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Destiny, Fate or Just Random Events?

This morning I read a very sad tale in the newspapers about a maid who was not paid by her Singaporean employer for six years! She was not allowed to go out or call back home so much so that her relatives thought that she had gone missing. Thankfully that B*tch employer was charged in court and the maid was paid $20K in back pay. When asked why she did not report her plight, the maid simply said that she was afraid of her employer and that she believed that not being paid WAS JUST HER FATE.

I believe this notion of FATE is what keeps many people from changing their lives for the better and turning their fortunes around. By saying FATE, it removes all sense of control, power and responsibility from yourself as it is not your fault but just meant to be. When you believe in fate, it means that you have absolutely no control over the outcomes in your life. It is just meant to be. If you are fated to be rich, then no matter how lazy you are and whatever you do, you will end up rich. If you are fated to be poor, then you are damned, no matter what you do. No matter how how hard you work, it will all be taken away This is why some people remain in abusive relationships, remain poor, remain depressed etc…

I don’t know about you, but I believe in DESTINY,which is entirely different. I believe that God loves all of his creations (this is true in almost any religion) and created every individual with unique gifts, talents and interests to make a huge contribution to the world. I believe within all of us lies a power to be great, its just that many people never make full use of their amazing potential. Some people are destined to be great singers, some people destined to be great communicators, some people destined to be great inventors…all of us are destined to be great in something.

The difference between destiny and fate is that in fate, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. In destiny, you HAVE A CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to make full use of your God given talents or CHOOSE to walk away and give up. LIke Frodo (in Lord of the Rings) was destined to destroy the Ring of Power, but always had a choice to give up at any time or to fulfill his destiny.

The trouble is that many people never find their path (i.e. destiny). They make decisions based on other people’s expectations (e.g. parents or teachers tell them to be lawyers, doctors, engineers when they have absolutely no interest, whereas their passion and gifts lie in drawing or sports). Like I said, all of us are destined to be magnificent in a particular area. And God has given us clues based on our interests, talents and passions.

I believe that I was destined to do what I am doing now, to be put on earth and inspire and change the lives of millions. In other words, by destiny is to be a TEACHER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT. It is this belief in a spiritual plan that has gotten me through my most painful times and is what is guiding me everyday today. For example, I used to ask myself why I did so badly earlier in my life and went through some hardships. Why did I get expelled in Primary 3? Why did my parents divorce? Why did I screw up my Primary 6 PSLE exams? Why was I bullied in school? Why did my interior design business go bankrupt? Why did my ex-partner play me out? Why did I lose $30,000 in the stock market when I was in the university? Now, looking back, it is clear that all HAPPENED FOR A REASON. It was to teach me the lessons I need to walk my path. If I did not screw up my school life, I would never have read about NLP and accelerated learning that I now used to change my own life and other people’s lives.

If I did not fail in my business and lose money in stocks, I would never have had the hunger and drive to master these wealth building tools and create Wealth Academy and all these best selling books. If I did not go to a neighborhood school and mix around with the ahbengs and gangsters, I would not understand and be able to help some of these tough and wayward kids that come to my program today. Yes, it was destiny. But the, it is NOT FATE. I could have chosen to NOT to read all the NLP books, I could have chosen to blame the world, I could have chosen to become an Ah beng myself and I could have chosen to give up.

I hope by reading this, you will begin to find your path and your destiny of greatness and see all bad things that happen and part of the training to help you tap into your best and to make your mark in this world. In fact, this is precisely what we do in my live PATTERNS OF EXCELLENCE program that I run in Jakarta and Singapore. We teach people how to discover and design their destiny and bring out the very best within themselves.

Quote: “You were meant for greatness. When you play small with your life, you dishonor not only yourself but God who created you”. I read this in a book, forgot which one, but sums up what I was MEANT to say


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  1. Sri on February 19th, 2008

    It’s very common to hear the word “FATE” from parents. I can swear that’s one easy way to wash your hands of something. The other common expression I keep hearing is “what has to happen will happen”. I have heard these so often that I have started challenging what others say is “NOT” possible or “It’s like that”.

    FATE brings in you a losers mindset.

  2. Vincent Johan on February 19th, 2008

    In my words , your life story ( what happended to you in your earlier life ) and how you responsed to it , if I am not mistaken is knowned as blessing in disguised. Thank you for sharing the story, it inspires me a lot and as some one who believe in God, I believe that beside your effort God also blesses you. I had just finished listening to the audio
    Secrets of Self Made Millionaires, I wished I had listened to it when I was 20 years old. But better late than never.

  3. David Little on February 19th, 2008

    I did believe in fate until 2006 when I was convicted of a crime I did not commit. Then I decided I did not deserve this and fate was evil. So I decided to charge of my life. But is this possible ? After watching the ‘Secret DVD’ I knew it can be done. Since then I have surfed the internet to find successful people who can mentor me to become successful. I think I have found my mentor. Thanks Adam

  4. Ivan Ong on February 20th, 2008

    Hi Adam,

    could i ask if there is any affiliate program for your newly released secretsofmillionaireinvestor?

    Would love to promote that product to my list and my customer.

    Ivan Ong

  5. Matt on February 21st, 2008

    Nice article. I’ve never believed in fate or destiny myself. When people abdicated control of their own lives (saying its in the hands of fate) then they usually end up disapointed when good things don’t fall into their laps.

    Best quote I heard on it was “I think a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed”.

    Thanks for a great article!

  6. Benson Peh on February 24th, 2008

    Hi! Adam,

    Had started to experience changes in My God Designed Life journey since the day I read your book on the Design Your Destiny, this book should be meant for everybody who found their “must” in life.

    By reading I already achieved change in my thinking pattern, I want to learn even more attending the wealth workshop in April 08.

  7. Benson Peh on February 24th, 2008

    I have some personal question about the wealth workshop, how do i post it to you?

  8. Adam on February 24th, 2008

    Hi Benson

    You can just post your question here!

  9. Lyn (M'sia) on February 24th, 2008

    Great quotes and advice!
    Life is all about choices, right? I choose my destiny….I choose my fate..


  10. Benedict Chong on February 24th, 2008


    I recently finished reading 2 of your books, secrets of self-made millionaires and secrets of millionaire investors, and i find that they are very inspiring and helpful. i’ve seen books on forex and found them interesting and i wonder if you have any plans on writing one. i would be looking forward to one.


  11. Sean Seah on February 26th, 2008


    I am losing my job, my house and my relationship all becasue for you!

    And you are in deep trouble, because i am sharing my story with the whole world!

    Yes! MR Adam Khoo, you have destroyed my life of mediocrity. Now i am going to become a millionaire by 30 years old. I have learnt and applied your techniques in terms of investing in my mind to see wealth creating opportunities.

    I have also posted a web page about how you destroyed my life. So you are in deep trouble!

    I am going to write a book on how you destroyed my life of mediocrity and made me a millionaire through your audio program Secrets of Self Made Millionaire and other wonderful books! It will be the next best seller!

    “How The Millionaire Destroyed My Life”
    How the millionaire made me lost everything good i had, because they have to make space for amazing things in life.

    Sean Seah

  12. Adam on February 26th, 2008

    That is awesome copyrighting! I am really impressed. Can I have your permission to use it as an advertisement? Will definitely ensure you benefit from it and your life of mediocrity is destroyed some more

  13. Sean Seah on February 27th, 2008

    No Problem Adam,

    Thank you for putting it on your blog to try and destroy my life further.

    It is in my vision that one day, i MUST stand along side in the your Ranks and help others just as you what you are doing. And one day, i MUST so something beautiful to your life and the lives of others.

    You have created a monster, Adam.

    Sean Seah

  14. Moomai on February 28th, 2008

    Hi Adam!

    This is God’s affirmation for me to enroll at your learning center. I am so happy to know that the owner is so passionate and believes in God. 🙂 Hope to have the chance to meet you in person.

    God bless Adam!! More power to you and your team!!

  15. Arvind on March 23rd, 2008

    Dear Adam,

    Think the book you were referring to regarding the quote is called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and it is written by Robin Sharma.

    Cheers Coach.

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