Announcement: “Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses” Will Hit Bookstores in 12 Days. Here is Your Last Chance to Grab a Copy At A Super Discount BEFORE the Launch. | Recommendations | Success tips and life stories from Adam Khoo, Asia's top success coach.

Announcement: “Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses” Will Hit Bookstores in 12 Days. Here is Your Last Chance to Grab a Copy At A Super Discount BEFORE the Launch.

Dear friends,

My latest book, ‘Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses’ will hit all the bookshops in Singapore in 12 days. The interest in my latest book have been phenomenal. Already, more than 500+ books have been pre-ordered by past graduates of my program.

Secrets Of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

As Singapore officially enters a recession (Straits Times, Oct 10, 2008) and layoffs and pay cuts are expected to rise (see one of the many articles from Business Times about companies slashing jobs)…

… it becomes even more crucial for you to learn the strategies of how to build a profitable business. Here is why:

1) In my opinion, it is extremely risky to be an employee nowadays if you have no other source of additional income. When downturns come (and they HAVE ARRIVED again), your company will have to cut costs by reducing pay and laying off its employees. As an employee, you do not own your job or your income. It can be taken away from you at any time. To ensure your long term financial security, you have to learn the skills of how to become an entrepreneur just in case it becomes your turn to get the axe! (statistics show that when you have a 50% chance of being retrenched past the age of 45 because you become to expensive to keep. If your boss can find someone cheaper, younger and willing to work longer hours then you, they will not think twice to replace you).

2) It may sound crazy, but the best time to start a business is in a recession! In fact, I started Adam Khoo Learning Technologies group during the last major downturn in 2002. IN this book, I will show you how I turned an $8000 investment (not even my own money) into a $20 million a year business that operates in 6 countries.

During a downturn and a recession is when rental becomes really cheap, employees are much cheaper to hire and banks are much more willing to lend money at better interest rates! At the same time, as major competitors downsize and scale back on marketing, it will give YOU…the new business entrant the chance to grab market share! During bad times, consumers tend to be more discerning and tend to give newer businesses a chance as their costs are usually lower

3) Finally, if you want to ensure than you are able to not only keep your job during the recession (which could last the next 2 years) but to even have a chance to climb up the corporate ladder (as a director, senior VP or CEO), then you have to learn the skills and the mindset of a boss! In bad times, companies will get rid of those who cannot create value and retain those who can. To achieve this, you have to learn the skills and strategies of how to help YOUR COMPANY achieve higher sales and profits

In my latest book, you are going to learn the most effective strategies that CEOs and entrepreneurs use to build and manage highly profitable business in good times and in tough times. You will learn:

· Why 90% of Businesses Fail…and how the 10% Succeed
· The Mindset & Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
· Develop the million-dollar idea that will blow away the competition
· A Step-by Step Guide on building a business system that works without you
· How to start a business with very little capital and turn in millions within 18 months
· Build a Powerful Brand & Establish Yourself As the Market Leader
· Powerful Marketing Strategies that Will Kill the Competition
· Build a championship team of employees and partners
· Master the Art of Cash Flow… How to Roll Millions with just a Few Thousand Dollars

Chapter 1: The Making of A Millionaire Entrepreneur
Chapter 2: The Success Factors of Millionaire Entrepreneurs
Chapter 3: The Million-Dollar Business Idea
Chapter 4: Building a Business that Works…Without You
Chapter 5: Multiplying Your Business Profits
Chapter 6: How to Generate Millions in Sales and Profits
Chapter 7: Building a Championship Team
Chapter 8: Mastering Your Money
Chapter 9: Growing Your Business Empire

To order your copy (you have only 12 days left before this offer expires) at a super discounted price of $23 (The retail price will be $31.90 at all major bookstores), call 62740105 during office hours (Singapore time: 9am- 6pm) or send an email to

P.S. Only Another 300 Books Will be Given Away At this Pre-launch Price and Only 2 Books Are Allowed to Be Purchased By Each Person


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  1. eusof on October 14th, 2008

    Hey Adam!

    I am amazed at the rate you are producing books.

    What’s the secret?

    Congrats on your new book!

    the hard core fan!

  2. Jacklyn Ker on October 14th, 2008

    Congrats Adam!

  3. Ong Koon Chong, Daniel on October 14th, 2008


    Congratulations! For the New Launch
    of your Secret of building a multi-
    million Dollar business…?

    Q: Are you also giving away Free Book Today…?

  4. Jaibind on October 14th, 2008

    Hi Adam,

    I am so glad to have attended Wealth Acadamy recentily. All thanks to Conrad and yourself for teaching us what we needed to know. Now when I watch the news, and read it up on the net, I get a better understanding about what is really going on. I am glad things happen to me for a reason, like this market crash for example, it gives me a chance to reflect on what I need to do and take action immidiately.

    Congratulation on your new book. I will buy a copy soon.

    Regards Jaibind. WA13

  5. Aaron on October 14th, 2008

    Congrats on your book! gonna buy it! love all your books! I bring your book Master Your Mind, Design your Destiny with me everywhere. LoL.. Even now when i just started University,

  6. Yee Tat on October 14th, 2008

    Adam’s Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny was the book I used to conquer University. I’m sure you’ll find lots of instances to apply the contents in the book.

    I have ordered my copy of your book, Adam. Any special freebie or premium that goes along with this title? Maybe your autograph?

  7. ahshuet on October 14th, 2008

    Congrats!!! when it’ll be in msia?

  8. skaidrite on October 14th, 2008

    Congrats!Adm you are superman.Congratulation on your new book.
    Regards skaidrite

  9. Stephen on October 15th, 2008

    Interesting. I like how you highlight the opportunities that a downturn present to those willing to take them.

    For entrepreneurs there realy is no such thing as failure. Just missed opportunities.

  10. Aaron on October 15th, 2008

    @Yee Tat
    Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny really helped me. That book guided me step by step.

    Adam is there any way I can get your autograph book as well? I am from Malaysia still studying and do not own a credit card or debit card. Only direct bank it and maybank2u.

  11. Pris Macronont on October 15th, 2008

    Hi Adam,

    I came across about you only recently, and within a mere 2 weeks i am reading 2 of your books concurrently secret of self made millionaire and master your mind design your destiny.To me it is whiz reading no stress and powerful!I love them, you deserve to be not only a millionaire but billionaire!i was wondering if i cud sometimes email you for some advice (when reading your book)cause i too have felt the pathway of leading to sm millionaire ! last but not least can i have the super discount of your new book SEcret of building multimillion dollar biz!

    Despite your bz schedule, hope you would reply.

  12. Aaron on November 4th, 2008

    When will it be out in Malaysia? I want it!!! lol

  13. sandhya on November 7th, 2008


    Where can i get this book in india (Bangalore) ? I ve been searching for ‘The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires” and this book across bookshops in bangalore. If u could guide me that would be helpful.


  14. Aaron on November 9th, 2008

    If you cant find secret of self-made millionaires in bangalore perhaps you would want to try to buy it online. They have it in 🙂

    As for Secret of building multi-million dollar businesses i don’t think its out in india yet, perhaps you would wanna wait for it?

    Its not in Malaysia too. 🙁 cant find it

    Hope that helped you

  15. stven on November 24th, 2008

    hi adam,

    Maybe your next coming BOOK after this will share

    with us


    as usual, i will buy your new book.

    thank you

    (im undergraduate frm Malaysia. i had bought your books and all i can say is thank you so much coz all the the books are really help in my life)

  16. viy on November 26th, 2008

    hie adam….can we be fren?

  17. chandrakant sharma on February 4th, 2010

    i want 500 million doolar

  18. Thuy on December 10th, 2011

    Dear Who concerns

    i ‘d like to buy your book : “Secrets of building multi – million dollar businesses ” in English version imediately , But i dont know where i can buy it, because in my country ( Viet Nam ) they just keep in VNese version ( i ‘ve bought already ) …but i need that book in English.

    So please help me to know where and how i can get it

    Thank you so much


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