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Wishing Everyone a Successful & Prosperous 2008… Commit Your Goals Now!

A very happy new year to all of you who have been reading my blog since it went online more than a year ago! Thank you for all your wonderful emails and comments. It makes me really happy to have this unique privilege to make a difference in the lives of so many people all around the world.

I am really sorry that I have not been posting as much as I should. I just finished my usual ‘End of the Year’ tour where I trained about 950 students in the ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You’ and Superkids programs in Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta and Surabaya ( Indonesia). At the same, time, I trained about 430 teachers in my ‘Transformational Teaching’ workshop, not to mention another 230 in my Wealth Academy program. I have been on the stage for about 74 days in a row, so I just managed to catch my breath to start blogging again.

For those of you who are wondering when my latest book ‘ Nurturing the Winner & Genius in Your Child’ is going to be launched (I set the initial date as Nov 2007), It will hit bookshelves in the second week of Jan 2008. I actually finished writing the book in Nov 07, it’s just that the designing, proof reading and editing as taken longer than budgeted.

At the beginning of the year, it is the time to declare our specific goals that we must commit to achieve. So, I am going to start the ball rolling and declare my goals for 2008…

Goal 1: To write three more books this year, The titles are, ‘ Secrets of Building Million Dollar Businesses’ (i am currently writing this now), ‘ Secrets of Happy & Successful Teens’ and ‘Unleash Your Power!’ This will bring my total books written to ’10’!

Goal 2: To set up the Adam Khoo Workshop with the mission to build schools in Cambodia/ Vietnam. AKEF will also continue to expand our current work in giving away Bursaries and scholarships to needy Singaporeans.

Goal 3: To uplift and inspire every single person that I have the privilege of meeting whether in my seminars or on the streets

Goal 4: To train and change the lives of 26,000 people this year. In 2007, we trained just over 18,000+ through all our programs in three countries.

Goal 5: To ensure than 70% of my diet will be fresh vegetables and fruits and to spend 30 mins every day on aerobic activity to give me the power and energy to achieve my mission.

At the same time, here are the upcoming seminars/ events in 2008 that I will be Leading PERSONALLY

1) Wealth Academy (4 times in Singapore, 1x Malaysia, 1x Jakarta)
2) Patterns of Excellence (3 times in Singapore, 1 x Jakarta)
3) Transformational Teaching (2 times in Singapore, 1 x Malaysia, 1x Jakarta)
4) Secrets of Highly Effective Parents ( 2 times in Singapore, 1 x Malaysia, 1 x Jakarta)
5) I Am Gifted, So Are You! for teens ( 8 times in Singapore, 4 x Malaysia, 5 x Jakarta, 1 x Surabaya)
6) Superkids Camp (for Primary School) (8 times in Singapore, 4 x Malaysia, 5 x Jakarta)
7) Entrepreneurs Training (1 time in Singapore)- Only for entrepreneurs who already OWN a business and want to bring their massively increase their business profits

If you are interested in these programs, you can call my offices at 65-62740105 (I Am Gifted! Singapore), (603)79567879 (malaysia) and (62)215723315 (Indonesia).

Every year, I write my goals down and put myself on the line by declaring them to everyone I meet. I believe that it is only when we make our goals a must will be take action to achieve what we have set.

So, I would like to challenge you to do the same. Write down all the goals you must achieve in the area of your health, career/business, finances and family. Be sure to make it specific and declare it to everyone you know. You can also post your goals on my BLOG through the comments tab and make a commitment to the thousands of people who will read this BLOG.

Make a Big Difference in Your Life and the Lives of All Those You Care About in 2008!

Adam Khoo


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  1. Eric Seeger on January 7th, 2008

    Thanks Adam and congratulations.
    My commitment for 2008 : Make my passion profitable !
    After a stay in Singapore in Jan. 2007, I came across an AKLTG ad and this was the start of the story !
    I then read trough and summerized for myself every single book, article, and posting you have been writing Adam and now that is done : My business (NELEO Next Level) is setting up right now and it is partly thanks to your inspiration.
    So, keep the great job up and see you in S.E.A. (More commitment for 2009 : I am going to attend one of your seminars !)

    Happy new year from Belgium to you and all your team (Stuart,…) !

    Eric Seeger

  2. william on January 8th, 2008

    Thanks Adam and Congratulation..
    I am one of your IAG graduation in Singapore.
    My commitment for 2008:
    1.Develop my persuasive skill in sales ,Learn how to be a profesionnal trader and modelling Abraham Lembang,and get my 5%-10% annual return for my investment
    2.Finish All the Home training CD-program,Secret of self made-millionaire,Pattern of excellence, and Paving the way to the top.And of course apply to my life.
    3.Keep track of my daily expenses ,balance sheet,and income statement.
    4.Buy my own financial calculator.
    5.Be a thankful person for everything i’ve got.
    6.Help my mother’s furniture bussiness by tracking it’s conversion rate,and income statement.
    7.Create my own bank A/C
    8.Protect my self against SNIOP,susceptible to the negative influence of other people,who like to say “u cannot do it”,”it’s impossible”,”Be realistic”,”it’s too difficult”..
    9.Focus on my outcome
    10.DeveLop my 10 wealth habit..

    My commitment for 2009 :
    1.Learning How to create multiple stream of income online and modelling Stuart Tan..

    My special thanks to my parent who support me in my financial education,AKLTG and team,who help me discover the unlimited power within us..

    Sorry for wrong prononciation , spelling..


  3. william on January 8th, 2008

    My first commitment is not 5%-10%/annum,but monthly return of 5%-10%..With 90% chance to win..By modelling Abraham Lembang..

    Sorry,wrong typing..


  4. john on January 9th, 2008

    you are the best trainer

  5. Ong koon Chong, Daniel on January 9th, 2008

    Thanks to Adam!

    You gave me a opportunity to came online & declared my Goals
    for 2008 openly…

    I feel Great, Do you?

    Are you guys ready to implement your Goals for yourself in 2008…
    Basically, most of the goals, we created are about ourselves, directly
    or indirectly…

    I committed to be able to implement my dream into reality in 2008
    & My goals are win-win so I decided to share with you online with the
    intentions to gather ________________ so to secured my success!

    1) Marketing/ Awareness of my Products & business services
    2) Adam’s support & contribution to jump-start my business

    Additionally, It is a must for me to achieve my goal when I announced
    my business goals openly & the benefits are” I am able to free myself
    & just focus on my outcome or positive result…

    Like you, I have my fair share of limitation in term of my

    1) Resources/ Money/ skillset
    2) Resources/ business contacts
    3) Business experiences/ Mentor
    4) Fear & Procrastation

    I just do it anyway because I belong to HerbaLife’s Singapore &
    My company have a proven track success of 27 years & herbalife
    are now in 65 countries & still expanding our business…

    Because of our quality products plus Peoples> Customers, distributors
    & many committed peoples working together for our success!

    We clearly knew about what we all want for our future, specifically!

    At the same time, I always have a dream to start my company with
    limited resources plus some simple ideas…

    1) Training & development
    2) Business consulting

    Thanks to AKLTG> POE, I am still holding on to my dream after
    whoosh 14 & whoosh 19

    I always love to read about personal enrichment & success stories

    * In Herbalife, We are always ready with thousands & thousands of
    success stories > success in losing weight, passive income stories.
    Our Friends in Herbalife are always ready to help you to move to
    your next stage of life to be even better person…

    My Business Goals

    1) I committed to become a President Team member by 01 Jan 2009
    & My earning would increase to that level for sure…

    2) I committed to jump-start my Millionaires Business Academy (MBA)
    by 28 Jan 2008

    Targeted projects

    1) My HerbaLife’s story in __________________!
    2) Bread Talk > Magical Experiences

    * My George Kwek say ” I need peoples who can think out of the box
    in Strait Times> Singapore Newspaper in 25 Dec 2007

    * They are going to expands massively in china & They are focus on
    strengthening their training, of course, I believed their branding!

    As for my Herbalife business, I would focus on spreading wellness
    in Ang Mo kio using innovative approach integrating daily motivational
    & social motivational plus doing some form of marketing for other business

    * I also aim to do some charity for the peoples who are needy of
    Financial Help, however the focus must still be realistic for our margin.

    I would tap on http://www.adam-koo.com to share my experiences & progress
    everyday to 28 Jan 2008, I would launch my http://www.mydream.com

    My business manifesto

    I am motivated by your success & I am passionated & excited about our
    success & wealth. My job is to spread our wealth to you & make a positive
    difference & empowering Lives in Singapore & beyond naturally…

    About myself

    What are we working so hard in our lives?

    I used to focus on running my rat race non-stop everyday! working so hard
    day & night is just a routine, I missed my recreation, quality family & social
    activities, always!

    I also experienced working politics even when I was contended working
    down to earth as a part-time waiter, security guard, kitchen helper, retail
    sales asistant or struggling myself nearly to death when I had to balance
    my time for education upgrading & working…

    I began reflected on my Life?

    Am I going to work like this forever till 68 Years old…

    However I am grateful for the peace, harmony, prosperity & comfortable
    Lifestyles, we are able to enjoy in Singapore

    Give thanks with a grateful heart!

    Ong Koon Chong, Daniel
    Empowering Lives

  6. Sharon on January 10th, 2008

    Its so right & stimulating & so like you (as you had been an excellent biz entrepreneur!) to set all these goals, may you achieve all these!!

    Its so heartening to see that you volunteer to help pple even from other countries!! Its so encouraging, sometimes I feel sad that though Singaporeans are so generous willing to hlep other countries but I still see so many needy Singaporeans whom nobody helped (it might be they do not know where to get help or nobody knows about these people) If Singaporeans are going to hlep people why not first in Singapore (you could see people begging or selling tissue or poor needy households and yet you hear of peopel going to other countries to help!, its good but I still feel that they should first help in Singapore to stamp out poverty if they really wants to help the needy!!)

    Thanks for sharing with us and it will definitely teaches us how to go about achieving our goal.

    Wishing you all the success and goals achieved!!

  7. MoneyMingle on January 10th, 2008

    I just wanted to thank you for so much inspiring thoughts and strategies. You are the only Newsletter I look forward to reading. I am spending more focus this year on Joint Ventures and found a source for Joint Ventures on Steroids at http://www.Area51Marketings.com

    I am sure in 2008 the more I assist others, the more I will be blessed.

  8. Kiannie Loh on January 10th, 2008

    To make net profit of 800k to 1million by the end of 31 June 2008.
    ” When life is shaken, what u must do ?”

  9. Brandan Ahmed on January 10th, 2008

    Hi Adam. I have not attended any of your workshops or bought any of your books…YET!

    I am 33 years old but need to turn things around in 2008.

    But you have no idea of how I look forward to your newsletters for inspiration. But as you say, I need to start doing even if it means duplicating success which is the shortest path.

    My goal is to get out of debt by the end of the year and have my name cleared from credit bureau.

    The other is to start my financial markets course by correspondence which with your constant help and inspiration is not impossible. I’m not student material but if you’re gifted, then so can I be, right.

    Thank you for just making me take stock of my life and giving me the strength to take corrective measures.

    Brandan Ahmed
    South Africa

  10. Saiful Rizal on January 10th, 2008

    Hey Adam!

    I just talked about this on The World’s First Teen Personal Development Video Blog at http://www.asksaiful.com.

    The story of this one of a kind video blog came about when I declared to a friend my goal to launch it on the first day of 08, which I did!

    My goal for 08 is to get 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year!

    Anyone reading this, please check it out http://www.asksaiful.com

    To CANI,


  11. Alfalfa on January 11th, 2008

    Hi Adam,

    I have never attended your courses. I have read the book “I am gifted so are you” I tried reading another one of your books but never got down to finishing it.

    I have sent my child into your Superkids program even though she was 9 years old. First I saw 10% dipped in her results, I called to ask for a reprogram but no one got back to me. Anyway she is now much better since her days there, she’s gone more positive and she takes control of her studies now. I though back and I thank you and your coaches for changing the attitude of my child anyway. Sending her there was one of the best move I made.

    About me, I have been procastinating to do my degree for the longest time. I feel under appreciated and even felt that I haven’t actually got a foothold in my position. So this year I have made a decision to do the following:

    1) Finish reading your book
    2) Re-start my education path
    3) Get a grip with my job, and ensure I contribute to successful projects in the compnay
    4) Loose the extra kilos by exercising more
    5) Attend one of your seminars
    6) Ensure my kids do great with their grades

    Such a long list but I believe I can achieve them all.

    Wish me luck!


  12. Errol Van Schalkwyk on January 11th, 2008

    Hi Adam,

    Your success stories and motivation are a great inspiration to me. I always knew that there’s more to life than just the normal rat race. You have provided valuable tools and guidance to unlock the millionaire in me. Many Thanks!

    My goals for 2008:

    Goal 1 : To Write 2 books: The secrets which seperate the rich from the poor. 1 Man should attract 4 streams of Income

    Goal 2 : To start financial coaching workshops in February 2008.

    Goal 3. To be completely debt free by end 2008.

    Errol Van Schalkwyk
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  13. Donald on January 11th, 2008

    hi adam
    you walk your talk, and has been an inspiration to many!
    this world needs more successful people like you!
    wishing you great successes in 2008!


  14. Raghu on January 11th, 2008

    Hi Adam

    Wishing you happy new year-2008 and all the best your goals.


  15. Ivan Ong on January 11th, 2008

    Hey Adam,

    I want to earn $5k/mth by this year doing Internet Marketing and $1k/mth with Options Trading!

    And with the money, i want to go for a nice holiday in either Japan or Australia Gold Coast!

    All the best!

    Ivan Ong

  16. Inifitus on January 14th, 2008

    Hi Adam,

    I am inspired by your commitment to do those tremendous task. I’ll be looking forward to reading those 3 books and I taking that dare AM DECLARING THIS OUT!

    Goal 1: Eat and follow healthy food pyramid diet. Majorly healthy staples of vegetables each morning and rice with healthy serving for lunch.

    Goal 2: Scored a Gpa of 3.44 for my end of semester examination in Mechatronics Aerospace electives.

    Goal 3: Get a team of 4 ‘business-venture interest’ friends at school and have a weekly meeting.

    Goal 4: Clock in a time of 9 minute and 50 sec for my 2.4 km run, and maintaining 8 min 30 seconds and below during my National Services period.

    I have plenty more to describe my lifetime goals but i would declared this out for this year 2008 :O YUSH!


  17. Ong Koon Chong,Daniel on January 15th, 2008

    God Bless you for a successful & prosperity new year!

  18. dang dang dang on January 15th, 2008

    ni wei she me mei you lai MJR ):

  19. Ong Koon Chong, Daniel on January 18th, 2008

    Dear Ladies & Gentlemens,

    I am Ready!

    My Name is Ong Koon Chong, Daniel & I am
    almost Ready to implement my dream to make
    a positive Difference by Honouring my Committment
    for 2008!

    Let make thing happen!

  20. Grace Toh on January 20th, 2008

    Well , Adam
    I have toned up my scalability in my teaching career as one of my goals. So far , I have got my colleagues excited in using Buzan’s mindmapping
    when we were starting o Factual Description for English. My pupils’ exhibited thier mindmaps in class, the VP came by and some of their samples were used by other teachers to show to their students.
    I am in charge of the Reading program in my school and I will be coming up with exciting plans to promote reading of classics starting with John Steinbeck’s books.
    My school will be starting PRIME in June and lots of money will be needed. God has impressed on me to start giving 1K, followed by 2K and then 3K…..until 10K towards the end of the year. I have achieved the first two target. With God’s help and opening of doors, I believe I can achieve the target.

    Grace Toh

  21. Lan Ing on February 5th, 2008

    Hello Adam,

    My name is Lan Ing.
    I’m a subscriber of your newsletter and I live in Indonesia.

    I need your advice.
    I want to become a freelance copywriter but all of my working experience has been in IT. I’ve been doing technical writing since early last year because I want to learn how to write well before I learn about copywriting.

    This year, I’m planning to apply for a new job in Tech.Writing so I could earn better salary in order to prepare for my changing career. Do you think this is a good idea ? Is it better for me to learn about copywriting directly ?
    I need to save more before I could quit my job.

    Thanks for reading my message 🙂

    warm rgds,
    Lan Ing

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