond what was expected.

    BTW, I’d like to know if I can get your permission to use the photo in my blog. Please let me know.

    Thanks and good health and wealth to you.

  3. Bernie on October 12th, 2006

    Course fees: $2800
    Transport: $60
    Food: $100
    Money created in the training: $570 +/-

    The confidence and clarity gained that I can achieve anything I want with a right plan and course of action, the discovery that I can sleep on 2 hours a day and go into class as if I am high on ecstacy, the skills about money learned in the 4 days, the networking and new friends gained throughout the course, and the jumping up and exploding with JOY AND VICTORY with my great teammates when we unexpectedly won the competition – best birthday present in my life – PRICELESS.

    AWESOME! Nice to read your comment, Erick!
    Just looking forward to the following networking sessions. What we learnt in the past few days was pretty incredible! Even the knowledge that we can buy the index of S&P 500 and grow our investment at a compounded 12.08% on average every year… such a surprisingly simple strategy… is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, with just this one tip.. almost anyone can go on to create hundreds of thousands of dollars!

    Priceless. Thanks, Adam and Stuart, for creating this program!

  4. Shirley on October 12th, 2006

    Absolutely Fantastic Course! Life will NEVER be the same…. glad that this little frog-in-the-well has finally seen some (actually a lot of) light in investing…. my previous way of investing was absolutely wrong, and I know that:

    If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results.

    Now, I can read about the recent news (eg. the N Korea’s N-test, Google’s purchase of YouTube) in a different dimension…
    I will definitely recommend any- and everyone to join this program – insightful and filled to the brim with interesting information, games, stories.

    …reminds me I have to blog about this to tell the world. Look out for my entry in

    In the meantime, HAVE FUN MAKING MONEY!!!

  5. Zainuddin on October 13th, 2006

    Hi Adam,

    Since 8 Oct, I have now developed a totally different mindset – an AWESOME and ENERGISE outlook of it.

    True to every word you said, once someone puts themselves on the line their mind starts to think out of the box. It’s ironic what one simple step taken can generate massive ideas – and it keep on coming.

    Once financial security is there, skills acquired…the only thing left to do is TAKING ACTIONS. I’ve done some serious decision making in the last couple of days, which before this I’m afraid to venture into.

    I’ve started promoting WA to my friends.

    Adam, I am venturing into real estate in 1 month time. Can I mentioned “WA graduate” as part of my credentials in my flyers and business card?

    It’s been an experience.

  6. Adam on October 13th, 2006

    By all means! I am really proud to have you say that you are a WEALTH ACADEMY graduate!

  7. erick on October 15th, 2006

    To all … i just did a study on value investing regarding wmt stock and found out that the stock instri value is only $41.8 per shares but its selling at $48.6… did i count wrongly?? can anyone check and advice me on that ….!! cause the stock pass the checklist test !!!so i’m worried maybe i count wrong …..thanks pal.

  8. Kelly on October 27th, 2006

    Thank you Adam! This reply may seem late but it’s better than never… I would really like to thank you for this course, it’s tough but it’s so enriching… It has taught us so many things that we will never learn in school… I’ve learnt in school abt PE Ratios, P&L, Balance Sheet, Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance, but i’ve never known the relationship between them… Through this course, you have made me understand those… Only one word can describe this course and that is “FANTASTIC!” Life will never be the same again and I will definitely put into use what i have learnt… Thank You!

  9. betty lau khoo on November 16th, 2006

    Adam, CONGRATS ++++ Read thru everything…including Adam Wong & U !
    Hey, can’t believe u wrote that piece on Happiness !…U really got it RIGHT, just what Ah Kong and SAI BABA keeps on saying and keep
    on SMILING and start greeting your wife, kids AND MAIDS every morning…I greet the Bus Driver and all the Cleaners and such little acknowledgements that they COUNT really help make THEIR DAY
    LOVE, your Very PROUD MUM

  10. ramdan on November 24th, 2006

    Heard about Adam from a fellow colleague.

    Interesting website

  11. Seow wee on March 10th, 2007

    Hi Adam
    abt the WA can a person go for the course without knowing anything about stock, share …etc? is that a course teaches us how to gamble?
    i am completely out and with no basic knowledge about share, stock trading…etc ! can i go for it and will i catch up during the class.
    what will be the outcome after the course for me?


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